How Much I Love You Quotes –True Love Quotes For Happy Lovers

If the wave created by my heart were like that of water, maybe you could see the magnitude of my love for you. In the same way, no word is enough to express my feelings, emotion, thirst, and passion for your love.
Ancient people have tried so hard to describe the word “I love you” perfectly with words, but all effort seems futile.
How can one fulfil his intention, make his emotion well known to you, make you know how much he or she adores and loves you? With simple love quotes, it is possible.
Ever think of making her day impressive? Loving someone may not be enough for keeping things going in a relationship, how much “I love you” quotes, messages, among other things works pretty well. Without true love, you see that affection is nothing nearer, it goes farther than one ever thinks of.
In this wise, here are how much I love you quotes straight from the heart, to your extraordinary persons, maybe your darling wife or husband.

How Much I Love You Quotes For Your Darling Angel

When I met you, I started learning how to learn the tricks of loving you better. Can I have you now and often?
Sometimes, you need to love before getting the way to success. A good woman can make you productive, take you out of boredom.

Loving a girl like you made me trick you often time. Where there is love, there you are. Thank you.
To trick some woman, you need loving ideas. Precisely what this love message is reiterating.

A life without you appears too hard to sustain. When I got you, everything becomes as easy as eating food.
Rear women are the best. They are uncommon. They can make you great again if you have failed in the past.

You are the only thing I see when I need help. You Make Me stronger when I have problems.
Not everybody stays when the need arises. If your woman does, then you need to appreciate her.

I pray God give me blessings; it came through you. I pray he gives me mercies; I received it from you. You make me happy in many ways.
The apple of your eyes is that person that makes you happy. You derive happiness and success from her, anytime. 

In the beginning, I entrusted you with everything. In the end, you ended up being my one and lonely. I then, do not need to assign you with anything but give you everything.
Entrusting your life to a drunkard driver may result in a fatal accident. How much more of giving your life to a useless woman?

I Love You Quotes For All Affairs

Like kids, you solve my problems. I am thanking you for this. You are my one and only angel.
Women, especially the ones that have reasonable minds and caring plus tender heart, are always ready to fondle their husbands. When you have someone like this, here is a message to make her happy.  

A day will come that I will not have any other thing to do than say I love you.
I love you cannot be said to someone that does not deserve it, except it means a joke, an unnecessary stunt.

The reason I keep on loving you is that you are the only person that cherished me, loved with without having enough.
Some will say the reason for loving you is because you are wealthy because your parent has a skyscraper. See, love does not last if the bone behind it is worldly things. Here is a good reason for love.

At a time like this, people love for the sake of wealth; you are here celebrating me without me having anything to show. Thank you, my heartthrob.

Material things drive some women to love. This inspirational love message is talking about a different reason why people love.

The rough road through you is like a thousand mile taken with a single step. Can we go around together, forever?
Like cars, women smoothen journey no matter how rough a ride may appear. Define your woman with this lovely message.

The last time I said I want you, it was as if I was threading a destruction and distraction path. Now that I see the ins and outs of you, I can always say having you now is nothing but late.
Those who tread the path of love come appreciating its advantages.  

The best man for you turned out to be me, the same way the best woman for me is you.
In a relationship, the best fits are almost every time glued together. A man is his wife’s best. A woman is her husband’s best.

Short Love Quotes In Time Like This.

Get me some women, let me pick from. I will not see anyone as classical as you. Did I not say I love you?
You will continue finding differences between a woman, however, make sure you pick the coolest among.

You really cannot blame me for falling in love with someone I seldom know. It happens like that, that is why it is termed, love at first sight.
 Don’t think love is not worth it. It is. When you see relationship matters from far away, you may feel love is blind. When you move close, you will know that love is real.

Can I just say you ended up being my only because I gave you my word that I will not love anyone aside from you?
In love affairs, that love is a wizard is no gain-saying. The one you love accepted you completely. 
Be mindful of the way you say “you love me”. Sometimes, I want you to tell it with a bedroom voice that I can say thank you too.
I love you messages is better said in the bedroom than on the road. Say you love someone and let it sink.

