100+ All In One Love Messages: Love Poems For Him Or Her

On many occasions, love messages make the heart go deeply in love. If you have someone you care about, get any of these words, poems, and even quotes, and send to that special one.

Smooth Love Messages For Him

1. Love is a beautiful thing, and I am only experiencing it with you. Without you, I will not have love, and without love, I will not have you.
2. Love is unusual for me; love is fun, love is sweet, love is tasty, love is persistent, love is kind, love is enduring, love is keeping, love is challenging. All this is possible with you. You are all these things.

3. When life throws something as beautiful as this to you, then you should know that you are the luckiest person on earth. Love is fun with you, and it is all that I want.

4. I will not be asking for much; I have everything I want with you; the only thing I would be asking o would be for you to be here with me forever.

5. Maybe I am someone who is compelled to being attracted to love, it lights me up, I am genuinely fascinated to you, and I love you.

6. You are my strength whenever I am weak; you are my friend and confidant anytime that I need you with me, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I truly love you, my baby.

7. I have been given the opportunity to experience the best kind of love on earth, you have given me this great opportunity, and I will never misuse it for as long as I live.

8. A new day has come for me to love you, each day that comes is a fantastic opportunity for me to enjoy you, and I promise that it will never end. I love you.

9. You should know that giving up on you would be the last thing that I ever find myself doing on this earth. I would never let go of the hand that has cared this much about me.

10. The most amazing thing that anyone could ever experience is love, on a whole new level and different dimension. One should be given the opportunity to experience this kind of love once in his or her lifetime. I am glad I honoured this invitation.

11. Love has in many ways opened my eyes to see the fantastic things that have surrounded me ever since I met you. I have started to wonder why they say that love is blind. I love you, honey.

12. Everything that I think in my heart, you already speak them out for me, it feels like you have been engrafted on the walls of my heart and that is such a fantastic feeling. I love you too much to stress.

13. I would crawl in darkness if you were not a part of my life, this is because you are the only light that I see, and the only one that shines brighter.

14. I really cannot explain what I feel when I am with you, neither can I tell what goes on in my body when you are in my presence. This is love, and I love it.

Love Poems For A Broken Heart

When a heart is broken, so many things happen. Here is a poem to tell the world about a broken heart.

Poems about broken hearts 1: Soiled Heart

My heart is soiled at the moment,
I thought you loved me, I thought I was the one for you,

It is funny how much I put into this,
However, you were standing at a distance,

Wrecking my walls, crumbling them,
I waited for so long for a sentence,
But the words did not seem to pour out from you,

Don’t you ever say that I walked out on us!
I always wanted you more, while you wanted me less,
I placed you so high in the sky,

And you have refused to come down,
I am drowning in tears.

Poems about broken hearts 2: Why Did You Stop?

We clawed, we chained, and we even jumped,
Before we even knew how to crawl,

All this time, I thought we were going at a pace,
But you stopped at intervals to look,

I never knew you were looking away,
 I never thought you would walk away,

All you did was add to my pain,
The pain I felt when my eyes are closed,

You cracked the muscle,
My love muscle, I never meant for this,

I guess I should have never let you in,
I came in with so much subtleness,
And you pushed me out with so much force.


Poems about broken hearts 3 : I Know You

We knew each other, in and out,
We had each other in our palms,

Anytime I felt like dirt, you cleaned me up,
You had my soul in your hands, you began to shiver,
Soon you began to crack, the little me I put in your hands,
You began to toil with; I would have been easier to mend,

But you cracked my spirit,
You cracked my soul,
You cracked my body,
You even went ahead with my spirit.

I knew you were my mistake,
I should never have put me in your palms,
All you ever did was crack me open,
Leaving me vulnerable

Poems about broken hearts 4: Here Alone

Since you left me here all alone,
It has been a struggle to breathe fine,
It has been a struggle to have dried up eyes,
I never saw this coming, I want you,

I never knew you were done, I still want you,
I never knew that we would ever be done; I know that I want you,
Slowly you let go of my hands,

Slowly I entered into the fire,
Soon I became ash, no one could see me.

I try to ask myself why I still want you.
The truth is I want what I used to feel with you.

I still want you.

Poems about broken hearts 5: You Need Not Go

I guess I should never have let you in,
I stayed despite the advice,

I stayed despite the spite from my friends,
I knew you were too good to be true,

I just thought love was going to surpass it all.
You had your way with me,

And blocked me so many times when I tried to come closer,
You took my breath away; I can still feel your touch,

I do not know what else to feel,
I saw myself in your eyes, you were my mirror.
I wish you were here to stay,

I wish you did not leave me as soon as possible.

Birthday Love Poems Your Date Must Listen To.

When you say it with a well-carved word, you are telling the whole world about it in good tone. This is the purpose of a birthday love poem. Here are poems a good heart wont resist.

1. Happy Day

Today is a happy day for you,
Just as it is a happy day for me,
My love cannot be professed enough,

All I can say to you is
I am pleased that you are healthy, happy birthday,
I am glad that you are here with me,
I love you still through every day
It is truly a wonderful day,

And I would not miss the opportunity,
To say how much I love you,
And tell you how much of a shield

You have been to me.
This is my love poem to you on your birthday.

2. Many We Call

Many are called, but few are definitely chosen.
Many are definitely called but you have been chosen,
I love you my darling, and I share this special day with you,

No matter what goes on between us, you will see me here,
Clinging onto you and leaning on you.
You are a good friend, and the best lover,

Anyone could ever ask for,
You are truly amazing,

And you are kind. You have the kindest of hearts.
I love you truly my baby boy,
And I am sharing this special day with you in love,

Happy birthday to you.

