Messages of Love To Rejig Relationship - Romantic SMS For Her

Some Love messages actually work in making relationship work again. Here are some that your woman or man may appreciate. It has been tested and confirmed ok.

Messages of Love

1. Love shows Any where

Anytime I hear your voice, I am left in a condition that I cannot explain, but I feel one day you I will make you proud.

2. With A shining Face

Your face is a radiant of joy, a rainbow of wisdom and a torch of blessing. Let me see it again.

3. A Fortunate Creature

I am fortunate, but unfortunate people do not want to appreciate having you in my life.

4. The Speech of Appreciation

To me, great is that word of yours in this world and in the hereafter.

5. Very Early

I dare not say no, with your musing lips and your rewarding look. No one rejects you.

6. Spiritually In Love

I have had many reasons to say no, but the spirit tells me not all that fails to shine is bad. Yes, the reason I chose you. Here you are, a blessing in disguise.

7. Smile Any Time

I got you when smiling, your smile is not just an action. It is a design of love and blessing. Please never stop smiling.

8. Sorrow Is Out

Dear sorrow, never come to destroy our joy, but be available to watch our goodness in the face of failures. I love my queen.

9. Not Bandaged To Love You

Not forced to love you, not fought to want you. I took loving you as a responsibility no one wants. I did with pleasure just to gain your holy heart.

10. You is the One

You is that that I really love, your hands are the stands that makes me firm. Your direction is that illumination that I want. Keep right beside you my Only one.

11. In A heart Like Yours

My heart counts in seconds the remaining time to be yours completely. Make me proud, and love me now that no one does.

12. Never Let you Go

Loving you is my dream, but loosing contact with your glowing face is always my fear. If you ever go, I will forever let you know I goofed for not making you stay.

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