15+ Get Well Soon Quotes And Messages For Your Special One –Feel Better Soon SMS

You have someone daring but sick, send that person get well soon messages or quote to make him or her feel you are caring.
Sending feel better soon messages do change emotion of sick people. These wishes are like consolations.

Get Well Soon Quotes And Messages For Your Special One
  1. Please my love, do not be sick, do not let me stay here missing and crying all day for you, please come back to me as soon as possible.
  2. Sickness has no place in your body. It is not an part and parcel of your life. I have prayed for you and I am sure that you are well already.
  3. Come back my love and play with me very soon. You know I miss you a lot and I want you to regain your strength. We still have so many things to do together
  4. Sickness is not your portion my darling. I miss you already. Please get well soon.
  5. It is bad enough that I have to sing and read to you on that ugly bed, I miss those days when I sing and you interrupt me. Please do that again very soon.
  6. I have prayed for you my dear and I am sure that you are on your way to perfect health and full recovery.
  7. Please get well my baby, I miss your troubles, J miss out fights, I miss everything we did together. Please my baby, I am beckoning on you to wake up...
  8. Would you please get up from that bed, I need my friend and partner in crime back as soon as possible.
  9. I know you are too much trouble, but you do not deserve to be this weak. So, I have begged the heavens for your sake and I am sure that they have heard me.
  10. I looked to the skies throughout the night and I saw a hand coming down from heaven and touching you –that is the hand of the healing power of God touching you.
  11. Your smile is all I miss, your laugh is all I miss more. I wish you strength and good health from now on. Get up my love and shine just like you are made to.
  12. I'll be here with you, I'll pray with you, I'll take good care of you, but you have to get well soon my love we have so much to talk about.
  13. Today was the most boring day ever, it was very dull and unpleasant for me, do you know why? This only happened because you were not there to share today with me. Your laughter was always responsible for brightening up my day.
  14. I heard that you were sick, I heard that you would just be able to tease me today? I also heard that you are too weak to play with me on the green field today. This is the worst news I have heard all year. Please be strong for me.
  15. If I have to pray till you get up from that bed, I will do that, just to see you well. You have missed so much, and I promise you missed many things we could have been doing together. Please do not miss anymore, so get up as soon as possible.
  16. I always say you as a very strong man, very fearless and healthy. So how a little sickness could put you down this way, I am wondering? Fight back my love please fight back and regain your health.
  17. Now that you are ill, be thankful to your God that you are recuperating. Sickness is not the end of the journey, it signals the beginning of a replenished life. You are favoured.
  18. Through thick and thin, you did not allow obstacles to send you to the grave. Adversities are not forever. They come and go.
  19.  Sometimes, being sick is a blessing. It is like a shield. Thank God for your life.

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