A woman cannot be more precious than you. You are a rear breed among the queens people say love is blind to.
Not kidding, precious women are not many in the world. Can you count hundred in your locality? 
The only woman I say thank you to is you. Ever since I met you, I cannot accept thank you from any woman again. You blessed me maniacally.
Thanking your woman is not bad. To her, you should not be an ingrate the same way you are not to people you do not know.

A woman cannot be extraordinary than you are. You make me happier than I was before meeting you.
A true lover cannot just say you are right. Adding love worlds to it make it supernaturally awesome. Appreciate your heartthrob, even once in a while.

"What Is Love" Quotes Any Relationship Can Die For.

Love is nothing but goodness.
Our definition of love defers, but love remains the same every time.

You cannot love and regret.
How do you love and regret? No, it is impossible. Nothing wrong can come out of love except it is not done with sincerity.

A man without someone like you lost the universe with heaven. Having you is the best of property.
Yes, marriage is sealed in heaven. It is not a thing of the heart. It is not what you think of due to mere sexual urge. Without marriage, how complete is human? This quote is stating how much you should love your darling.

Like mindset, love grows in spirit and character. A loving mind is a caring mind. How much I love you is just unquantifiable.
The spirit of love makes it hard to state how much you love someone. That is if you are sincerely in love. 
What I love you is now cheap, the one who says it may not mean it. The one who suggests it, may not be believed.
Loving worlds becomes cheap, nowadays. To be candid, love is not appreciated like it was in the past.

These True Love Quotes Makes Me Wonder

You love me more than I do, I know this for sure. Teach me to love you more.
I have got no problem when someone says he loves me more than I do. Just that I feel lower after hearing that. Love is not a bastard after all.

What a pity, you cannot see through my heart or perceive my emotion to know how much I crested my interest in you.
It is typical for someone that profoundly loves you to show much interest. When he or she likes you, please, reciprocate the love. It costs you nothing!

What a pity, the heart speeches are not audible enough, and the rhythms are not like the piano’s or guitar, exactly why you do not know what my heart transverse when we see and the wave created by my heart when we are far apart.
No wonder Urban Dictionary described Love wave is a situation where love is overpowering.

What a pity, you cannot see through my heart or perceive my emotion to know how much I crested my interest in you.
Intentions lie within the inner nucleus of man, be careful how you trust people; they are found of deluding.

What a pity, the heartbeat is not as loud as the drum, maybe you will be able to count how much my heart beats at the mere thought of you.
Knowing how much someone loves you might be a difficult task, but if you are observant, emotions will surely tell.

What a pity, the heart speeches are not audible enough, and the rhythms are not like the pianos or guitar.
The heart is silent; they do not produce the big pitch of their message, listen well to know the message conveyed by your partner’s heart.

You do not know what my heart transverse when we see and the wave created by my heart when we are far apart.
Having a stethoscope cannot make you know the feelings that lie in the heart of the other party, else lovers would have been walking around with it to see the status of their partner emotion at all time by listening to the heart speeches.

What a pity my chest is not perforated, what a pity my heart has no opening, maybe I will not need to express this much words for you to you know how I adore you.
Even if you continue to make series of eulogy and praises to your lover, this does not tell how much you adore him or her. The extent with which you display your emotions by exhibiting series of caring attitude reinforce love.

Have You Seen These Cute Love Quotes Before?

I first promise to love you wholeheartedly.
For true love, you must love your partner completely and share your emotions with no other person. This is an indication of how you are genuinely committed.

My second promise is to leave with you forever.
Your partner might not know how you feel when you are not together; it is your responsibility to convey such message. Some lovers find it harsh to sleep without cuddling their lover. In the same way, American singer, Kristian Stanfill said he never wanted to be taken away from his lover in the song “Be With You For.”

