Super Sweet Birthday Love Messages For Lovers

On Birthdays, love messages play a good role in making the celebrant feel loved, and completely romanticized.
When you have some one that is daring to you, an ideal love message is a way of complementing him or her.

Super Sweet Birthday Love Messages For Lovers

1. This message goes to my one and only on her birthday, to tell her I love her with my life.

2. I love you too much my darling, and I am wishing you a happy birthday.

3. I pray you have a fruitful day today and all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

4. The angels are singing your praises. An angel of my life was born today. Happy birthday boo.

5. Happy birthday to my sweetheart, the stars are brighter for you, and the moon shines radiantly.

6. I will be shamed if I applaud you in my own understanding. I love you baby. Happy birthday to you.

7. My honey, my wine, my pie, happy birthday to you. I pray for grace over your life today and always.

8. Happy birthday to you sunshine. I love you to the moon and back.

9. No one knows just how glad I am about today. It is my baby’s day and I am celebrating him in a grand style. Happy birthday baby.

10. Happy birthday to you darling sweetie, you are a jewel, and I promise to cherish you forever.

11. Many years ago, an angel was born whom I did not know, this year I know who she is, and I say happy birthday to you my lover.

12. Happy birthday baby, please come outside I want to pour my heart out to you.

13. Many years to come for you in joy, peace and happiness. Happy birthday sweetheart.

14. Joyous celebration all over me as I celebrate my honey today which God has added another year to him. God bless you.

15. God will increase you and multiply you in ways that you did not expect today and always. Happy birthday.

16. Happy birthday to you the love of my life. Happy birthday to the one that I love with all my heart.

17. Anything I do, I surely do it for you today and always. Happy birthday my darling.

18. I do not really need to spell much out; you are a queen and should be celebrated as one…

19. My heart, my queen, my baby is having her birthday today. I would ask the world to wish her for me if I could.

20. I love you dearly baby, today is a special day for both of us. We were made for each other. Happy birthday.

21. You are my baby and my love. You are the only reason I smile each day. Happy birthday to you Darling.

22. No one really knows what will happen tomorrow. But be rest assured that I am yours. Happy birthday.

23. You are amazing and fantastic and wonderful. My heart is joyous today and forever. Happy birthday.

24. Happy birthday my cup cake. I hope we are going to get some cake to eat??....

25. I could never love you less baby, I love you for no specific reason. I just love you.

26. You are my baby, and I love you so much. Happy birthday to you darling.

27. Birthdays are a gift from God, mine is special because I have you. Happy birthday to my one and only.

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