20 Beautiful Quotes That Seal Love In Trying Times –Love Text Quotes

Beautiful quotes are good when adversity strikes; you need to tell the person you love that it is forever. Sending one to the love of your life, I mean your darling husband or wife is awesome.
Beautiful quotes That Seal Love in Trying Times

20 Beautiful Quotes That Seal Love In Trying Times –Love Text Quotes

1. Things do not seem as they used to, but my love for you does not seem less in any way. I promise you that.

2. The last time I said forever, did you think it was a joke? I meant forever in bad times like this.

3. Did you expect me to leave? Were you expecting my goodbye already? I am sorry, but when things are good I am always here, and when things are wrong, I will never leave.

4. What kind of man would I be if I left you hanging this way you have been my resin for smiling. Well I will make you laugh in this time

5. Sorry to disappoint you my honey... Leaving is not an option.

6. If I could choose anything right now, it would be you, so if I choose you why then do I need something else?

7. Our love is not in seasons... It is in episodes. It is uncountable... It's forever.

8. The love we share is one that triumphs in bad times. That is the kind of love that I have for you.

9. This period is trying I know, everything and every situation is not always good. Why do you think to  not prepared my heart for anything that is to come?

10. Are you surprised honey? You need not be, we have sealed the deal on this side of the ocean. Then it looks like you have approached a red sea, would you just look back for once, just once, you will see me standing behind you.

11. I will be the force that drives you, I will be your shoulder to lean on when you want to, and I will definitely be the one to remind you that all hope is not lost.

 12. I am still here right? I have not left yet. That is to show you that I have no other business to attend to that, isn't you?

13. Worry not about what I would do if you find yourself in a bad position, rather, worry about how you would be able to always handle my presence with you.

14. Can our love last this long? Can it overcome trying times? Would you be with me no matter what?

15. With you nothing compares, no one is relevant, this love story is forever, I promise you that.

16. When you look to your left, you will see me there, when you look to your right, I am sure that I will just be chilling there, your front on the back is not going to be void of my presence, be in that thought from now on.

17. Would you mind if I stay? I am sure you would not mind, coz even if you did, I am not going anywhere.

18. You say you are pushing me away, so I do not have to cope with your situation. I wonder when I ever complained to you.

19. Sometimes, you act funny. You say you do not want me to see you this way, I am sorry, but what changed with you? Coz I do not see anything different. I am sorry if you think I'm mistaken.

20. You are not alone when adversity strikes, I am here praying for you.

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