Love Quotes For Birthdays : Romantic Birthday Love Messages

Our friends are special and they need special love quotes from us during birthday celebrations.
So, if you need to make your love ones happy, send them this Inspirational love quotes. 

1. As it is impossible for someone to count the hair in the head, so it will be impossible for your enemy to know the source of your health, joy, happiness, peace, and success. Happy birthday.

2. The moon is not bright whenever it comes out but it continues to become brighter and brighter each day. As you are celebrating another year of your life today, your life will continue to brighter and brighter and darkness will not cover the brightness of your life. Happy birthday.

3. As you celebrate another year of your life today, your health, joy, and happiness will not be like that the law of diminishing return, but it will be like the law that guide luxurious goods i.e. the higher you grow, the more your joy, happiness and your success will have no bound. Happy birthday.

4. Whenever I remember the time we spend together, the memory of sleeping on the same bed, eaten on the same plate, fighting for the biggest meat in the soup, quarrel on nothing to explain, discussing the way to make our future bright. Without you, in my life, I would not have been able to be a complete person. That is why I cannot but celebrate your day with you. Thanks for been there for me. Happy birthday.

Love Quotes For Birthdays

5. When I think all is over, you give me hope. when I think life is nothing, you give me a reason to live. When I think I lost, you show me the way. When am afraid, you give me courage. When am nobody, you make me somebody. Thanks for not giving up on me. Happy birthday.
6. Life is a journey before you, each step you takes everyday will move you closer to your destination. As you walk on the path of your life darkness will not cover your way and the purpose of your existence will come to the past. Happy birthday.

7. Think of tomorrow and forget the past and look forward to your future.
Count your age but not your fatigue you have. Let your success motivate you and forget about your failure. Happy birthday.

8. The more you grow older, the closer you are moving to your grave. So always behave like someone that will die tomorrow but do not act like someone that will live forever because whatever you do today will speak for you tomorrow. Always be good. Happy birthday.

9. If I ask you to make a wish, you will say I wish to prosper, be healthy, succeed, be happy, live long, have a good job and good family. But have you ever have it in mind to use your birthday to thank God even when you are passing through difficulties, so thank God for your life because of the hope of bright future? Happy birthday.

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