These Funny Love Quotes Will Seal Your Proposal –Funny Love Text Messages

Sometimes, the relationship needs a whole lot of smile, which is why funny love quotes appear ideal for a link, anytime. When you find your partner looking tired, it is not wrong introducing funny quotes to get him or her back with an attractive face.

Is there a point waiting for the one you love to say I need a cute love quote before doing? I beautiful love text does not need to come when it is demanded, it needs to come in the least expected period.

These Funny Love Quotes Will Seal Your Proposal


1. Every morning, I feel like kissing you. It makes me look replenished.

2. When I hold you, I feel like a king around the queen.

3.  It happened that I could not see myself until you came with spices and fragrant. Then, I said I was here.

4. Come and be my queen or the queen of my heart.

5. I am an uncompleted building without you, when will you complete me.

6. The reward of a good deed is you. Don’t you know?

7. Heaven is your hand, and paradise is your lap.

8. What I want to hear is that you are here. Aside from that, I am not attentive.

9. Do you have a health centre where my heart can be treated to forget you? I am looking for one, but I have not seen any since I was in the womb.

10. When I needed a smile, I call you like a business partner.

11. Nothing is helpful to me after hearing from you.

12. Let us graze around and see what God has prepared for us.

13. The only time you annoy me is when you say you are not ready for me.

14. Your face captures everything I feel about you. You are like gold around clay.

15. To be candid, you can change me completely. How about a dinner with you?


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16. Don’t say you are in love if you have not entrusted your heart to a woman.

17. The last time I said no, was when you said you have to leave.

18. If you want to break anything, don’t let it be a heart. That is where success resides.

19.  Love is a shield. Hatred is an arrow. The later kills faster than a gun.

20. When I am not in love, I am either lost in love.

21. Don’t be disappointed when your rose starts feeding bees. If she is yours, she cannot be someone else’s.

22.  The beginning of failure began when a woman said no to your proposal. You feel like losing all that I have acquired.

23. Sometimes, I do regret not holding you every time. Curling around you is more precious than a diamond.

24. I am ready to stay with you until the last bell rings.

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