Happy Birthday Love Poems Your Friends Need: Inspirational Love Poems For Her

Happy Birthday Love Poems Your Friends Needs: Inspirational Love Poems For Her
Too often people celebrate the day they were given birth to, but it is hard to carve happy birthday love poems to that effect.

You need no worries, get any of this poems and put on cards, mugs or any gift and celebrate your loved ones with it.
Happy Birthday Love Poems Your Friends Needs.

1. Lovely Birthday

Happy, lovely birthday, to you my baby,
This beautiful day is the best day for you.

It is the one day I get to show you,
Just how much I love you.

Moreover, how much I can do,
For you.

I will start by saying,
This day brings you blessings untold,
This day brings you peace innumerable,
This day brings you joy untold.

This day brings you favour untold,
You are my queen, the beat woman,
Moreover, this day is blessed,
Because I have you with me.

I will show you just how much I love you,
I will tell the whole world,
How much I cherish you.
I love you truly.

2. To My Damsel

Happy birthday to you my damsel,
You are blessed to this day.

You are richly favoured on this day,
You are endowed with good things.

In this day,
You will experience favour and mercy,
You will experience grace in abundance.

A new day calls for new things,
Old things are passed away for you.

New things have come to stay for you,
I love you baby girl.

I love you beyond what words can explain,
I love you beyond the imagination of man.

I love you beyond the things of life,
I love you beyond the materials of the earth,
Happy birthday to you.

3. Happy Birthday Love Poem To My Women

Happy birthday to the one woman,
That I will call my own forever.

Happy birthday to you my darling,
I get to be with you for another day.
Moreover, I am so glad about this.

I rejoice in my spirit,
Moreover, I am thankful for the heavens,
Because I have no lost you,
Neither have I mistreated you.

I live you my darling; words cannot express this,
I earnestly await every new day,
So that I can profess my love for you over again,
Not because I have lost it,
However, because if there should be any doubt,
Lurking in your heart.
I will take it away with this
Happy birthday my baby girl.
Happy Birthday Love Poems Your Friends Needs: Inspirational Love Poems For Her

4. Happy Birthday My Honey

Happy birthday to you my honey,
I love you, and I could not wait.

To let you know this,
I know it has been a rough the previous day.

I want to let you know that no matter what,
I will always be here for you,
I will be everything you want me to be.

I will be the best man for you,
I will never break your heart.

I will never cause you shame,
I will never disappoint you,
I will never disrespect you,
I will never soil your name,
Neither will I ever tarnish this love.
Happy birthday to you my baby.
I love you.

5. New Birthday Poem

New birthday comes with new things,
It comes with original feelings,
It comes with original plans,
It comes with new budgets,
It comes with new responsibilities,
It comes with new work life,
It comes with new testimonies.
This day, my love is renewed for you,
I have washed off the old skin I wore,
I have done away with the old things I do,
I have done away with the old habits,
My love for you is refreshed new,
It is waxed high, and it is beautiful,
Moreover, brighter and sweeter now.
My love for you will never die,
When you need it, it will always be there.
Happy birthday my baby.

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