Love Quotes That Kill Depression In Women: Forget Your Past Messages

Love Quotes That Kill Depression In Women

Depression is becoming a societal problem that is affecting families. 
A depressed wife can cause the family lifetime sorrow. So if your wife is depressed here are consolations you can use to calm them down.

Love Quotes That Kill Depression In Women
  • Don’t be sad, that which is giving you sadness is the past. This is the present, go ahead, and forget the past.
  • You are one man’s source of joy, being sad can kill your man’s joy eternally.
  • Some of your friends see you as a yardstick of moral uprightness, being depressed may harm them.
  • Kill all your sources of depression with laughter. Sorrow never last, It dies with time.
  • Some of our mistakes may depress us, it should not give us a total sorrow. We need to cheer up.
  • I fear to be completely alone without you. Don’t kill me by killing yourself with depression.
  • I lost my total strength the moment I saw you are not happy.
  • Don’t die alone, don’t be depressed alone. I am with you, come what may. Be ready to have me dead the moment you are not ready to cheer up.
  • They have said I cannot exist without you, I know it is true. Don’t leave me alone here while keeping yourself in depression.
  • I know of people who actually lost everything with just a day depression.
  • Our togetherness has created love, birthed wealth, and increased joy. Do not make me sad by segregating yourself.
  • I know I love you, and you know. Please don’t make me unhappy because when you are, I am also sad.
  • I love you, don’t let anything come between us. This your sadness is making me unhappy. Stop being depressed. Don’t let me die.
  • Out of those women in town, you stand out. Continue to be a bastion of moral uprightness.
  • Be convinced that you are endowed with the potential to make a marriage work; Doing this is your gift as a wife.
  • Only you have got the capacity to take care of your husband, faith is that which glued you together. 
  • Begin to appreciate yourself as a wife so that your husband can join in the appreciation. Else, nobody would.
  • Your marriage deserves to be a mark for others to follow. If yours is not working many would fall in that manner.
  • Build the wife spirit. Let others see you as a morale booster.
  • If they make you inferior, they are not worth being your friend.
  • Let not the worst time depress you, it is for better for worse.
  • This family can only work through you.
  • No woman can act like you. You are special and fantastic.
  • If you cry and lose hope, remember I cannot endure losing you.
  • In life, expect difficulties. Be sure, time will come when you will not remember you have gone through hurdles.
  • Now you are crying, what do you expect those who have been failing since time immemorial to do?
  • Time without number, you have been my source of hope. Don’t continue this way, if you don’t want to create unending problems in me.
  • Successful people are not without mistakes. This one you made is not a failure, it is an opportunity for you to learn big things.
  • In most cases, bringing you out of sorrow is my aim. But I cannot do because God has destined it like that. So, your joy is also coming, expect it.
  • Great things are coming. Do not expect to exist in this without downs because when your success comes, the downs will teach you to celebrate.
     These love quotes for depressed wives are mightier and can cure depression in your woman. Save your family with them.

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