20 Love Questions You Can Ask Your Lover

You cannot be serious every time, tease your lover with love questions he/she may find very hard to answer. Every relationship requires time for fun to show a little sign of care. 
If your darling angel is that person that entertains teasing, or he or she enjoys tricky relationship questions, it is time you got more than enough. Doing this will brighten up your relationship, and make your discussion more engaging than it had always been.
I found questions awesome if I was asked, this makes me go for discussions that are engaging. 
Why then won’t I develop interest in love related questions, especially if it comes from the one I love? Here are questions you need to send to you partners to get going with your relationship.

1. Why The Love Babe?

Why do you love me more than you love others?

2. What Do I Look Like?

The first time you saw me; do I look genuine to you?

3. How Do You Intend To Make Me Happy?

If you intend surprising me, what will you surprise me with?

Love Questions You Can Ask Your Lover

4. If You Ever Want To Leave Me, Tell Me What For?

Can you leave me for something else?

5. What Will Make You Forget Me, Darling?

I know your work is precious, does that mean you can forget me because of it.

6. What Disturbs You About Me?

Since I look good to you, what is that thing about me that infuriates you?

7. When Will You Invite Me?

If you have that opportunity to leave overseas, how many years will it take you to invite me?

8. How Perfect Are You?

Most of my friends say you are perfect for me, what makes you perfect?

9. Evidences You Love Me?

You said you love me, any proof?

10. Tell Me Why You Are My Best Feet?

I can’t just imagine why you are created for me, can you tell me?

11. What Makes My Day Longer?

Since I met you, my days become longer. What did you add to my life?

12. What Do I Mean To You?

You do say I mean a lot to you, can you tell me one of it?

13. Will You Leave Me For Anything?

Why did you think I can be yours forever?

14. What Will Break Our relationship?

Can we continue with our relationship?

15. Why Do You Desire Me?

Sometimes I don’t understand why you cherish me, please tell me.

16. What Can Cause Fight Between Us?

Since I am your one and only, who can come between us?

17. Who Does Your Loving Heart Belongs To?

Sorry for disturbing you, but who owns your heart?

18.  How Will You Say You Love Me?

When that day comes, how will you tell me you love me?

19. Can You Say You Love Me?

Express you love me in simple terms, I need to see and hear it?

20. What Makes You Responsible?

Are you the only responsible person that can have my heart?

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