40+ Extremely Romantic Love Messages Hearts Cannot Resists: Messages Of Love

When you are interested in somebody, it is advisable you let the person know very early. With these love messages, you can do that without any problem.

40+ Extremely Romantic Love Messages Hearts Cannot Resists

1. My heart calls out to you, I do not know why; I just assume it wants you dearly.

2. Whenever I see you, I feel like I have found the one that my heart has been calling out to.

3. I wish I could see you every day of my life. That is exactly what my heart is crying for.

4. I do not care what I have to go through to get you; just know that I want you. I love you.

5. I’ll make it very official if that is what it takes for you to be my woman forever.

6. You have turned so many things in my life around. I want you as more than a friend.

7. You are my heart desire, I love no one else the way I love you.

8. I can walk and stare in delight because I have you to myself; as my woman. I love you.

9. I looked in different places, and no one captivated my heart the way that you have.

10. You have to believe me whenever I tell you that you are the only one I have interest in.

11. I’ve asked the heavens to give you to me, what is left is for your parents to say yes too.

12. You are worth every good thing on this earth. You who have captivated my heart this much.

13. You are my heart desire. I love you truly and I have eyes only for you.

14. Can’t you understand? No one makes me feel more special. It is only you I yearn for.

15. My heart craves for you, everything I want is attached to you, and everything I will be is you.

16. I’ll leave my stars and come after you; you are my present and my future.

17. I have got eyes only for you my baby; no one gladdens my heart more than you do.

18. Do you know just how much I am interested in you? This shows how much I love you truly.

19. No one can really comprehend just how much I love you. I really love you with all my heart.

20. I don’t care what I have to go through to have you for myself. It is the best thing that could ever happen to me as a man.

21. I am a man of my words, and when I tell you that t is you and only you that I belong to, why don’t you believe me for real?

22. I want you so badly, most of the time; I cannot think straight coz you are in front of me. I truly want you.

23. I call your name every day, even when thinking about you, I call it out loud. You are the one my heart reaches out to.

24. I know I can love you like no other, I know I can be the very best for you. This is how much I am interested in you.

To Be Yours Forever Love Messages…
You want to be her confidant forever, let a love message do that work for you with ease.

25. I will scale through mountains, and jump skies to be yours and yours alone.

26. I want to be yours alone, I want to experience the good and bad times with you. I love you baby.

27. I want you and everything that come with you, I want to be a part of your life, I do not want to be apart from you ever.

28. You are my life darling boo; I could never live in this world without you.

29. You are all I want; you are all I crave for. I ask you for just one thing, Please let me be yours forever.

30. You make my heart merry and rejoice, every day I see you is a dream come true for me.

31. You are my sweetheart and my love, I want to be yours forever, and I promise that l will never leave you hanging.

32. You asked me to take your hands sometimes ago, can I tell you that I will never let go of that hand.

33. I cherish you so much my dear, I love you beyond the understanding of man. Let me stay here forever.

34. Someone asked me a question; why do I love you forever, I replied…. Forever is the best with you.

35. I love you because I get to be myself with you, please and please baby, do not leave me ever.

36. I want you to stay with me, I want you to be here with me forever, I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

37. You make me wonder at times, just how much happiness I could experience with you.

38. I will love you for as long as this earth is still standing, even when it crumbles, my love is the only thing standing. I am definitely here to stay.

39. I want to be yours forever, I love you truly darling.

40. Because I love you, I am promising you that I will be here with you forever.

41. You are the reason why I am so happy, I have made up my mind that I will love you forever, so that I continue to be happy.

42. You are my baby, my life, my true one and only, I love you till the end of the world.

43. Let me be here with you for as long as I live. My love for you is till I die.

44. Don’t ever think that I would leave you for anyone; I have told you that forever is our love, always and forever.

45. I long to be with you, I long to stay with you. Our love is truly forever.

46. You are the air that I breathe, the joy that fills my heart, why would not I want to be yours forever.

48. I am so crazy about you; I LOVE YOU to the moon and back. I am going to be here for you whenever you need me. I will definitely be there for you.

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