10+ Romantic Love Messages For Boyfriend And Girlfriend: Show You Care Love Messages

Romantic love messages tell so many things about you, it gives those you send them to the sense you care so much about them. 

Think of sending one, look no further, here are some you can send:

1. I Love You More And More:

Have I hurt you in any way? Have I been more of a tyrant to you than a loving man and partner, baby I am sorry of for putting an ounce of sadness on your beautiful face. I should be scolded for that. I love you so much and I am sorry for hitting you. The truth is I have also hurt myself unknowingly.

2. Overwhelmed With Your Smile, Love:

Every time you look at me, my heart skips a beat, my heart is overwhelmed with your smile and beautiful face. You are a queen, a goddess and a jewel. I would never trade you for anyone or anything that creeps this earth. This I promise you.

3. I Cherish You, Dear:

I have waited for so long to have you walk down the aisle to me, I know it is going to happen someday soon, this is just to tell you that I can hardly wait for you to be mine to cherish to love passionately, to protect, to observe, to care for, to grow with. I wait on this day and I know it will be the best day of our lives.

4. Dear, Please Understand Me:

I wish more than anything else that you would believe and understand me truly when I tell you that I will love you till this world is no more. I will love you with every inch of my heart....

5. No Matter The Situation:

I know I am not God, but as a man, I will be with you in every bad situation, I will come to your rescue when you need me to, I will help to materialize your goals and help you to grow you faith. I will be your backbone and your shoulder to lean on

6. Don’t Break Your Promises: 

I will forever cherish this love between us, I will never break the promises made to you, neither will I do anything to truncate the trust you have in me.

7. Your Love And Your Guide:

I will always be your love and your guide, I will always come running whenever you need me, does this make any sense to you? I'm trying to say that I'm giving my life to you, all you have to do is use it the way you please.

8. Trust Me:

No one would trust my statement if I say that I can only breath comfortably when I see you or when I have the opportunity to hear your voice. I know it took so long to let these feelings come out, but now, I want you more each passing day of my life. I need you to be here with me.

9. Love Me For Long:

I am not going to persuade you to love me the way I want you to, as long as I love you we are going to be fine and I believe that so much.

10. Fight Any Obstruction, Love:

We can take on any obstacles the way we want to, together we can overcome it all and make history. Our love story would be one that people would want to emulate. In promise you my love. Just stay with me on this ride.

11. Smile Every Time:

Just smile always, this is the only thing that keeps me going.

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