7 Simple Love Poems For Glamorous Birthdays: Birthday Love Quotes

A simple love poem can take your relationship to another level, did you know? So many relationships break when both partners are not showing a sign of concern like before, especially during birthday.

However, through these well-carved birthday messages, love quotes, and love poems, you can seal your relationship more.
This messages are specially to keep relationship going…

Pick any one either for appreciation, birthdays, greetings, and show of love.

1. Ask me

Why my heart sings like bird

Ask me

 Why my heart resembles an apple tree

Ask me

Why my heart is nothing but a rainbow shell

Just because my love has come through

And my dream is all about you.

I rejoice, and my heart feels beautiful every day.

And this is because you are always there. Today is your day.


2. Every dream

Whatever the dream,

May it come true and real.

Whatever your plan,

may it be fruitful and rewarding. 

May your birthday leave more good marks than you can forget.

May it just be good in every way.


3. Faraway Love Quotes

How I managed to have you is not essential than how I will manage you

It is crazy that my love is far away, but my heart is not down again

I am happy to have you…


4. I Will Never Do Otherwise

I know, it is impossible to look back and say no

When all I have is you, a large home for my heart

I know this love is too big for me.

I don’t think I am worthy of having it.

But I have been strengthened to manage it, a small me.


5. I Love You To the fullest

This time is yours –please enjoy it to the fullest.

This moment is precious –take it with high esteem.

But please forget not

that your birthday is once in a year.

To remember this day for good, 
may today be special in every way. 

May it contains more happiness and cheers. 
May joy and laughter becomes your companions. 
Happy birthday!


6. Close Your Eyes, Love

Make a wish while your eyes are closed

Make it real and let it move.

Your prayers must go farther than mountaintops.

Beyond the sky is your limit.

While I wish you good, I pray you shine beyond your equals,

And shine like gold among the rest.

Wish you long life and prosperity


7. Love Quote Prayer

Today, that day of joy that is carved for you alone…

May you be happy throughout.

That smile comes in the morning,

Laugh in the afternoon,

and rejoice in the night.

Now and always.

Rejoice it is your day.

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