I Am Sorry Love Messages: Apology Quotes That Smoothen Relationship

We make mistakes, doing the needful keeps us going. I am sorry love messages should not be too big for you to send. Tendering apology means you are not ego-driven, it confirms your level of maturity to say the list.

I Am Sorry Love Messages: Apology Quotes That Smoothen Relationship
Relationships break these days due to partners’ inability to settle issues and go their usual way. A right-thinking partner should understand that no matter how seemly appeared perfect his husband or wife is; there is a 99% possibility they disagree, this calls for a resolution anytime.

Saying sorry appears somewhat uneasy when that special person in our heart has created a problem or caused a pain in our heart. Never feel excessively bad, love is not absolute and does not come without problems.

50 years relationship suffers setback, how much more of a relationship that has not reached 2 years. Disputes are bound to happen. When there is dispute, don’t say you cannot apologise or tell the one you love to overlook your excesses.

Stop feeling too high in relationship, we are all hiding our pride to make things work. If you notice, celebrities fight this days because of a feel of pride or I cannot say sorry. 

This is the reason their relationship does not last two years. Do you also pray for that?
Two people cannot exist without fighting and definitely, it is either the husband is a goat or the wife is a sheep, or vice versa. Sobriety is the soul of marriage, if you don’t know.

With simple loving and caring quotes or messages, there is a possibility that the disagreement vanishes into another land.
Check out these:

I Am Sorry Love Messages

1. Offense Not Meant, I am Sorry:

When you quarrel with the one you cherish, these sorry quotes can make things work again. Trying it makes the heart settled.

If I offended you once, I would apologise a million time. You are my source of joy.

2. Troubles Come With Apology:

We cannot stop disagreeing with our selves, but our discord needs some remorsefulness and apologies if possible.

Troubles are what make me offend you. Apologies are that messages I tender afterwards.

3. Forgive Me: 

 At times what creates discord may not be self-revealing, saying your action was not meant that way is okay.

When I offend you, I am incomplete until I say sorry I love you.

4. What Causes Fights: 

The beginning of your fight may not be known due to circumstances, however, find time to resolve it no matter what.

The beginning of our fight may not be clear; the end is an apology message form me.

5. Don’t Allow That Night To Pass: 

If that night passes, let not the following morning go without saying it was not intentional.

A night will not go bye except I make you happy or sad. I do not let the morning come, except I say sorry for my excesses.

6. Rest For Now But Sorry I Love You: 

Allow him or her to relax, then apologise for the wrong you did.

Sorry for not letting you rest after our discord. Please forgive me.

7. Forgiving Mind: 

Some minds are unconditionally forgiving. When you have someone that can forgive and forget, tender your apology in case of problem arises.

When I realise how forgiven you are, I want to offend you more and more.
I Am Sorry Love Messages: Apology Quotes That Smoothen Relationship

8. It Should Not Last: 

Don’t feel too big to say, I will not do it again. Swallow your pride.

Did you notice that any time we quarrel, you smile and smile? Your smiles make me want to fight you every time.

9. When You Know What She Wants:  

Through mind reading, you can understand what your partner is up to, what she hates and love. When you know such, in cases where you erred, you can say it will never happen again.

To understand why I cannot do without you even during a quarrel, ask yourself why I love you in the first place.

10. Thank You:  

Thank that one special for doing good all these time, then say you understand what he meant.  

Thank you for everything because you forgive and forget my mistakes.

11. Apology Quotes From You: 

After a disagreement, there is tendency you begin to think of your partner in many ways. When you do, send in this messages.

I cannot stop thanking you for erasing my mistakes in your heart and replacing them with more love.

12. Don’t Reveal My Offense: 

After fighting and standing on your right vehemently, you can still call him to attention on what you do not enjoy.

Dear love, please do not let people know I offended you, but let them know I cannot be perfect.

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13. Your Point Of Understanding:  

Our maturity and comprehension are brought to test through mistakes, but begging after such is adulthood.

My mistakes tell you my level of maturity. You need to overlook some and correct some; I cannot stop making silly mistakes.

14. The Reason I Offend You: 

Love is the cause of disagreement for sure. If there is no affair between you, is there a reason to disagree?

If not for love I will not offend you for once. In the first place, I will not know there is someone who loves me despite my age and my misdeed.

15. Humans Err: 

Humans cannot stop making mistakes, they are prone to it but do not desire to apologise.

To err is love, it is not hated. Love me and tell me my mistakes.

16. It Says A lot About You:  

Better be reasonable and see everything excellent in saying sorry. Else, the other side of you would be revealed during pure discord.

Your actions during our disagreement tell how much you love me.

17. No One Is Complete, After all: 

No one is perfect, we are not angels with distinct character. We fall and correct our lapses.

Don’t say I did not tell you; I cannot be posing as Mr. complete. I cannot, and I will not.

18. I Will Rather Beg Than Let You Go: 

It should not get to the point of saying bye-bye. Send inspirational love quotes of this kind instead and expect solutions on the go.