3. Not Much To Say

I do not have much to say today,
But I would sing you this love song,
You are my forte, forte like no other,
You reach out to me, even in the deepest valley,

I love you, and there is no one who can dispute that,
I adore you and there is no one who can argue that,
There is no one like you in all the earth,

Who has been so good to me?
No one actually, none that I can conjure in mind
I really have nothing to give you,

Except this
to the moon and back, I love you.
Happy birthday to you.

4. To That One Guy

Happy birthday to the one guy who has been able to
Make me smile all these years,
To you my love, I love you with all my heart, happy birthday

You do not talk much, but I can feel your love all over me,
Your words most times brings me to sanity

Whenever I seem to be going mad,
You always have a way of making me calm.
I asked for a friend from God,
Instead he sent me a partner and a back bone.

What more can I ask for?
I love you like no other.
Happy birthday to you baby.

5. A Blessing

You are a blessing to me, and I hope you realise that
Your day is a special one, and I am so glad,

Because I am still here to wish you as your girlfriend.
Happy birthday to the one that I love truly,
Sometimes, even more than I love myself,

On this day, I pray that you experience great grace,
And abundance in all ramifications of your life
Words would truly fail me,

If I talk about how good you are to me.
You deserve the best today and always,
Coz you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Happy birthday doll.

Love Poem For Her Birthday

Love poem goes a long way in saying happy birthday. This is the reason below birthday wishes are designed for you.

1. Your Day Is Around:  

When you have a special girl whose action makes you feel on top of the world, a good Love Poem for birthday is ideal. Here is a love poem you can send:
Your birthday is just around the corner,
And I already feel like it is here.
You look so beautiful, and extravagant,
I do not have the right words to qualify such beauty,
One that the world has never experienced
I pray to the angels today,
That they hear your prayers,

And deliver your wishes on a platter of gold,
You are the best thing that has ever happened
To this life and it would be a mistake,
Not to let you know how much I love you.

I can feel your birthday just around the corner,
And it feels like it is here already….

2. You Light Me:  

That someone lights up your world is good but appreciating with a love poem is the best. Here is a poem for that:

You are a light, a bright one,
And I would love for you
To shine very bright today
I have waited for so long for this day,
Now that it is finally here,
I would implore you to listen to everything
That I have to say to you
You are beautiful beyond words,
Today you will experience an abundance of everything,
You will be a queen all the days of your life.
That is my prayer for you honey.
Do not forget just how beautiful you are,
And how proud I am that you are my baby girl.

3. Good In Everything: 

Good to hear she does things perfectly, send this poem to her first.
You are so good to me baby girl,
And I feel like it is my duty to worship you,
You are proud and full of so much integrity,
You are a star and a voice that should be heard,
I am so lucky to be your man,
You make the unholy things in me holy,
You make the dark things in me shine bright,
You make the bad things in me become well,
You make the poor looking things in me brushed up,
I really feel like it is my duty to worship you,
Because I love you to the moon and back.

4. You Are the Only Person: 

 Only reason you smile? Yes, send this poem to her first.

Happy birthday to the only person
On this earth that fills my heart,
With so much gladness
Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams,
It took me so long a time to tell you what,

You mean to me,
But I will not miss this opportunity,
To tell you that I love you today,
And every other day that I get to spend with you,
I want to let you know
That through thick and thin,
Through everything, I
Will always be there to catch you when you fall
You are the only person on earth,
That fills me with so much gladness.

5. Dear Darling:  

A good congratulatory poems is a mark of hope on your darling’s heart. Send this poem to her.
Happy birthday to my darling,
Her smile is everything and the only thing,
That I ever crave for,
When she smiles, my heart dances in joy,
My heartbeat increases in tempo and son starts to race,

Baby girl I just want to let you know today
And every other day,
That I will never trade you for anyone or anything
You satisfy me in so many ways,

You help in so many ways.
I love that smile of yours,
It is the only thing that keeps me going.

Smile for me my love, it suits you.

New Month Messages For My Dearest…

1. It is a new month and a new time to say the best wishes to the one person that I love most on this earth. In this new month I pray that God’s blessings will fill your household, I also pray for you that you will experience God’s favor and mercy in this month. 


2. This new month will bring so much abundance into your home, that there will not be enough room to contain, I pray that the grace of God will not seize from your life and from that of your family members, I also pray that the hand of God will uphold you in this new month, and any where you step into his Favor will speak for you. 


3. I know that you feel like the past month did not meet your expectations, but can I tell you not to worry about this month, because you are going to experience so much goodness that will make you wonder if you are the only one that God loves. You will be highly favored and appreciated in this month, you will not experience any form of lack in any area of your life. Amen 


4. This month will be better than the previous months, this I assure you. This month is surely packed with so many goodies for you and for every member of your family. I pray that the eyes of God will make his presence known in your life and his spirit will never depart from your household. Amen. Happy new month to you dear. 


5. A new month comes with so many things, another 4 weeks plus of planning, working and achieving I pray for you that in this new month everything that you put your hands on will come out positive and come out a good success. I pray that you will experience the amazing and sweet side of God, and you will be filled with his greatness. Amen. 


6. Happy new month to you my darling, I know that you feel like it is just one of those months, but as I woke up this morning, I prayed to the heavens and asked for your safety in this month, I pray for you that there will be no room for bad or negative news, I also pry that wherever you go, you will continue to shine brighter and brighter. Amen. 


7. This new month, I pray for you that the Almighty God shall direct your steps to where your blessings have been positioned; I pray that the grace of God will speak for you today and throughout this new month. Amen. 


8. In this new month, your ways will be prosperous, your root will find water, and I pray that scarcity will be very far from you and your family; you will begin to manifest the greatness and abundance on God on earth. Amen. 


9. Happy new month to you darling, I pray for you that the Grace of God will show up for you in your family, in your business, in your health, in the life of your loved ones. Amen.

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