Poems About Friendship And Love : Cute Love Poems

Writing poem of friendship and love for that good confidant, is a means of appreciating the that someone came into your life and made good impact.

While some will not make any contribution to your existence, the few ones that do require been appreciated a million time.
You can get any of these Poems about Friendship and Love to thank your good friend.

1. Letter To A Friend.
Some friends are like water,
they erode goodness away from you.
While some are bulldozers,
they take your pride down.
But I have a friend,
who makes things work
for me in time of worries,
take me higher when
there is no strength,
show love to make me
get going any time.
He shames my enemies,
and follows me all
through thick and thin.
He has a special place
in my clean heart,
housed in the cleanest of my mind.
I write you,
to make you continue in good,
do not stop that good,
while I won’t stop
being your good friend.
Poems About Friendship And Love

Note: Although this is not a letter, but be rest assured your friend will want to read it continuously, so you need to send it to him or her.

2. Among My Loves

Among those I love are a man full of hopes, and a philanthropist, whose end we pray become good.
Among the ones I love,
is a queen,
humble from here to their.
Not rude or found of pride.
She takes all man equal,
except he that makes
himself above others.
If all ladies her this damsel,
the world will be full of women
who swallow pride in the midst of men.
I have a woman,
a queen among the queens.
Thanks for taking time
to be my desired friend.
Note: This poem suits a lady. Ladies are more concerned when it comes to caring for people. They deserve applause with this simple poem.

I love A friend

In the beginning, we were friend.
That which wedge us, was his actions before men.
He is different from the usual men,
When I say thank you,
He holds me by my collars,
Never again, should you appreciate my token,
for you are a friend indeed,
that you need now,
is a test of friendship,
and never a sign that you are not successful.
You are that friend, who makes other feel happy.
If I am this to you, I would rather continue in good hope.
Since you are a distinct friend,
a good one that never existed before.

Note: we all have that friend that is beloved to us, sending him or her a poem like this is outstanding. I bet it is irresistible.

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