Morning Love Text Messages For New Relationship: Awesome Love Quotes

Love text messages are meant to show that we care and truly stand our as mere friends.
Sending a unique but meaning one to your confidant, your date or friend is good and can always portray you as good friend.

Two As One

“When we come together to make an entity, I grow more in spirit, and my heart grows as well, thinking about you despite your presence.”

A Faithful Friend

“I begin to have strength and trust in you, the moment I realise you are a friend ready to be faithful with me till the end. Life with you is interesting and soothing.”
Morning Love Text Messages For New Relationship

I Devoted My Time For You, Oh Love

“I am devoting more time for you. I will study you as if I am preparing for Professional exams, dedicate my time for you like you are a new building, and be ready to make you stand out.”

Hopefully In Love

“Be hopeful, your best friend may not be nice today, he/she is just studying you. When time comes, you’ll enjoy the fruit of been a friend to an observer.”

Your Love Life Is Planned

“At times, you don’t need to start planning for tomorrow when someone is doing for you. A good friend is important and not desirable.”

Love Is Rewarding

“When we show little love to people, we should expect enormous amount because love grows like grass when we open it to the right person.”

Friends Are Distinct

“Do not take useless entity as a friend, while you are thinking to help him, he is thinking of exploiting you.”

Sudden Love

“True love begins in a twinkle of an eye, it need no preparation, when someone gives you one, return it with million thanks.”

Hate And Love

“The beginning of what we love is not the end of what we hate. The more we love people, the more we find reasons to hate them. However, when you love someone, let your reasons for doing so overshadow your reasons for loving them.”

It is No Where

“If you need a completely morally upright friend, begin to search the jungle because it does not exist in the realm of humans.”

Not Part Of You Before

“While designing your lifetime schedules, remember you need someone, whose character you cannot define, in it. He/she is the change that will come to your life.”

I am Guilty

“Sometimes I feel guilty for not loving you earlier than this. I must have offended my spirit. Pardon me!” 
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