100 Birthday Messages For Lover: Birthday Love Quotes For The One You Cherish (June 2018)

When our loved ones are celebrating their birthday, sending them birthday messages for lovers or birthday love quotes make them fill fulfilled and a sense of wanting to do more and more.

Like engines, birthday love messages serve as lubricants and fuel that the heart survives on. The one you love does not demand million from you, but few caring signs make him, or her feel on top of the world.

Birthday Messages For Lover: Birthday Love Quotes For The One You Cherish
The one you love needs messages every day. They serve as stimulants for that special one. When someone makes you feel happy every time, below are thank you notes you can send to them:

Birthday Message For A Lover

1. Birthdays are for exceptional people, special people like you who deserve to be celebrated. I join people in recognising you entirely.

2. My love for you on this beautiful day knows no bounds. Happy birthday.

3. Happy birthday to the woman who has caught hold of my heart and kept it safe.
4. People see beauty; I see beauty with brains and commitment. Happy birthday my special friend.

5. I wish birthdays were every day; I would celebrate you all my life, day by day and every month in of the year.

6. Your birth is a blessing to this world; it has made the earth a suitable place.

7. I wonder what the world would be like if you were not born on this day.

8. How beautiful it is to be acquainted with the birthday girl today. I love you.

9. Your birthday makes the earth feel safe for those that are distressed. Keep on being the good friend we all want every minute.

10. I am glad I met you, I would have been missing a blessing all my life.

Birthday Love Quotes For My Heartthrob

11. Happy birthday to you Darling, you are the world's favourite.

12. Happy birthday to a darling, a sweetheart and a cheerful woman.

13. I woke up sad today, and then remembered that an angel was born today. You are beyond exceptional, too important to be forgotten.

14. I am so lucky to have met you, to have met one of the angels on earth. HBD.

15. It is all cakes and fun, everyone soon forgets, but it inevitably sticks with me as I await another year.

Birthday Love Quotes For The One You Cherish

16. I am fortunate to know and cherish you; your birth is the reason for my smile.

17. I sure would have remained in my dark, cold cell if you had not come along. Happy birthday.

18. I feel so safe with you, in your arms there is pleasantness. Happy birthday to you.

19. I would sing a song, write a poem or a script, none can show you how happy I am today. HBD.

20. Happy birthday to you Darling It is a pity you do not know how glad I am today.

Birthday Love Message For That One Person.

Do you love him or her, why not send in I love you messages?

