Short Happy Birthday Messages/Wishes People Appreciate

Sending happy birthday messages to those you care about is not just an action, it is a means of showing people you are not a mere friend.

Short Happy Birthday Messages Wishes People Appreciate

You can try any of this happy birthday wishes on your friend’s birthday.
  • Anytime it is your birthday, I remember the days we used together as youths, and the pace at which you progress. Happy birthday my bosom friend.  
  • Social platforms say today is your birthday. Let me wish you a million years full if million opportunity. 
  • You have added another years to your feather, wealth, progress and development. May everything go your way.
  • When successful people are a year older, people greet them from the bottom of their heart just like I am doing. Happy birthday. 
  • May the actions of joy and decorations of wealth be found in your home today and always. Happy birthday. 
  • When people say you have not done anything to be celebrated on, I give them uncountable reasons to celebrate you. Happy birthday illustrious friend. 
  • The same way you come into live is the same pattern I am celebrating you. May you have a wonderful birthday.
  • To those who see you as a model, you are one in a million. This is for you, a birthday full of joy.
  • Your wishes came true, and today is testifying. Happy Birthday my only friend.
    Short Happy Birthday Messages Wishes People Appreciate
  • Anytime you add a year, know that so many people tried the same but failed. So, rejoice.
  •  Don’t hide your glories, celebrate the journey of a life well spent.
  • Whisper your desires to God today, so that He can bring you more bounties ahead of Next Year’s birthday. Happy Birthday my good man.
  •  I have to let you know that the same way you are special so is your day. Happy birthday.
  •  No point celebrating you without following your good steps. Well done.
  • You are remembered today not because you are the richest man but because you share your wealth more than a rich man could. Happy birthday to our friend. 

Specially Crafted Birthday Messages: Birthday Wishes 

While some birthday wishes come from the deepest part of people heart, these specially crafted ones are just sent from heaven. Read and send any to your love ones. 
Specially Crafted Birthday Messages: Birthday Wishes

1. Celebrate your day, without thinking of your failures but success. Wish you many more years in success 

2. With this cake, a wine, and a worded card, I wish you happy birthday. 

3. No extinguisher can quench this birthday candle fire because it is purposely for you. Happy birthday.  

4. Through thick and thin, you scarped through and made people free from problems along the line. Here I am, part of those people you enriched, wishing you fulfilled days and years ahead.

5. A new year has come, telling you of another year of appreciation and celebration. Rejoice, you are a role model. 

6. Your birthday comes once in a year, and not many can rejoice their day. You are lucky and I am rejoicing with you because of that. Happy birthday.

7. A special day with a special message for you on your day. Happy birthday. 

8. Don’t doubt your progress especially when you see people saying you are favoured. Happy birthday.
Specially Crafted Birthday Messages: Birthday Wishes

9. You need to be high in appreciation and celebration. Today is not new to you, but rejoice you witnessed it. Happy birthday to you.

10. While some people do it once in their lifetime, some witness few, and you a mighty soul, is celebrating one among the many birthdays 11. God destined you’ll witness. Happy birthday. 

12. If not today, your birthday would have been next year. You have folds of reasons to rejoice.

13. I can say you merit this day, that is why you need not go back but move ahead. Rejoice with us. 

14. Don’t let success blind you, today is your day.

15. While some are in prison, you are here making the glories. Happy born day. 

16. Truth be told, our man is waxing stronger despite the added year. You are not more kid. Happy birthday.

17. Be strong, take things with hope, and do the few in your capacity. Where is the birthday holding? 

18. This life is for the boys who come and make it. Thank God you did. Happy birthday.

19. Some constituency prayed to have someone like you, but no, they could not. Count yourself among the illustrious sons. 

20. Make some people especially happy today to show you appreciate seeing another year in sound health.

21. Today is dedicated to someone like you. I would have loved to be your birthday mate. Happy birthday.

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