7 Love Poems That Read Good Meaning In Relationship –Cute Love Poems

These love poems are not just superb; they tell the good side of you very time.
Sending any of them to your loved ones will give you an upper hand. Just try it, and you are going to be surprised.

1. Just the way days fade

Just the way days fade,
And darkness too at night,
The only thing I think of is you and me.

Just as years go by,
The only things that keep me going is your comforting smile.

Just as the sun rises,
My feelings for you grows.

And as the sun goes down
You and I will live to love life

2. Love Poem For That Special One

Being special is what you are to me,
As my fate is what I claim to be.

In my life is where I want you to be,
In my heart is the home that guards you for me,
Forever and ever, that is what our song will be.

3. My Aim In Life

My aim in life is to live and love life,
But finding I’ve come to appreciate life,
Loving you is the horror I don’t want to face in life.

4. Never Wanna Lose You

I am flesh and blood,
And blood runs through my veins.

Till I can’t breathe without you,
I am strong and hearty.

Still, I can’t stand losing you,
I am eloquent and veracious.

Still, I can’t find enough words,
To tell you how much I love you.

5. Just with a smile on your face

Ordinarily, I don’t get love drunk,
sincerely I don’t get emotional.

But since I met you, I’ve been feeling strange,
Can’t sleep without hearing your voice.

Can’t eat when you are not happy.

Could this be love of the untold,
How come I am too happy,
Just with a smile on your face.

If this is true love
I think I am enjoying it,
No, I think I am in love with you.

6. Loving you is like a price

Loving you is like a price,
Can’t stop thinking of you as the day rises.

Each kiss and hug tagged with surprise,
Bit by bit my feelings grows in height.

Losing you is my heart’s great freight,
If loving you gives me delight.

No matter the cost,
I’ll pay the price

7. Love, I may die for you

Love, I may die for you
The hearts that has come to be one,
Where ever my heart goes,
let me follow without regret.

In all that never fade,
The love is special and it never stale…

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