Birthday Love Messages For Writers: Birthday Wishes For Writers

Writers deserves a special birthday messages, when you have any one among them celebrating, send in a bday wish.

  1. Happy birthday to a man whose words have been known to shine light on the soul, and bring merry into the lives of people around him and far away from him. You are filled with God’s wisdom and you are blessed beyond recognition. Continue in the grace and mercy that the Lord has and will put you in. Amen.
  2. Happy birthday to a husband material, a man with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,  man who has been known to write down the thoughts of God himself. I love you with all my heart and I say to you that you are a light and you will continue to shine all around in everywhere that you find yourself.
  3. Happy birthday to a sweet lady, a woman of virtue, a leader, a good and amazing writer, you are all in all. I pray that the grace of God for you to write the right things will never leave you. Amen. Have a blessed day.
  4. When men are commenting it is a casting down, you will only say that it is a lifting up. As you have used your hands to write down things that have made the hearts of people merry, I pray for you that your destiny helper locates you today which is your birthday, and raise you up with those hands to the highest level in life. Happy birthday to you my darling, continue to grow in God’s grace and mercy.
  5. Happy birthday to you sir, I pray that the skill you have cultivated will work well for you; you will eat in plenty and be satisfied. As it is your birthday today, you will never know lack, you will never be found wanting when it is time to write, and your ink of glory will never run dry.
  6. Happy birthday to a brother, a friend, a lover, a father, doctor and a writer. Thank you for everything that I have learnt from you. Thank you because you are generous, amazing, amicable and resilient. Thank you for your effort in the writers industry, without people like you, there will no longer be good stuff for anyone to read. I pray for you that the grace and understanding of God that surpasses all understanding will be bestowed upon you. Amen.
  7. Happy birthday to my darling, I read through your last article and I can say that you are made for this. You are brilliant and intelligent, you are beautiful and pretty, you are a hard worker, and I want to pray for you today that life will never become tough for you and you will never fall down and stay down. Amen.
  8. Happy birthday to you sweetheart. Words cannot help describe how amazing and too much of a sweetness you are. Ever since you came into my life, you have helped me to write and write good chapters of my life. I love you and I pray for you that the good Lord will bless the work of your hands. Amen.

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