I Promise To Stay Messages: I won’t Go Quotes

When you have agreed to stay with him or her, send a promise message to show.
Here are ones you can send anytime.

I Promise To Stay Messages: I won’t Go Quotes

I Promise To Stay Messages For The One You Love

1. No matter what happens honey, you can rely on me, you are safe with me because I will not go anywhere, I will stay with you through it all, whether you like it or now I’m here to stay.

2. Stop thinking if I would stay with you or not, I have nowhere else to go. I wish above all things that you would believe me when I tell you that forever is all I think about you when I see you.

3. I love you with all my heart, I love you with everything that I have, I adore you and I appreciate the fact that you are in my life. I'm going to be here with you forever no matter what.

4. I'm not the best candidate to be your lover, I'm not the one with the best choice of words neither am I the one with the best things to take care of you; but one thing I am very sure of is that no matter what we face in life, be sure that I will face it with you.

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5. Through trials and temptations, through good times and bad times, through Roxy and thorny bushes, I'll be with you my love, I will be your Shepherd that guides its flock.

6. As the puppy always clings to its mother, so will my love be for you. I'll cling onto you no matter what happens I will stay with you always.

7. This is a message to my one and only, you are basically the air that I breathe, that is why whenever I see you close to me, I can breathe freely and well. I'll always stay with you so that I do not have shortness of breath.

8. Stay with you, pray for you, fight for you, die for you, be with you is what I'm prepared to do forever; come what may.

9. Whenever my heart us set to do something, there is no going back; I have set in my heart to be with you always, so there is really nothing driving me away.

These I won’t Go Quotes Will Make You Love More

10. I won't leave when you ask me to. And if I must leave, I will still gang around.

11. Don't bother thinking about how and when I will leave, rather think about why ai would never leave you.

12. I want to be with you in your trying times, I want to feel with you in your happy moments, I want to be present in your every moment, I don't want to miss out on anything. This is to tell you that I will he here even when you do not need me to be.

13. Can you call on me anytime you need me? I'll be there, can you say my name any time you feel like? I will surely come to you. I am naturally at your beck and call.

14. I cannot help it my lady, I cannot help it when J see your face, J just want to be in your presence all day long. I wish you feel the same way.

15. I have been tortured so many times, but every time with you feels like a whole new moment. I have to always be with you, it comes naturally.

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