12 Happy Birthday Wishes Your Friends Will Appreciate

Good friends’ birthdays differ from others, so they need a special birthday wish.
We all have a friend that holds a great portion of our heart to ransom, and appreciating them is desirable going by all standards.
Any of these messages is good for that bosom friend of yours. Send him or her one.

1. Find Means To Celebrate.

Since you are healthy and happy, let your day be filled with joy and immeasurable happiness. Happy birthday friend.

2. The Change We Met.

We met you, you changed us and give us a mind that a friend like you is an asset. Now it is time to light love for you. Happy birthday.

3. You Are A Hero.

Every day, a hero is born. Today, you are the hero your day witnessed some years back. Happy Birthday.

4. You Are Invaluable.

The joy your presence created in our midst is invaluable. Here we are dolling you our miniaturized version of what you gave us. Happy birthday.

5. Take This Wish.

It is hard to find something adequate to congratulate you with. Nothing in this world can stand as a congratulatory gift, but you alone. Happy birthday my bosom friend.

6. Your Day is Special

It is an occasional package people hardly witness, when you witness your day, be grateful. Happy birthday.

7. Distance IS Not A Barrier.

Distance will not make me forget you. Be it on land or in water, this message will meet you and say happy was the day you were born, and same must happen today. Happy birthday.

8. Full of Goodies.

On this occasion of yours, I present you a day full of goodies, a night of love and tomorrow that reflects you are outstanding. Happy birthday my friend.

9. Rejoice!

While some are imprisoned, you are here rejoicing. Make your day awesome. Happy birthday.

10. A glorious Friend Is A Glory

You are the glory we wish to celebrate. You are the blessings we want to live with. We celebrate you so that we can as well have a fulfilling live like yours. Happy birthday.

11. Time To Repay You

I do not regret having you as a friend. While some are not here, you are 0.000km beside me always. Happy birthday.

12. Take This Prayer

Today will mark the beginning of happiness and the full stop to sorrow and tears in your life. Celebrate. Happy birthday.

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