Inspirational Love Text Messages For A Loving Heart: Romantic SMS For Him

Inspirational love text messages are romantic words designed to gain the heart of someone. We all want someone to accept our proposal, but money or goodies cannot make it so.

Inspirational Love Text Messages For A Loving Heart: Romantic SMS
If you fall in this trap, get an inspirational text message and fire to that heart you want to steal. Without much work, that heart becomes yours.

1. Your smile, I love you more. The Kisses we have grown our affection. My heart is fortified with your breath and hi.

2.  Stop calling me your love. I am yours and you are mine. We are one heart divided into two.
3. Let me lie down here to confirm that I am falling for you already.

4.  I can define love with different words. To an animal, it is the curiosity to stay with someone always without thinking of separation. To human beings, it is the sense of honour we hold against someone while we feel we need to be one.

5. The only person that can open your heart without tearing it is the person that is ready to manage it.

6. While some people are rejoicing having millions in their account, I am here celebrating your presence because I know I can get billions through you.

7. If you fight me, take it, you will win. If you love me, know that, you will have me. If you hate me, I won’t let it affect my love for you.

8. I don’t have time for other things. Let me hold you with my two hands, works on you from morning till night, give you a room to relax, and tell you what others forgot to tell you. “I want you more and more.”

9. For those who say you are cheap, I can bet they are too small to have you.

10. I know when you say it and want to act it. I can defend your no with my yes, put your nose in my chest. Come to be your worlds in time of worries.

11. You need not back out of inspiring and rewarding issues no matter the stress since I have promised to be by your side come rain come sun.

12.  Opportunity is when a man get someone like you as a confidant, owns a mansion that you will stay, buy a car that contains you and a serious partner. I got that opportunity already.

13. When morning comes, let it come with your calls and messages. Let me have you until everything becomes good for us.

14. I am the beginning of the good you need and would be the end. Sometimes I may not want to do my responsibilities towards you, force me to, and I will comply to your will.
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