Goodnight Love Poems For The One That Deserves It.

When it is night, we tend to remember those we love completely. Either we remember or forget those we love completely; sending love poems water the heart like rain.

If you care about someone, or want people to know you are seriously in love, send in a love poems heart cannot resist any time.
A time will come when the love we have for someone will diminish, to replenish, requires sending a loving poem that people will commend.

1. Goodnight Love Poems For Your Man

Goodnight to my man, my lover,
I love you is what I should say.

But I cherish you is what I will rather say,
Stars and moon cannot be compared to you.

Your love for me is everlasting,
You fill my fays with brighter things,
You render help to me,
Even in my bad states.

You are just so good,
And I do not have words to say,
That would exactly describe you.

You are perfect, and radiant,
And good and kind.

I love you today, now and forever,
I always want to be with you,
With joy and gladness in my heart.

2. Goodnight Love Poem For Friends

Many times I tend to wonder,
Why I have someone like you in my life,
There is no answer for that.

I am not well to do,
I am most times very crazy and unbearing.

I am just this crazy girl along the way,
And then you came and changed that.

You changed everything about me,
You filled my heart with so much joy.

You came just like an angel,
And changed everything in my life.

I really do not have much to say,
Goodnight to the love of my life,
To the one who has brought joy to my heart.

3. Goodnight Love Poem For Him

People think I could be going crazy,
With just how much I have come to love you.

People see me as the crazy girl,
Who loves a sane guy,
Your love for me is crazy,
It is wild and makes me go crazy.

I could never live a moment without you,
This night is joyous for us,
And for everyone who knows our love story.

Many day of every year, I will say goodnight to you,
This night brings such good memories,
I love you honey, and I can only say,
Goodnight to you my baby,
I love you.

4. Short Goodnight Love Poem

Mountains and blue skies all look beautiful,
But nothing is as beautiful as your love for me.

Your love has beauty embedded in it,
It is not wicked, neither is it harsh.

It makes everything so beautiful for me.

Before I go today, can you take this from me,
Goodnight to you my darling lover,
I love you beyond what words could possibly express.

I love you to the moon and back,
I love you without hesitations.

I love you and I love that you are for me,
No one else would take your place,
No matter what happens.

I am saying a happy and blessed night,
To my heart desire.

5. Sweet Dream Love Poem

Could I ever replace you with anyone?
Could I ever love anyone the way you love me?

My words will never be enough to appreciate you,
But I will in my actions.

I'll show you how much love you,
I'll show you that I want you,
And only you.

This love story will be told round the world.
For reference sake.

Goodnight to you the love of my life.

I call you that to let the world know,
that you are mine and mine only.

I would have no other besides you.
With joy in my heart, I congratulate you.

For seeing this beautiful night with me,
I love you truly today,
And all the days of your life.
Goodnight to you my baby.

Ever try sending love poems to her? Then these should motivate you.
Women enjoy love poems for her, when you think it is over any night, send goodnight love poem to him or her.

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