Love Poem For Her Birthday: Love Song For Her Birthdays

Love poem goes a long way when you intend saying happy birthday. This is the reason below birthday wishes are designed for you.

1. Your Day Is Around: Sweet love poems like this brings happiness to partners. When you have a special girl whose action makes you feel on top of the world, a good Love Poem for birthday is ideal. Here is a love poem you can send.   

Your birthday is just around the corner,
And I already feel like it is here.
You look so beautiful, and extravagant,
I do not have the right words to qualify such beauty,
One that the world has never experienced
I pray to the angels today,
That they hear your prayers,
And deliver your wishes on a platter of gold,
You are the best thing that has ever happened
To this life and it would be a mistake,
Not to let you know how much I love you.
I can feel your birthday just around the corner,
And it feels like it is here already….

2. You Light Me: That someone lights up your world is good but appreciating with a love poem is the best. Here is a poem for that:

You are a light, a bright one,
And I would love for you
To shine very bright today
I have waited for so long for this day,
Now that it is finally here,
I would implore you to listen to everything
That I have to say to you
You are beautiful beyond words,
Today you will experience an abundance of everything,
You will be a queen all the days of your life.
That is my prayer for you honey.
Do not forget just how beautiful you are,
And how proud I am that you are my baby girl.

3. Good In Everything: Good to hear she does things perfectly, send this poem to her first.

You are so good to me baby girl,
And I feel like it is my duty to worship you,
You are proud and full of so much integrity,
You are a star and a voice that should be heard,
I am so lucky to be your man,
You make the unholy things in me holy,
You make the dark things in me shine bright,
You make the bad things in me become well,
You make the poor looking things in me brushed up,
I really feel like it is my duty to worship you,
Because I love you to the moon and back.

4. You Are the Only Person: Only reason you smile? Yes, send this poem to make her feel as one.

Happy birthday to the only person
On this earth that fills my heart,
With so much gladness
Happy birthday to the woman of my dreams,
It took me so long a time to tell you what
You mean to me,
But I will not miss this opportunity,
To tell you that I love you today,
And every other day that I get to spend with you,
I want to let you know
That through thick and thin,
Through everything, I
Will always be there to catch you when you fall
You are the only person on earth,
That fills me with so much gladness.

5. Dear Darling: A good congratulatory poems is a mark of hope on your darling’s heart. Send this poem to her:

Happy birthday to my darling,
Her smile is everything and the only thing,
That I ever crave for,
When she smiles, my heart dances in joy,
My heartbeat increases in tempo and son starts to race,
Baby girl I just want to let you know today
And every other day,
That I will never trade you for anyone or anything
You satisfy me in so many ways,
You help in so many ways.
I love that smile of yours,
It is the only thing that keeps me going.
Smile for me my love, it suits you.

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