Staying with you at every moment makes me attain satiety, and nothing is more pleasing than that, you are a rare merge.
Attaining satiety is the opposite of having an appetite, if you get satisfied after meeting your lover, don’t be scared, it is a reasonable thing. 

Siamese twins may be separable successfully by sophisticated operations, but when our love nucleates, no level of complicated surgery can fall us apart. 
Some love relationship falls apart, creating an unerasable scar in the lover's mind, but some are well bonded due to their basis. 

Every moment spent with you, eternity steps away and the race of time is faster than ever, just like the speed of light.
When you are with your lover, the existent of other things might mean nothing to you because you enjoy does moment tremendously.

Why is it that every moment spent without you, my heart gibbers in thirst for you as if you are my El-Dorado.
It is when moments spent with someone are cherished that you tend to miss then afterwards when they are not with you. You will want to be with them at all time.

You do not know how much elation I derive every moment we spend together.
If indeed, you know love, and you are committed to the relationship, you will never be sad being with your partner.

Awesome Quotes About Love

No wonder you are always there to make the world a grazing land for my wondering sheep.
If he/she is always there for you especially in difficult times, I am sure you be so grateful to God for giving you such an excellent partner, such are rare to find.  

Some lovers meeting were a coincidence, some by chance while some by accident, but ours is purposeful, pertinent, and intended.
Love is different likewise relationship and emotions, knowing what your relationship stands for, it is essential.

I know that if we leave this world, our love story will be so much cherished that it will be made graffiti on the public wall and people will always come to read and derive lessons. 
Verily, true love establishes the outstanding and imposing story. If your passion is accompanied by honestly and oneness, people will inevitably derive inspiration from your relationship. Exercising patient is also an important aspect of achieving your aim.

Many times, love bond separate and they depart creating an in-erasable scar in their heart, but ours is inseparable because we are rare merge.
If you hold tight to one another and revere each other, you will find your story interesting and tremendous. This will make your bond shatterproof. Love works jointly with trust.

Every time we meet alfresco at night, the stars become brighter and the wind is milder. Your hope is mine.
When you are with your lover outdoor and your cuddle one another, expect that you will have a more conducive weather condition.

To make you know what you mean to me when I travel, I will send millions of bird dropping love quotes and messages to your cabin every day.
Love messages are an inspiring reminder, and they help to resuscitate or skyrocket your feeling, never seises from sending him/her love quotes especially when you are far away. 

Real Quotes About Love

When I travel to distant places, I will launch a kite in the air where I would write my love for you to make the world know how much I cherish you.
When you move away from your neighbourhood, make people around that locality know your feelings and emotion. Make them see how much you cherish your lover, perhaps someone in the area might pass the message to him/her and give her your Quotes about love

When I go on holidays, I will get fireworks where your name would be written, and I will skyrocket it into space, then the dwellers of the area will know your position in my heart and maybe convey it to you.
When you are far away from home, and you are lonely, cheer your day up with the remembrance of your lover and make people around the area know how you feel. Fireworks are excellent ways of making people grasp something, everyone can see simultaneously.

When I pass through a path, I will not only leave my footprint visible on the pathway but also crest your names on the trees along the road, and when people pass by, they will know your lover had walked through the track.
Make the reality of your story have an impressive history with real quotes about love, make people remember your events even if you are both dead.

To express my feelings and intention for you, I would intend building a shrine in my house where I will worship you every day and tell every visitor to pay homepage before walking in, but God is the only deity worthy of praising.
Do not exceed your limit while displaying your emotions, as there are multitudes of ways to which you can express your feeling and also make people respect him/her the way you do.

In my abode, I will have a place within my curb where your pictures alone will exist and no day will pass without me visiting it. I adore you relentlessly.
As much as you know, display your emotion. The ball is in your court, the more you express it, you will get more appreciations. It is a good act never desists from it.

