Love Quotes and Love Messages For Overseas Lovers: Long Distance Quotes

When the distance is creating more reasons to disagree, simple but special love quotes and love messages have the tendency of turning things around.

With Simple messages sent very early in the morning or late at night, relationship becomes more glued.
Try any of these love quotes and messages; they are wonders in time of disagreement.

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Distance Relationship Quotes

1. I cannot just remember we are afar, and not close to another. But your calls and messages mend the ways. 


2. We have seen many, touched many, but love none aside you.

3. You are mighty, that distance between us is nothing but a number.

4. I have devoted my energy and strength, my hours and job, to quench the gap between us.

5. For your love, come any kilometer, I can trek with outmost happiness.

6. Not the distance between us can condition us to disagree. Our affectionate desire is more superior to any condition.

7. Our hearts are glued and placed on the same horizon, the latitude is same and in the same radar.

8. I have accepted to mend the distance with calls and messages. Wake up and find me beside you in calls and messages.

9. Since the distance between us makes me a dreamer, I prefer sleeping and dreaming of you.

10. The distance makes us, gives us the spirit, and creates a reason to love ourselves.

Long Distance Quotes

11. Create distance between us, but I’ll let it sink more than once that my love for you is not distance dependent

12. We are two birds in dreams that become reality.

13. Among the fishes, the whale has a special rank. Among the women, you are such a wonderful one.

14. I have doubted my destiny and questioned my mind before meeting you. In truth, a special package designed to look inferior was given to me. 15. When checked, it becomes you –my reason for joy.

16. I am not saddened by the distance. The messages you keep sending is soothing. I enjoy them like daily bread.

17. An ending without starting with you is fruitless. A life worth spending is meeting you in the beginning and having you in the end.

18. Our journey was like a plane, it flies and lands, lands and flies.

19. We can live where two people exist –you and I.

20. I dreamt there would be long distance between us, and I dreamt our togetherness is unending.

21. Tomorrow will create opportunities for us to be happier forever. So, forget the distance and hope that tomorrow comes in shining and smooth packages.

22. No third party comes between us, in time of worries and fights.

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