Sweet Love Quotes Your Relationship Needs –Short Love Quotes For Her

Worthwhile relationships did not fall from heaven, they are born of care stemming from sending short, but sweet love quotes to the person you desire.

When issues go haywire, get exciting love quotes to cushion the effect so that both of you can bounce back and get on track.

Some partners do pick offence quickly, good quotes from the heart can reduce problems stemming from issues like this.
1. We have been around each other for so long, and I find myself still needing you more each day. Please give me more of you.

2. I love you, and I hope you believe me when I say it. I want us to work together in this relationship, and bring something fruitful out of it.

3. We are so good together, we know each other so profoundly, and we have each other’s back that is all that matters.

4. I have so many things to tell you, so many things to say to you, but I will not tell them now, we have to see each other over dinner and plan out some things.

5. No one makes me happy the way you do; no one has the effort to do so. We must work together for this relationship to work.

6. I am not going to walk out on us, even when things go wrong, I will be here, with you.

7. Our relationship is our goal; we must work together to achieve some things that are beneficial to this relationship.

8. We need health, a good one to survive, we must have wealth to live this life, and we must be committed to our relationship.

9. Even when I wrong you, please can you forgive me; we both know that when there is no forgiveness, there is no love.

10. You know one way or another, everyone will eventually hurt you, the reason why you will be standing is that you have found the one worth fighting for.

11. They say that when you love a bird, let it fly, if it comes back to you, it has known you as its master. So also with relationships.

12. I sit down and think about just how lucky I am to have you with me for the rest of my life.

13. No one can control whom he or she fall in love with; you just have to choose wisely.

14. People might need to treat you anyhow like a form of karma, but tell me how you would see yourself then.

15. In a relationship, you show to each other exactly what you are; you have to build your relationship on a sound foundation.

16. You know you do not have to be courageous all the time; I am here to lift your broken body anytime, anywhere.

17. The relationship between us has to be that of best friends then lovers, then husband and wife.

18. Be patient when looking for love, when they leave, they have gone with a part of you with them.

19. One can always be madly in love, but you have to reason amidst madness when it comes to relationships.

20. Some people do not show care and love in relationships because they believe the other party does not feel the same love anyway.

21. I promise that I will never be above you, away from you, I will instead stay with you all the days of my life.
Have you tried any of these short but sweet love quotes on anybody? Try doing if you have not!

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