I can no longer keep my feelings at bay; my heart pounds in multitude at the mere mention of your name, my soul shivers when your speeches are made audible to my ears.
To your lover, feelings are not treasured that you keep in a coffer or sanctuary place without letting them know, the more you save it, the more you get hurt.

Hopes, joy, bliss, pleasure, appointment, ecstasy are for me because your heart dwells in me.
Some people want signs of good omen when in a relationship If indeed you are in love, your heart gesture will also notify you of imminent good tidings if they are not yet around, be patient as you await it.

Best Love Quotes For Lovers

Now is the time I want to beat the iron, because it is hot so that I can forge it to my desire, before it is too late and the metal becomes unbendable. I want to tell you I love you.
Jeff Bezoz said “The biggest regret of our actions is omission”, if you fail to tell him/her how you feel today, tomorrow might be too late.

My feelings are unrestrainable and immortal; if I continue to keep it, I know it will blast out like a watermelon that contains dynamite.
Stop doing yourself more harm by keeping your emotion, be dauntless, and face it if indeed you are in love. Whatever the result is, know you have done it for the sake of love. 

When I say, “I love you”, I did not mean it, but something far better, because those words are not appropriate for my feelings towards you. 
Feeling are meant and best described by its possessor; you know best how much you think to show it to him/her in the appropriate way.

My love for you was designed with no boundary, limit or barricade. No wonder I find everything about you pleasing.
When you are genuinely in love with something, you will have only positive perspective on that things. That thing will seem faultless to you, and everything about it will be pleasing.

I want to be your heart curator for life and when I am dead; my soul will be with you to guide you, my love.
Surely, you will be the custodian of your lover’s heart, and then she will confide in you. Note: Do not take such opportunity for granted. 

Every night I stay in the room alone, I get an abstraction of you, curling pillows to myself because, without you, I am at the brim isolation.
For some people, staying alone without their lover at night might be an outlandish act, if you find yourself in this category, try and remember moments you have spent together they will help enhance your mood and emotions.

Loving me, you do not need to doubt because, with me, your emotions have attained maximum welfare, your mind needs to waver no more.
It is humanly to feel skeptical about something, but the power to make him/her get more assurance to confide more in you lies in your curb. Do all possible things within your control. 

I have prepared a sanctuary coffer for your love, and no shaker can waver it.
As much as feelings for our loved ones are good things to express, they can sometimes be devastating, affect one’s lifestyle and daily activities, rendering someone useless due to the other side of it.

I have made you picture my brain wallpaper; no way will I forget you.
There are various ways of keeping your lover affixed to your mind; one way is using his/her picture as your phone screen saver.

Now I must ask you, do you now feel the way I think? Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much my love for you multiplies exponentially every day?
These are questions of love you can ask your lover, anytime. What do you think about it? Begin to send this as love messages.

Falling In Love Quotes For Your Lover

The more you put rocks around your heart, the more you are prone to making the mistake of falling for someone.
Say you don’t want to fall in love, you’ll see. Love cannot be run away from. It is everywhere, except you are not with good people every time.

Please treat me with enough friendliness; I just might fall in love with you unknowingly.
Either you are hostile or not, the one that will love you will do without any excuse.

You cannot look at someone and see perfection. You have to go closer to them, you might even fall in love with someone you did not expect.
The aphorism “mistake is human” is a loving word. Those who do not love you will not believe such word when it is your turn to err.

I do not know when it happened, I cannot say how it happened, and all I can say is that I did not plan for this. But I have fallen for someone.
Love is scary. How does it happen, falling in love with someone on a platter of gold? Love you are not what I use to believe.

When love hits you right where it hurts the most, you have to go one step after another, you have to take things at a time so you don’t regret.
Lovers do not rush. They stay around come what may happen. This is inspirational. Do you cherish it?

When you know what love is, you fall into it, then you stay in it, but remember to never ever fall out of it.
I do say it is not bad to fall in love, what is bad is not falling in love. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt, at least once.

Falling in love was not part of my budget for this year, but can I just say; I have fallen for someone?
Comparing your yesterdays with today, you will see that love makes you look new. How about that?