21. Happy birthday my love, the world centres around you.

22. On this day, many souls have been lifted from depression, on this day is your birthday.

23. A million reasons to celebrate this day, but one comes to mind now; because I love you.

24. I cannot get over the way today makes me feel. You are so special to me honey. HBD.

25. Your shoulders have been helpful when I needed them; you are a real friend. HBD.

26. Your presence in my life has reshaped so many things. Happy birthday to you.

27. You are a year older, and it is my joy to celebrate you today. I love you.

28. Your relationship with me has been through thick and thin; you are the best. Happy birthday to you.

29. Friends can be chosen at any point in time when I had you; I had everything; even family. HBD.

30. You are a blessing from God; you are pleasant and sweet, I love you. Happy Birthday to you.

31. You are a brother from another mother; I always celebrate my family on their birthdays, why won't I do the same now?

32. If a birthday like this comes every day of my life, I am sure that  my day would be more than happy always.

33. You are still there for me, even when I am going crazy, you are the best. Happy birthday to you.

34. You are everything the world must need to survive besides oxygen; you are all packed in one. Happy birthday to you.

35. You are a great person with a great future, always having great birthdays.

36. Is it possible for me to be with you all my life, I never want to feel sad one day of my life.

37. We are entirely made for each other; no wonder we have the same birth dates. I love you today and forever.

38. Your birthday is a dose of love and peace to humankind. You are a dose of laughter and smiles.

39. I wonder what the earth would be like if you and not come into it on this day. Happy Birthday.

40. I would love to do all that J can to show you how special today is for me.

Birthday Wishes/Messages For Those You Cherish

Birthday Love Quotes For The One You Cherish

41. Happy birthday to you my love, these moments are the best moments of my life.

42. Happy birthday to you darling, it is one beautiful day, it always is a lovely day today.

43. Stars shine, you shine brighter, you are the world’s best friend. I love you. Happy birthday.

44. No matter what I do today, it could never be able to show you how much this day means to me. HBD

45. If I stop smiling, a it’s coz I left your side. Happy birthday to you darling.

46. Happy birthday to you my dear, what more can I say? I love you.

47. If the earth spinner for you, it is not enough, it is the best moment of my life; your birthday.

48. All our experiences are talked about; your birthdays are talked about all over the world.

49. People smile unconsciously when you are around them; you're a sweetheart. Happy birthday to you.

50. If I did not understand what it meant to lobe someone, I do now. Happy birthday to you my darling.

Birthday Msg That Make Him Happy

51. My appreciation goes to the love of my life, for being a light in my darkness. Happy birthday to you baby.

52. I have something special for you today; my heart, please keep it safe. Happy birthday to you darling.

53. This birthday would be celebrated everywhere I go today. You deserve it. Happy birthday.

54. This day brings me unfathomable joy, this day you were born, this same day I met you.

55. I would be so glad to behold you for the next number of days. Happy birthday to you baby.

56. For the rest of my life, I will celebrate this day like no other. I love you. Happy birthday.

57. This birthday reminds me of the best times we have had together; very cherished moments. Happy birthday to you.

58. Happy birthday to a damsel and a queen; you are everything to me.

59. My days would be tiring, and my years would be unpleasant if I had not met you. Happy birthday to you.

60. I hope that we stay together for the next couple of years and forever if possible. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes Sms Your Date Won’t Reject.

61. I wish you an awesome day today as you are a year older. I wish you the very best today and always.

62. I wish for you today that you continue to enjoy every moment of your life forever.

63. May this birthday bring you so much excitement and happiness, and you will not lack anything good. Amen.

64. I wish you heaven’s luck today. I wish you stay happy today and always. Amen.

65. Stay blessed today and every day of your life, my friend and my confidant. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Text Message For That Lonely Girl

66. You deserve every bit of joy today. Just sit back and relax my wish for you will come true today and always.

67. Don’t forget to send me a cake. That is my humble wish for you. I love you.

68. You are my friend, and there is no good thing that I do not wish for you. I wish you the best today and always.

69. May your heart be enlarged today to receive the joy and blessings of God  Amen. Happy birthday.

70. As beautiful as you are, may this birthday be a very beautiful one with colorful memories. Amen.

72. Every day is expected to turn out good. This special day has no choice but to turn out the best day of your life. Happy birthday.

73. I wish you the brightest birthday, filled with bright sun to shine your day, and bright stars to shine your night. I love you.

74. I woke up this morning with you on my mind. I am going to have a good day. I extend this wish to you on your birthday.

75. Today is the best day of our lives, as lovers, we celebrate each other today. I wish you the best. I love you.

76. I would have to send you roses to show you how much love and peace I wish for you today and always.

77. On the bright day, I woke up with a smile. My baby’s birthday has finally come. I wish you enough happiness for today. Amen.

78. My wish for you everyday, and beyond is that you are not sad at any moment of today; you are happy and express joy.

79. I wish for you today that the angels come down from the heaves and surround you and safeguard you, everywhere that you go. Amen.

80. I wish you so much joy and happiness unending today and always. Amen.

81. This day will bring you so much happiness and peace and love, and your heart will always be merry today and always.

82. Today is a important day in your life; you will remain special all the days of your life.

83. I do not have much to give, but I can wish you good health and the favor of God forever.

84. I love you, and I celebrate you today. I wish you the best things of life today and always.

85. I wish you the very best today my love. You are a damsel, and I love you.

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