Every Time You Think Of Him Or Her Love Quotes

Feelings cannot be hidden. In some instances, when you feel extraordinarily attached to someone, every time I think of Him or Her Love Quotes can do. 
Every Time You Think Of Him Or Her Love Quotes
1. Love is that action that comes from within a lover to his other partner. When you act good to me, I know it is love from within you. Thanks for always been there.
2. I know it is like a thank, that is why I fill it periodically, I mean my love for you.
3. Love is also like a bank account you need to deposit in early days.
4. I know I love you honey, that is why I keep on saying it without lie, periodically.
5. When it is morning, I know when the stars no longer twinkles, when you are around, I feel it through my watch. Good morning my angel.
6. I feel brand new when with you, Cinderella. That is why I don’t for once think of saying good bye.
7. When you come around, or you smile at night, I see what I need to go beyond the sky –your prayers. Just like fir rages, my love for you soars.
8. I come in dreams, I say you are real. I feel you dip in my heart. You are that reason for me to stay on heart.
9. I dream about you, and my night is just a bag of goodies. I want you in my world, not because you are the most beautiful person everyone care about, but because only in my hands, in my custody, you feel brand new.
10. I cannot share you with any other person, even after knowing I cannot finish you in a decade.
11. A night without you, is a journey of regret. A time spent without you in the scene is just that time wasted without any achievement.
12. If love is designed on a bed of roses, how about picking a million love for you just to make you feel happy every time.
13. Sometime, I think it is over, but when I see you right beside me, I am always ready to make new moves.
14. Only your smile can tell me to move on, your cry can stop me from doing it. And you go ahead is that thing I need to be a man. Tell me to do it, and I will.
15. Without you, I am not perfect. With you, I know I can.
16. Come right beside my window, and sing to me that you are always there for me.
17. I feel it when you want to go, I think it is normal when you are around: to love and be loved in return.
18. I don’t dream when you are not there. I do, when I know you will show up at night.
19. When people miss there loved ones, they say it. How do I say I miss you when you absence makes me speechless?

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