If you really want to enjoy being in love, put yourself in your partner’s position each time you are about to make a decision.
When you feel she is not worth it, put him or her in your position and complain again. This is pure love.

You can never escape from love, of you do not give it, someone else will force it on you.
Feel like running, this is not love. Jump into it, take action and become 21st century super lover.

You cannot escape from being in love, or from someone loving you, and it would always feel like something hit your stomach.
You can run from east to west, London to Cost Arica, love will still find you anywhere. Come on, better fall in love!

They say if you truly love, goose pimples comes on your body when you see that special someone.
Yes, you feel somewhat moved when you see your lover. Love someone to experience this.

Most of the time, someone is just waiting for you to fall for them, so that they can catch you immediately.
Ooh, who is waiting? For you to fall in love with someone, you must be careful of falling unknowingly.

One thing I know for sure is that love does not give a prior notice before it comes breaking all the walls that you have put up.
Love does not pre-inform, it does not foretell, it happens in a blink of an eye. When you are doubting this, ask celebrities. They can tell you how people see them for the first time, and fall so easily.

Falling For Him Quotes

When you fall in love with someone and you think it will not be profitable, then you will surely get what you ask for.
Love is profitable. It is more rewarding than having skyscrapers. Those who understand this are richer than those who do not love.

Sometimes, falling in love with someone feels like you are at the edge of the bridge. Falling might bring two things. Either he catches you, or he leaves you hanging.
Yes, love is like been at a crossroad. You may not know what to do at a point. But, let god guide you. This love quote is inspirational. What do you think?

The truth is that, study has shown that most people do not fall for the people they are expected to fall for.
Falling for the wrong person affects relationship. Nobody wants to marry the person they won’t trust at all. In love relationship needs absolute dedication from the one you love. If you’ll ever fall, let it be for the one you trust.

If you are afraid of getting hurt, and having a bleeding heart, so you can stay out of love, then you have made a mistake.
Love is worth it regardless of what happens. For those who are scared of going into a relationship, falling in love is no problem at all. It signals the beginning of good things. A lover has someone to tell his problems.

I stared at him for just a second, and something moved in me. I had fallen for him instantly.
I constantly remember the time I saw a girl, and I felt like marrying her immediately. Unfortunately, my discussion with her did not work. I lost to another man.

Each day I see you, it feels like I am falling for you over and over again. It keeps renewing itself.
This is normal of sweet love. Love is like a renewable energy, it keeps happening and happening again.

Love catches various people unawares, how you react to it or handle it, always matters.
Stop acting unwise when you see someone that cares about you. Love is all about you grasping your lover, even if you are meeting for the first time.

I cannot believe that I am falling in love with you. I told myself that I should not, but obviously, I cannot help myself.
What is wrong with those who say “I cannot marry you?” Why? Let’s be frank with ourselves, you cannot say a man is not up to your task or cannot handle you? Who are you by the way?

Falling in love with you is the best feeling ever. It is what every man needs to experience.
No one can say I don’t fall in love, even for a second. Impotent do fall in love, so why would anyone say I don’t feel loved?

Falling For Her Quotes

I don’t care what has happened in your past, I am only concerned about our future together.
This matters a lot in relationship. Some lovers do feel unconcerned about their partners. It is not good.

No one can stop me this time. I have found the best woman for my heart, she has filled my soul with laughter.
Let me get you a trick. Smile when your husband is not happy. It makes him feel loved. Smile when your wife is not happy, it gives her more time to say you are precious. That’s pure love quotes.

Anyone who is entangled with you, experiences the best side of life. I'm falling in love with you, and I love this feeling.
I do care about my partner, but when I see that she reciprocates this, I fall more and more. Love is two-sided.

I don’t care what I have to go through. All I know is that I am falling in love with you.
Let’s fall in love together, it is mutual acceptance of your partner. A woman feels what a man feels, it does not spoil love.

