16 Love Poems That Seal Your Proposal –Short Love Poems For Partners

Like leaves, love withers. One very important thing that keeps love going is love poems that come at the right time.
Simple but cute love poems are like flowers which blossom in the day and the night. To love someone without sending a loving poem is to keep them at distance.
 To make love a worthwhile thing, here are poems that can seal your proposals. These short and amazing love poems will have a great place in anybody’s heart. You can attempt sharing any of it with your loved ones. 

When I Was Nobody

Not long ago that I was nobody
Without you, many things were hard.
Now, you are by my side
I am somebody
I never stop smiling
Please, never take your love away.
Bottom Line: This simple but cute love poems reminds of a book “When I Was Nobody.”

If you ever go

If you ever go,
Whom shall I hold?
You are always the love,
On whose shoulders I rest.

Tight and firm, I hold you
Now and forever, I promise,
To be the smile You wear,
And the Happiness you have,
And your dream that will always come true.

Bottom Line: staying there for your love is not bad, but the manners of doing it determine what the outcome would be. When you intended sending this inspirational poem, be sure you just started an affair that is worth standing for.

  • That Shield You Have.

I’ll send away your pains
With soothing affections.
I’ll Shield you from the rain
And never again will you shiver.
I will bring more joy and no danger
I am the shield that has come to stay

Bottom Line: Staying right beside him or her is different from deep love at times. Some people love, but are not ready to stay around.

  • When you are close

When you are close
I am free from sorrow
And my eyeballs are clear
Devoid of unending tears.
But when you are far
I cry,
for the times we used together
Were cleaner than water.
Never go
Be with me
That I may achieve my goals.

Bottom Line: To progress, I know you need the help of your God. However, nothing bad in your woman or man supporting you. I love this “I love you poem.”

  • Love Poem Title: Free

This heart is for you
I offer you freely.
Come what may,
I promise to be your man.
Never say nay
Cos without any delay
I am yours completely

Bottom Line: Don’t offer your heart to someone that won’t keep or appreciate it. It may ruin your life completely, without solution. What do you think about this deep love poem?

  • Shall I promise?

To be the trust you have,
the love of your life,
the joy that never ends,
the happiness that has come to stay.
Shall I promise…To be yours forever?
I make these promises,
And I will never break the bonds that hold it.

Bottom Line: Why make promises that you cannot fulfil? Better don’t, it can boomerang. Some poems are self-revealing, one of them is this!

  • Blessed To Have The Best

Some have loved
But never want to be loved again
I met you, and never want you to go..
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
 You are God’s sent,
And a blessing I’ll never deny.
I am blessed to have the best….

Bottom Line: How I wish darlings begin to appreciate themselves with short poems like this.

  • What about a second chance?

If you give me a second chance
Never worry about how to use it
I will go around the world
To say I have you again.
That gold I lost in the past
Shall not go when again.
I have regretted losing you
If you give me the chance
I will behave differently this time around
Make you my mirror
From where I check for new opportunity
Make you my confidant
The one that tells me the next thing to do

Bottom Line: Second chance? Well, it is possible. Just that the defaulting partner might have learnt from his or her mistakes.

  • Not Even Cry Can bring you back

If I weep from now till tomorrow
Will the joy of love be reinstated in my life?
If I smile a million times,
Will that bring you, my love
If I look all around in search of you
Will that not result in more pain?
If I drink continuously
How will that bring you back again?
My couch, vacant, and my mind is shivering
Will this return my love?

Bottom Line: Cries cannot do everything, even bringing a relationship that is destroyed.

  • Time Together

You stayed quite all right!
You stood while others depart
I can see the truth with you
For you are the light that never fades
The joy you brought –innumerable and for life
You made me dream that which come true
I found those love in you
You hold my esteem up in the sky
Do you promise that I will never fall?

Bottom Line: Whatever you find, let trust be the first thing that seals your relationship.  This is a love and trust poem.

  • When I love you

When I was feeble, you gave me strength
When I was voiceless, you became the voice
Without eyes, you became the vision.
Without support, you stood by me
Without the height, you lifted me
In you, my strength lies,
With you is a faith that never fades
You love me, and I will never stop believing in you….

Bottom Line: While love fades, it may be replenished with loving poems. Don’t you think this is nice? The Song "That's When I Love You" by Phil Vassar, says a lot about this.
  • You Returned it back

I lost my wings; you game me feathers
To fly high above others
I lost hope; you strengthened my heart.
Now I can cope with all that happens
You reached out to me; I became satisfied to the heart
Then what else can’t I reach?
Favoured by your trust
Moreover, delivered from their lies.
I have you, and that is for sure.

Bottom Line: When you want to appreciate your partner, thank you poem does it better.

  • You are more than Gold

Everything you are To me
The Touches the current of love
You are the gold I will never sell
The mountain I intend to climb
You created a mark so deep
That I will never forget
If everything fails me,
With confident I say
You will never fail me.
If you are not with me
Where would I have been?
Without you, the road will be though
With you, a million mile completed with ease

Bottom Line: She may be more than gold and diamond, and this world combined, but how are you showing it, with inspirational love poems?

  • If Our Love Were Not Real

How many days will we use fooling ourselves?
If our feelings were mere play
What will remain if not just hatred?
If your love were not constant
What would we not have lost?

Bottom Line: Real love exists, but it may not be easy to find. Appreciate him or her with inspired love poems like this.

  • Early Morning Dew

Love is like early morning dew
From the garden of our Creator it comes
Oh love…. Be mine till eternity comes.
Oh love… Love me wholeheartedly…..
Bottom Line: This is a morning poem, it is a prayer and a request.

  • To You, The Queen!

Someday when you are grown,
Your heart, feeble,
but full of love and trusts.
And your hair, which shines of grey,
relaxes on a head full of ways.
These I pray.

No to adversities, as you grow, I pray.
For this is but your day.
Grow, and be yourself,
Win, while others stagger.
indeed you are worth the glory.
To you, the one I cannot stop thinking of.
More years, in sound health, I beseech.

Bottom Line: Like she’s is celebrating her birthday? I also sent it to my queen last year December on her birthday. She said thanks, I think.
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