Since I do not want you to go, let me beg you now and have you forever.

19. The Driver Of Love:

Forget you are the son or daughter of so and so, better tender your unreserved apology.

An apology is a driver that pushes me to you when I know I offended you.

20. Your Shield Is Your Lover: 
Let it sink that he is your blanket, and nothing could be done to that. So, make him feel like one.

You are my blanket. Please forgive me when I make you unhappy. I cannot please you every time.

21. Sorry, It Does Not Exist Anywhere:  

Wise up, an utterly ok woman or man does not exist anywhere. If you find one, let the whole wide world know.

On some occasions, I want someone whom I will not offend, who will not fight me, but I was given you. Someone who cannot stop correcting me when I err.

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22. I am sorry, Will you forgive me?:

Forgiving one another is key in any relationship, without it relationship will break. Remember to take things lightly with your partner, it does not work if the two of you are feeling too pompous or unnecessarily on the top of the world.

It is important to remember that either you are correct or wrong, the first thing is to appreciate me and say sorry. And I will say the same.

23. Wrong Cannot Turn To Right:

If you understand that wrong cannot make a right. Forgiveness is that spirit that is necessary in marriage.

Forgive me when I wrong you, I cannot come open every time to say sorry.

24. Dear I mean to Say, Forgive Me:

I often wonder why some relationship go unnecessary weird due to fight that can be resolved. Here is an inspirational love quote to mend such fight.

Forgiveness is oath signed by husband and wife. When there is misunderstanding, let us remember the oath.

25. Appreciate Despite Dispute:

Dispute can come anytime, but when it shows up, appreciate your loved one with sorry messages.

I appreciate you for taking it upon yourself to say sorry when you err.

 26. Bonded For Love:

If you understand that your relationship is sealed from heaven, be ready to say sorry when problem arises.

Some mistakes are like bond after sorry is said.

27. More Than Word:

Even though saying forgive me may not be enough a world, it still can mend some woes in your partner about you. Find time to say it is not intentional.

Forgive me is not enough a world, let’s just go along with each other and bury the hatchet.

28. Sorry Despite All:

Perfect for relationship! Accepting that the fault is from you does well than bad. In fact, it cannot lead to any regret.

I cannot say I did not do it intentionally, but I am sorry.

29. Disagreement Results To Smile:

Fight, disagree, it does not lead to anything bad. Let me tell you now that problems will come anytime, it will show up when there is wealth or poverty. However, relax and smile. It will come to an end.

In the beginning, we have to disagree to reach common goal. Take me like that friend.

30. Sorry, I did it:

Apologies makes things work again. Don’t be reluctant to say you made the mistake. Say sorry anytime.

To say I am sorry is to say I committed the offense. I take responsibility for this. Thank you love.

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31. Love Results To Arguments:

If you don’t argue or fight with the one you love, who then will you fight with. Love results to argument, it causes fight, but I am sorry mends it.

In the spirit of love, argument is necessary. So, forgive me. Apologies.

32. No perfect Man:

It does not exist anywhere, a perfect man without mistakes. So, accept yourself with all sincerity.

To me, my mistake. To you, your mistakes. Everyone has got one or two shortcomings.

33. We Are Created To Make Mistake:

Let not her mistakes make you feel he’s bad. There is something special about every soul on heart. Just find one good thing about him and make that a reason to forgive him.

Men are meant to err, so forgive me.

34.  I seek forgiveness, the same way I say sorry.

35. The beginning was rough, that makes me say sorry for every offense committed.

36. My wrongs make you cry, I know. Find time to appreciate that I also have good side. Thank you.


Accept that I cannot change my past. I will only say sorry for every wrong I made.


Mistake lubricates relationship. It gives the two side the feeling that to be 100% right is impossible.


I blame you for everything because I accepted you are here to correct me.


I saw it on your face that you are not happy. Why not take me as I am. Forgive me when I make you unhappy.

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Error in relationship needs to be corrected with forgiving minds. We cannot exist without affecting each other.
Ego cannot make anything, it can only mar many things. Swallow your pride, and say sorry.


Did I make you lose your temper? I am sincerely sorry. Forgive me and move on.


I won’t break your heart for any reason, though I may offend you a million time. Forgive me for this. Thanks.


I cannot stop making mistakes, in fact, it is part of me. Sorry, for whatever wrong I have made you go through. I love you.


Without apologies, I must say I am ashamed. Sorry for hurting you my dear.


I don’t offend anybody but you. I cannot stop befriending you and hence the mistakes. Please forgive me sir.


I am not saying you should forget what I have done, but forgive me please.


Thank you for the love, the trust and the apologies accepted.


Some events cannot be called any name. What name do we give disagreements between us? Just forget my man.


If I cannot stop forgiving you, I should let you go. Because I love you like anything, I can’t. Thanks for understanding fighting you is not intentional.


 My love, don’t feel bad when I wrong you. It is because I cannot hide my mistakes from you. Correct me when I am wrong. Sorry, my dear.

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