I am falling too deep for you, remind me so that I don’t lose myself in the process.
What are we lovers for, is it not to remind ourselves of heresies. Forgive me quotes, I call this.

I am lucky to be falling in love with you, I am lucky to be in love with you; I am indeed the luckiest man on earth.
Yes, you are lucky. For a good woman to accept you as her personal man, it calls for celebration.

I'm falling in love with you, so start getting used to the fact that I love you, and I'll keep loving you.
It is easier said than done. Just act the love and stop saying you are getting used to someone. Lovers walk the talk.

Falling For You Quotes

This feeling, is such a good feeling; the best feeling ever. I don’t need anything else. I’m falling in love with you.
Feeling of love is always good. It is called distinct and charming feelings. Those who experience it can testify. You think love is all you need to survive, nothing more.

I have been dealt with many times; when it comes to love. But I'm glad that I now feel this way about you.
It won’t take anything to fall in love. What I just notice is that lovers jilt each other in our society of today. It does not mean anything.

I don’t care about what happens tomorrow, I can only live in my today. And my today says I have fallen in love with you.
Today determine tomorrow. Make it unique to make sure your lover does not see your faults repeatedly. Although you will make mistakes, package it and seek forgiveness.

Falling for you was the hardest thing; which I thought would never be possible. But here I am; I keep on falling in love with you.
The hardest things show up in relationships. Never mind, go on when your heartthrob misbehaves, it is still part of love.

Do you remember the day we met, the sun was brighter and milder like it never existed before.
If you can remember the day you met her, they are memorable, they have different and unusual signs.

The night I met you, the wind was milder as if an unimaginable event was about to occur.
If true love exists between you, your first night will surely be different. Try to remember those events they have real meaning and proper interpretation.

The midnight that followed the day we met was full of sweet dreams, where I travelled far away and I was told we are meant for each other.
After meeting your lover for the first time, good feelings will evolve. Your dreams might also be different, they can also give you signal of who your lover is and your level of compatibility.

That day I ran unto you originally, my day was full of hope as if my soul won a jackpot.
If you feel excellent with your lover at the first glance, your relationship is on the superb aisle. Just continue with the trend, wait as great things continue to happen in your life.

Falling For Someone Quotes

Usually I look at you from afar, and I don’t know what you really stand for, but ever since I spoke to you, I realized you were created for my love.
When real lover meet, if you are observant, you will notice a change in gesture. You might not be able to clarify whom she is from far but if you exchange words, gradually, you will get to understand what she stands for.

Even if loving is a taboo, my soul will find a way for affixing you to myself because you are the fortune of my life.
Things that are unthinkable in a place might be a mundane in another place, depending on the norms, value and folks of the people of the area. Even if marrying your lover is a taboo in your region, as much as you truly love her, you always find a, means of making things work in your own way.

Necessity are required, but one can find alternative to them, in my life you are an obligatorily indispensable commodity.
Prioritize your lover’s position so that she can know her place in your life and she can live up for the billings. In addition, people are fund are addressing your things the way you present it to them. Make them know that she is indispensable.

I hope you are ready for our love journey which has been accredited for above.
 The journey of love is not similitude to excursion, examine the necessary things before embarking on it. Make sure your partner is compatible.

Don’t you perceive the signs I perceive since we met, they are nothing but warm and glad tidings.
Signs perceived can be good tidings or bad omen. Don’t fright away unnecessarily about the signs you get, they are normal, they serve as guide for you in choosing your partner.

Falling In Love Again Quotes

If I had not met you, I don’t know what would be of my life today. By now, maybe I will be wondering hopelessly without aim.
Definitely, life without your partner will be different from when he/she is there for you. You are attached to one another to watch over each other.

I give thanks to God for remunerating me with you, as you are always there to dowse my anguish.
If God as bless you with a compatible queen or king, you might not know the value until you see people struggle in search for their crown. God created her for you to repress all your pressure.

