Exotic Birthday messages for brothers: Birthday Wishes For Your Siblings.

Sending messages to people during their birthday celebration is good, but sending exotic birthday wishes to your brothers is the best you can think of.
If you have a brother that means so much to you, why not send any of these wishes to him.
  1. My confidant, my friend, my big daddy, I love you without words, thank you for being there for me always, thank you for protecting me from bullies, happy birthday big brother, I love you very much.
  2. A precious day like this, one of the most precious brothers on earth is having his birthday today; God bless your new age big brother.
  3. The only one who would always save me from mama's wrath, the one who was responsible for advising and keeping me safe from boys outside, thank you for being a shield for me, happy birthday.
  4. A real man, no wonder all the boys were scared to come near me, I had the best big brother anyone could ever ask for. Do you know what I wish for today? J wish that you continue to grow in health and strength. Happy birthday.
  5. Yayyy. It is his day finally, a brother with principles, an upright man, and a great friend, thank you for being part of my life. J love you, happy birthday.
  6. A brother that sticks closer than a friend, I thank God for making me your sister, I would have missed out on all the good and bad moments we have ever shared. Happy birthday man. Long life and prosperity.
  7. I have had so many challenges in life, I have seen so many things, and I have done so many things, none of it ever meant anything because J had you standing right next to me through it all. I love you big brother, happy birthday.
  8. In my next life, would you be my big brother again? Would you correct me the same way you did in this life? Would you stand by me the same way you did in this life? Happy birthday to you my first man.
  9. You mean so much to me, you deserve the best in this beautiful day, words are not enough to express how wonderful you are, happy birthday.
  10. If sisters could marry their brothers, I'm sure you will be the best groom ever, you are a friend, a very good friend, and I love you for staying with me even in hard times.
  11. There is no one who will ever be able to take your place brother I could never substitute you for a stranger, and J could never give you up for any amount of money on this earth. Happy birthday to my little man.
  12. Happy birthday to you little one, you have come into my life to add so much laughter and happiness, I wish that you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding everyday of your life from this special day. Happy birthday to you.
  13. Happy birthday to you big brother, you are my number one teacher, you taught me how to walk, how to read, you taught me most of my first words, you always put me first above anything else. Continue to grow in understanding with grace.

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