All Time Love Poems For Him or Her : Cute Love Poems For Her (January 2017)

Some love poems do not fade, and actually, do the work required to make marriage/relationship work. If you are in need of those mind-blowing words, why not make use of any of these love poems.

All Time Love Poems For Him or Her

1. That Love In Tokyo

The pride of what I have,
and the joy of what exists in my heart and in thy soul,
Is the reason I make claims that come what may,
I will always have you in.

Be it rain or sun,
If I need joy so strong,
loving you is not a choice,
forgetting you is the mistake I won't want to make.

Bottom Line: Loving someone can be so killing some love are better called love in Tokyo. Do you still remember Love in Tokyo? You should. That 1966 Hindi film directed and produced by Pramod Chakravorty and written by classical writer Sachin Bhowmick should not be forgotten so easily. Here is a latest song to remind you of the century movie.

2. Not Joke, I Love You Poem

Not so simple,
those good things.
Not too hard,
finding reasons to love you.
Not so simple,
getting someone like you.
My love,
be it hard or simple,
I must find reasons to be yours.
Bottom Line: this poem is born from the song “I Love You” Woodkid featuring Angel Haze.

3. I Care Much About You Love Poem

If you don’t care,
good to forget her steps.
If she makes you proud,
and sound like a millionaire,
better let her stay.
That is your wife,
a dream met with ease.
Bottom Line: The song, “I Care” by BeyoncĂ© captures this poem, completely. Check it.

4. I Long For You Poem

Many have suffered,
looking for what never existed,
without much work,
I found you with ease.
Even though I longed for you,
and search far to far Kilimanjaro,
still, I was blessed,
with a damsel
who’s not from hell.
Bottom Line: You long for the person you love not the one you hate. Understand that!

5. Will Not Cry Love Poem

After getting you,
and making all plans to own you completely,
I set aside some time,
to make you feel you are my own
and enjoy the love of brotherhood,
and that of parenthood.

6. Oh, Lovely angel.

Be my angel and shame gossipers,
Let me have you and be joyous forever.
If not you again, why should I be someone else?
I love you, and proud to announce.

7. The Light Love Poem

You are the light, the sunshine of all time.
You make me awake, and happy all the time.
You are the gold and the diamond we crave
Make me happy again and gain the world’s best treasure.

8. Love, Is All I Give Poem

All I can give,
Is that love full of hopes.
Not just today,
but for tomorrow,
our love will glow forever.
Our togetherness is rich,
in blessings and glories.
It will contain more joy than sorrow,
and be examples in times of worries and woes.

9. Never Let You Go Poem

You can’t go,
while I make happiness from you.
Stay calm,
let me add more blessings to your soul.
Make me the one,
and only man you prefer.
Among all,
let me be the choice you always make.
Throughout the night,
and in the day,
I have accepted to always love you.
Make me the special type,
while I will not for once deny you my presence.

10. The Only One Poem

Only you in my life
can change my presence and rewrite my past.
Be it morning, or afternoon,
I know you can make my day appear fresh and bright.

Make it real,
let me be known for having you in my world.
I have not retired,
and will not quit wanting you.
If all is blocked,
and you are locked down in café.
I will not think more,
or hesitate to come for you.

You are the moon
that comes around in the time of joy.
And when light becomes so scarce,
let me have you,
as the only sign of goodness.

11. Make Me Feel Good Love Poem

You changed all my changes,
and rewire my arteries,
to appear distinct.
I met you so early,
and those things that were bad,
came looking good and mighty.
I pray you be here for life,
and stick to my heart not for once.

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