Goodnight Love Messages For The Apple Of Your Eyes

If you love someone, a simple hi does not do the service, but well worded statements do. When you are thinking of your lover, why not send a loving good night messages to him or her. Doing this seals your love and make relationship ok.
Goodnight Love Messages For The Apple Of Your Eyes

Below are Goodnight Love Messages For The Apple Of Your Eyes:
1. Goodnight to you my darling, I hope you sleep well and dream of me the way I would to.

2. It is another night now, I wish you rest and peace of mind, I pray you sleep well and do not wake up on the wrong side of the bed tomorrow.

3. I would be insane not to tell you goodnight before going to bed. Have a blessed night my darling.

4. The night is come again, have a good sleep, dream of good things that includes me. I love you.

5. Have a blessed night, dream of me and our life together and the future we hope to have later on.

6. The night will not be blessed if you cannot sleep we'll. I pray that you rest well throughout the night and wake up happy. Amen.

7. Goodnight to my one in a million. Today was great with you by my side. Let us do it again tomorrow.

8. It is time to go to our dreamland. Make sure it is all about me. I love you to the moon and back.

9. Let the moon so shine forth, let it brighten your night, and let your night give you a sound sleep. This I pray. Amen.

10. You have been in my thoughts throughout the day time, I am sure that I will sleep with the thoughts of you. Goodnight my love.
11. I know you are about to sleep, so let me send this to you. I love you and I will always care for you no matter what happens. I am always here.

12. Today was fun with you, I enjoyed everything we talked and shared about each other. As I sleep, I sleep with smiles on my lips.

13. As it drifts into the lonely night, I know I would not be lonely, coz u are here with me. I love you baby. Goodnight to you.

14. Goodnight to my sweetheart, my baby, my lover, my friend, my angel. I love you so much my honey.

15. When the night seems scary, I will be here to keep you from getting scared, you will always be safe in my arms. I love you

16. Goodnight mg sweet angel, I have sent guardian angels to watch over you. I love you so much honey pie.

17. I know that you are going to sleep soundly, I have watched you before, you look like a baby. I love you. Goodnight.

18. Goodnight to my baby, you are so sweet to think of, smiles just come up in my face, and soon I start in laughter. You are the best. Goodnight.

19. Happy night rest my love, I hope you sleep well and soundly.

20. Don't worry, I rake joy in watching you sleep through the night. I enjoy it. It is a lifetime work for me. Goodnight.

21. Goodnight to you pretty angel, wash off the makeup. I love you.

22. I love you my dear honey, and I am glad to be always telling you to have a lovely night every night that comes my way.

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