30+ Romantic Love Messages For That Distinct Person: Love Msg For All

A romantic message to that special one is specially for the person you care about. When you have someone whose love for you is not quantifiable, it is incumbent on you to send him or her a Love message. Here are love wishes you can send to people any time:

Most Romantic Love Messages.

1. Love is a beautiful thing, the feeling you have when you are in love with someone is priceless, some feel overwhelmed by it and are unable to control their desires. However, the best feeling anyone can get is when he or she is in love with the one person who makes them feel so good about themselves. I found that out with you my darling. I love you so tenderly.

2. Love is one thing that I have been unable to explain ever since I met you. I do not have to be sane about it, neither do I have to go crazy for it, I have been myself ever since I have been with you, I have experienced the best side of love, and I have never regretted being with you. You are the best.

3. This is one thing that I do not know if I would be able to express to anyone ever in my life again. This is because, when I look into your perfect eyes, I only see my future and that is the only thing that I care about in this life. You have helped to reshape my life and make me a better person, and I cannot thank you enough for that. I love you too much.

4. I love everything about you, I love our bad days, and our better days, I love the terrible moments we have had, and I love every other moment we will get to spend with each other. Whether the moon and sun exchange positions in the heavens, my love for you will always remain constant no matter what. I love you my honey.

5. I love you so much, and you are my real desire. I have given my heart, body and soul to you and I hope sincerely that you will take good care of it. To the moon and back, I love you, and I love you with everything that I am.

6. Will you be my darling? Will you be the one to stay with me and love me and protect me for the rest of my life? Will you be here with me forever? You are my present and future and my forever; you are the best thing that will ever happen to me. I love you my darling.

7. Words would fail me if I were to describe what I feel for you. It is beyond the comprehension of man and his intellect; I love you my darling, thank you for being my backbone all these years, thank you for being the most active shoulders on earth for me to lean on. I love you, baby.

9. You are the optimist in my situation, even when I am a bloody pessimist, you are the white in my black shade, and you are the only reason why I have never been able to shed a tear of pain for a long time. You are my best and my favorite. I love you beyond words my darling. I love you too much, and words would fail me.


Romantic Messages To Make Her Smile.                      

1. Anytime that I am opportune to see your beautiful face, I just stare at you for long, waiting for the moment when you would let out that smile, it is gorgeous baby, it suits you, you deserve to always smile for the rest of your life, and I will try my best to make that a reality.

2. A lover is a sweet thing, a love like you is the best thing a man needs on this earth, I will never forget a lover like you, because it is the best one that I have ever had, I will always be here with you, keeping in touch with you because you are in my thoughts always. My thought for the day is incomplete without you.

3. When new lovers are just in love it feels like the whole world is turned upside down, the most amazing thing is happening right now, I still feel this way even after such a long time of being together. I feel so amazed and so good because I know that I have found the one.

4. I love your face; I love any time I have the chance to see your beautiful face, even without saying a word to you, my entire day is blessed when I see your face. I know this because I feel so much joy everyday and throughout the day I can see your face.

5. Smiling suits you, it brings out your beauty, can I promise you one thing, that I will never do anything to take that smile way from you, the only reason why you will stop smiling for a moment is when my lips are locked with yours. I love you so much.

6. Some girls walk into the room, and everything seems so normal and does not change, but you walk into the room with your lovely smile, and my life changed immediately. I don’t really know what to say, some girls crave beauty, but you are beauty, I think they crave you. You are so beautiful my honey, and your smile takes my breath away.

7. Your eyes is a very sexual part of your body, you do not need to do so much seduction, staring deep at a man would make him want to wet his pants. You are that sexy and any man in his right sense would want you for himself. I am glad for that opportunity by the heavens. I love you.

8. No matter what happens, you can roll your eyes all you want, I will not leave your side, I will never leave you behind. You being with me, the only time that I get to be a good person. I always want to be good to you my darling, so I’m staying no matter what you say to me.

9. I love your smile, I love everything about you, I love how you make me feel whenever I am with you, you are a darling and I love you so much.

Sweet Romantic Messages To Your Girlfriend

1. I love you with all my heart baby girl, and there is nothing I won't do for you. You are my sweetheart and my light, I know I could never experience darkness with you by my side. I love you darling, and I hope you know that much.

2. Many times, I try to ask myself, why is it that I love this girl so much, then I am corrected in my head; I have only experienced the best side of love with you, and I wish you would just believe me when I say that you are my sweetheart and my baby girl, and no one can replace you ever.

3. I love my baby girl, I love her because she is witty, she is kind, she is funny, she is pleasant, she is bold, she is intelligent, I love her so much because she loves me, and because she stands by me even in my good times and bad times. I love you honey, I hope you get that.

4. I love you because you own my heart, I love what I am with you and in your presence, I love the woman you have come to be, and I love the fact that you have come to stay. I promise you that the fountain of my love for you will never run dry. I also promise you that I will stand by you through anything and protect you from any kind of harm. I love you honey pie.

5. I love her and I'm sure she knows it too. I love her for her confidence, I love her because she is my confidant and my solace, I live the advice I get from her. I love that I can be myself around her. I love her to the moon and back. I love her even when the world no longer exists.

6. Darling, I Cherish you a lot, I love you with everything that I have. I love that you are a damsel and a queen. I love you baby and I will cherish you for the rest of my life.

7. You are my sweet world and my baby girl, you are my cherished being, you are a sweet baby and you are my love. I love you for who you are and not for what you are. You are my darling baby and I will love you for the rest of my life.

8. You are my darling baby, you are my honey and my sweetheart, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you are my life. I love you with everything that I have and everything that I will ever be. You are my darling.

9. You are a darling, you are my goddess, you are a good to go sweetheart. You are everything to me, and you should not bother about anyone else, coz there really is no time for anyone else except you. I love you so much baby.

10. I need you to rethink when we first met each other, you were so good to me, and I swore that you would be me mine no matter what. Now that I have you to myself, I'm never letting you go...Ever. I love you baby.

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