Birthday Love Messages For Mothers: Mums Bday Wishes

Our mothers are important. That is the reasoning sending them a birthday Message is OK. Aside that Bday wish makes them cool, it also reinvent in them that you care so much. Here are Bday Messages you can send to your mum anytime.
Birthday Love Messages For Mothers: Mums Bday Wishes

1. Thank You, Mummy:

On this day long ago, a woman of virtue was born, a woman in her delight, a woman of valor and entity, a woman who could take on the world alone, a woman with so much experience and good words to calm the craziest of souls. On this day long ago, my mother was born. I love you so much mummy. Happy birthday to you.

2. Happy Birthday Ma:

Happy birthday to my one in a million, my baby girl, my fine woman, my mother, my friend, my counselor, my chastiser. Happy birthday to the woman who deemed it fit to give me life and bring me into the world and also take care of me. Happy birthday to the woman who I always emulate and want to be like. I love you so much mama.

3. You Brought Me Here Mama:

The one who brought me in pain and strife to this world, the one who carried me in her belly for nine months, the one who had always been there for me even after I have made mistakes, the one who has helped me in so many ways that I cannot and will never forget. Happy birthday to you my mother. You are a light and you will do well to always shine. Happy birthday to you my mother, in love you so much.

4. A Perfect Woman:

You are a perfect woman; a good wife and an excellent mother. I call her the mother of all, you are my mentor and my confidant, you are the one who takes it upon yourself to check up on me and make sure I am always fine. There is nothing in this world that I will not do for you my mother. There is nothing you ask of me that I will not give to you. I love you so much. Happy birthday yo you mama.

5. To A Beautiful Mum:

Happy birthday to a very beautiful woman, an ambitious and entrepreneur in the making. Happy birthday to a working class mama with so much levels. Her stepping alone will make men run helter skelter. I am so proud to be called your child, I am so lucky that you are the one who gave birth to me. I will cherish you for the rest of my life. I promise you this mama. Happy birthday to you.

6. To My Father’s Wife:

Happy birthday to my mother. I call her my father's wife. She is a darling, a sweetheart and a honey. She is loved by all, she is a very positive example. She sets good paths for people to follow. Her foundation as a woman is the strongest on earth. 7. Above all she is a God fearing woman. Her principles are intact and she never foes or says the wrong things. There is so much to say about this woman of virtue. I love you mama, happy birthday to you.

8. A Queen Indeed:

Happy birthday to my mother, she is a queen, and a damsel, she is beautiful, intelligent and witty. I pray for you that all the days of your life you will continue to enjoy and laugh. Amen. I also pray for you that when it is time for you to sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labour, you will never be found wanting. You will not fie young and you will not see your children die. Amen.
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