Can’t you see the tutelage we receive from the lord since we met. Are they not signs enough?
As you met, new version of guidance comes your way if your love was assigned form above. The lord will shower you more blessings than you expected.

I hope you receive the beckon I receive the first time we met. It was like remote sensing; I got it before having contact with you.
Even without having contact with your partner, different wave and signals will come your way just like a wireless information. When you meet, you will also get more info like a lab test.

Let me tell you this, we are not like a rebel with no cause, a river with no course, or an action with no reason.
Events are meant to have reason, but not all do have motive. Likewise, people we meet in our lifetime, not all of them have impact in our life. Note: your lover meeting must be purposive and your relationship should have effect on both side.

Don’t live a parasitic lifestyle with your lover, make it a symbiotic life, a win-win relationship.

Fell In Love Quotes

Ever since, I used to think my heart was made for a vengeful response to the bruises I was given by ladies, but your love made me jettison them.
Your lover should change your thought from being myopic. Having a regretful experience with one party does not mean all parties exhibit the same behavior, learn to forgive and embrace a new lifestyle far from a vengeful one.

The day we met, my sixth sense received a herald which guided my path to you, not a coincidence, but purposeful.
You lovers are created for one another to be curator of one another, you should be there to advice your partner, and make such advice one which is not regretful. Even your gesture should serve as guidance for your love. Stay safe.

When we met we don’t only stare at one another, but our thought flows in the same direction.
Compatible lover make a reign for long and last longer. Incompatible lovers create feud and don’t last long. Know the feature of the one you wish to choose as partner before getting involved.

Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Quotes.

When I fall from a pinnacle, there is always a way out thought, when I slip on a greasy flow, I know how to proffer solution, but ever since I loved and met you, I have found no way out, we are meant for each other beyond eternity. 
Don’t be scared if you get confused by some occurrence when you are with your lover, they are bound to happen. Sometimes love get you confused because of the effect of love wave.

Now I can ascertain that the power of your love has blown away my love for power and wealth.
Love wave is powerful, it can affect all resistant object, they are like the force created by heavy tide of water, it has no immediate solution.

I knew we were meant for one another because I understood you even before loving you, what a weird precision.
Understand your partner before skyrocketing your emotion. This is an actual necessity, it is the basis of your relationship and it is a determinant for various things.

Some said difficult times are better teacher, for me your love is the best ever known instructor.
Love helps in proper directing of mind, if you are loyal to one another, you’ll enjoy your relationship far better than you can ever imagine. 

To ease my moment when things are difficult, I remember the hope of your glad tidings.
Difficult times are bound to prevail because the ocean does not flow in one direction, but how you manage them is the most important thing. When you have troubles, think about moments you cherished most.

My life is a seed, while your love is the fruit. Without you, my life is like a cycle with lots of pain but no gain.
A lover impact one’s life in various ways, if you don’t meet them you never get those impact the way it will happen with them.

My intuition is guided by your love, that is why I trust it.
As much as you trust your gut, trust your lover. Love goes with trust.

Usually, I thought loving you would have limit, but now, there is no imagination.
Real love has no barricade. Let her interject into your life at any extent.

Let me inform you of your necessity, you are sine qua non to me. I need you than the lungs need air.
If not the most important, she is one of the most important things your have in your life if you place her where she is meant.

The only answer in the world that has no question is love. When I try finding the question to which brings about your love, I was lost in the world.
All world answers were initiated by questions, search for the question that brought about loving your partner.

How on earth can there be someone with no substitute, a clear declaration of who you are. You are irreplaceable.
Make your partner irreplaceable, if you love her whole-heartedly. Having a second thought shows how much your heart waver about your lover.

Some loves are like pie chart, they divide it the way they like, but to me love is like a raw egg, it is indivisible.
Don’t share emotions meant for her alone with another, it does not place her in the right place in your heart. Surely, there is a reason you approach her, continue to maintain the reason. 

My day begins with you because I wake up imagining how the day would be like or without you, and my day end with the with you thinking about the moments spent with you.
Days led by the thought of your lover are always brighter than others, that is if your are sincere with your partner and vis a vis.

