20+ Birthday Love Quotes For Writers: Birthday Love Messages For Him Or Her

Special people like birthday quotes, especially writers. Find a loving bday wishes for them anytime.
  1. Happy birthday to the Pen of God. Have a blast.
  2. You write down things that are comprehensible but give the human mind so much knowledge. You are filled with the wisdom of God. Happy birthday to you sir.
  3. Today is your day and I cannot stay calm till I wish you well. Happy birthday to a writer for the nation.
  4. A good writer is known by his work but a better writer is known by what people say about him. Happy birthday to you sir.
  5. A writer with valid reasons to write, that is you my baby girl. I love you and happy birthday.
  6. It does not matter the kind of ink that is being used. A good writer like you knows how to bring something out of nothing. Happy birthday to you my dear.
  7. It is not just about writing with you it is about content. Your content brings out the best in you. Happy birthday to you sir.
  8. Happy birthday to you my newest and favorite writer. Your hands reach out to touch so many people.
  9. If non-living things could be read to, I’m sure they will marvel at the work of your hands. 
  10. Even in rainy or sunny seasons, your writings have a way of soothing the soul. What more could anyone ask for other than a hand that touches deep into the heart and mind of people. Happy birthday to you dear.
  11. When people read they can explain if it is a good hand or a bad hand that has written. Happy birthday to you ma’am.
  12. Your hand as a writer is a very important part of your whole body. Your hand has and will carry so many responsibilities. Use it well. Happy birthday to you my love.
  13. Happy birthday to you my honey. Keep doing wonders with that hand which has been inscribed from heaven.
  14. Never give in to people, when their heads are not in line with you, their hearts will definitely be. Write well my love. Happy birthday.
  15. You captivate my soul with the words you write down, you bring me back to consciousness. I cannot help but read and read and read. Happy birthday to the best writer I know.
  16. Happy birthday to a gem. A writer with prospectus, a writer filled with creativity.
  17. You write to reflect on another day. Happy birthday my darling.
  18. Your style of writing, very unique, and that’s what you are, a unique writer.
  19. Your words, a compelling force that helps to lighten dark situations. You are a good writer and a cherished one at that.
  20. A writer with a bold mind and a bold attitude. Happy birthday to you my dear.
  21. You write what you are, at least what you want to be. Happy birthday my dear.
  22. Happy birthday to you my honey, the best writer and girlfriend anyone could ever know. Your hand is your legacy my dear.

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