10+ Birthday Love Quotes To Dear Husband: Sweetheart Bday Love Quotes

Husbands are your stepping-stones to greatness and paradise, when it is their day, send them a Bday message.
Celebration of this kind is once in a year, why not find a loving birthday messages for him or her?

Birthday Love Quotes For Him

1. My love, my man, my head and my confidant, you are never replaceable, there is no husband like you. Happy birthday to you darling.
2. Happy birthday to a man of valor, one with the highest of principles and prestige, a faithful husband/father and an excellent worker. Happy birthday to you.
3. There are lots and lots of men on the earth, none is definitely like you, and none has the capacity to be good always like you. Happy birthday to you, honey. I love you.
4. My husband is the richest man on earth, I know you would think in terms of money; rather my husband is one with the richest heart on earth. I love you honey. Happy birthday to you.
5. Thse love you have bestowed upon me is worth more tat gold and silver, it is worth more than riches, and I want none of that as long as I have you. Happy birthday to my prince charming.
6. When the Lord removed a rib from the first man to make woman, he was thinking of us when he did that. Happy birthday to you honey. From your lovely wife.
7. I respect you so much, sometimes I just want to cherish and worship you all my life. You have given me the best of memories to hold onto. I do love you for being the man in my life. Happy birthday to you honey.
8. I love what I have grown to become with you; your influence is my life has made me become a better woman. I love you so much my essence. Happy birthday.
9. You are funny, you are witty, you are sweet, and you are mature and respectful and firm. You have a way of reminding me that I could not have made a better choice than you. I love you with all my heart.
10. I have committed some blunders in life, but when I found you, I knew I was on my way to being the luckiest woman on earth. It is a special day for you my baby lover. Happy birthday to you honey, I love you so much with everything that I have.

Birthday Quotes For Husbands

11. You have put in me a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching things; you have equally helped me to be a better woman. I don’t know what I did to deserve a honest and God fearing man like you. II love you honey. Happy birthday.
12. A man like you, when with a woman is better than thousands of men... You have a natural instinct for making me feel like a queen, with your words and actions; I am always flattered to my bones. Happy birthday to you my love.
13. You are wonderful, you are a complete man, you are the best I many ways and in all ways, you are darling and I want to say to you; happy birthday my love.
14. I love the woman I have become with you; you are my sunshine in darkness. Happy birthday to you my love.

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