Feel Good Valentine Messages For Your Lover –Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

Valentine's day is once in a year. That is the reason your woman or man deserve an
all-containing messages s/he won’t forget. Take any of these Valentine messages and send afterward.

Feel Good Valentine Messages For Your Lover

1. On this special day, my love for you is far above the skies, it is hold and heavenly. I love you with whatever it takes; my body, spirit and soul.

2. You are the most important person in my life, you are my love and my life, you are my everything, this gift is just to show you today that I'll always love you through it all.

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3. I renew my love for you today, I reassure you today for the next one decade; that I will love you forever, I will be with you in everything you find yourself.

4. This is a onetime message to my baby and my sweetheart. This event only comes once in a year, but I promise you when I say that my love for you is not once in a year. It is every day in a year and today is not an exception.

5. Accept my live as it is, it might not weigh enough, but believe me when i say that together we will be responsible for moving mountains and making others envious.

6. The stars shine bright, but you shine brighter, the moonlights up the night, but you light is always and not seasonal, everything about you is bright, everything you touch is bright and that is why together we have a bright future.

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

7. Valentine's day is a day for lovers. You are my liver and i am writing this to you. I love you with all my heart and with everything that I have. Please believe me.

8. My heart beats for you, my love for you is above the top of the heavens. Heaven bears me witness, that I am glad and grateful that you were sent to me to add color to my life. My life is definitely colourless without you.

9. Happy Valentine, I love you with all my heart, just as today is a love day, I am using this opportunity to remind you of my love for you. It is ever present.

10. My love for you on this day has sky rocketed, it has deepened, it is now fulfilled. Take this gift from me today and accept my heart and my love.

11. This day is special for me just as it is special for you, it is for me because I get to show you just how much I have loved you and how much I will continue to love you till death do us part.

12. I will shout from now till dawn, I will shout till the whole words hears me, I will shout till the world is convinced that I am deeply in live with you.

13. The world is fortunate to have someone like you in it. The world is a pleasant place because you are in it. You fill the world with your goodness, you make it a better place for inhabitants. You make everywhere bright with your shiny light. You are a wonderful creation. And I will not miss this opportunity to tell you how much I love you and adore you.

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