I Promise To Love You Messages For Him Or Her: Love SMS For Your Date

Promised someone you love him/her, then let a loving you message follow to show you care. Here are many messages you can send to your desire to resonate a complete love for him/her. 

1. Yes, it's hard to look back and see that you are not there. If you have to go, let it be in my company.

2. You took you a lot of time to answer my call the same way it took me a lot of time to say hi to you in the morning. It is hard to leave without you.

3. A book is written to commensurate your kind-heartedness, a lifetime is deposited to show the world you are awesome.

4. I am here to show you my love for you is a promise kept. I am here to tell you how hard I can make a world grow with you.

5. I love myself and that is the reason I choose you. I want a world, full of your blessings and your loving words.

6. Let's make love our source of joy. Let’s all hope to be the reason our love will never fade.

7. If these words are what make you happy, let me continue to say I love you forever.

8. I understand you, and that is why I smile when you are not satisfied. I can tell how you feel every minute.

9. I see you every minute I look out of my window. I know you are my source of unending laughter.

10. You're my world, the sunlight I receive every afternoon. You are my heart, the breath I take every second.

11. Hold my hands and follow me around. I promise to be your reason.

12. You completed me when there was no support. You remove my worry when I felt marginalised.

13. Dreamt of you before you call, phoned your heart before the message. I tripped for your smile when you laugh.

14. “You before me” is the order I place our relationship. “Come around me” is the language I love to utter.

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