I love you more than comfort because you are the initiator of ease.
You should not feel unnecessary fright when you are about to meet your spouse, he/she should serve as comfort initiator for you. 

Don’t force love, it is like fart. If you force it, faeces might be released. My love for you was not forced, it came naturally.
Forced love don’t last because they have no original basis. Irrespective of how much you love her, let emotions come from her willingly, do not initiate voodoo.

People say you don’t value things until you lose them, but for me, I value you every moment. When you are with me the gesture I get is different.
Because I cherish every moment we spend together, I always know your worth even if I see you everyday.

I Love U Quotes For Every Morning.

The one you love needs I love you quotes every morning. When you understand that, your love affairs grow in happiness and unending joy.

Good morning my love, my day has been fulfilled as I take at glimpse at you this morning.
When you wake up in the morning, it is always best to see your lover first and if not, make sure you see him/her before embarking on your daily routine especially if you truly love her, you will derive peace all your day.

If I try to leave home without paying homage to you a day, my day will not be complete and I will have to start searching for your guide.
Some lovers were created to serve as guidance for one another. If such people try to ignore their partner, their activities might be affected because their concentration level will reduce.

I know that if I am not just with you, my prayers will not be accepted by God, because I heard the best of mankind are the ones who are just with their wives.
People who believe that men are meant to be good to their wives are not on the wrong part. However, know that as women, to receive such good reactions for their male lover, you also need to be excellent. 

As I begin my day with prayers, let me hold onto your hands so that my request will be granted earnestly. 
Good and honest hearts find their prayers easily accepted. Be loyal, honest and straight forward to your partner so that you can easily receive favor from the Lord.

I will challenge you in a virtual love race, where our heart will race for love cross line.
Contest with your partner on who loves more, if optimum sincerity exist between you both, no one will want the other to take lead and these help to proliferate the feelings that exist between you. 

I Love You More Quotes For Couples.

Loving someone can go to the extent of been more than just love, especially when that kind of affair is sealed in heaven.
I love you more than I love oxygen, because it is in you that life exists.
In a serious relationship, your make your lover count to a great extent that your life might virtually want to depend on him/her.
The tales of yesterday are forever memorable and the achievements of today are so great all because you are there. Please stay with me so that the hope of tomorrow will be guaranteed. I love you more
Do not deliberately distress your partner so that you can receive a lot of favor from the lord, favors that are so memorable. His/her company will give you great tales.
When you hurt me, my hearts feel please than when you are not there with me. I love you more.
Feuds are meant to happen between two relating parties as long as you don’t make it a habit, there is no problem. But when disputes arise, leaving your lover anguished is not the solution. 
While I am working, I think about you, and I love you more. While praying, I glorify God for your existence in my life. While I am asleep, my slumber is fool of your dreams. What a partner.
Make her responsible for all your actions, make her the most lingering thing in your mind, and then she is your true beloved.
When I send you love messages to describe my feelings, you might think I exaggerate, I will implore you to call a doctor to test my heart, and then you will know how much it strikes for you. I love you more.
 Messages, quotes, poems among others are meant to pass some messages so that a party can understand how the other feels. They are good ways to make your partner know you remember him/her.

I Love You More Than I Can Express

To love is human, but to love someone more and more, than what words can express is unique on this planet earth. Find below some lovely words you can hijack and use for the one you love.
Some lovers ask for liberation all because their partner is shenanigan, but for you, you are a just and benevolent master. I love you more than anything.
When your lover is just, sincere and loyal, you will know no iota of relationship problem because your foundation is superb.
Usually, wants are numerous while resources are scarce, but with you, my means balances my need. I love more than I can express.
True lovers help in maximizing their resource and their whole life will be like they have got everything, whereas, it is contentment. 
In Africa, women are saddled with the responsibility of house chores, but in my house, you are saddled with the responsibility of guiding me. You are the tutelage in my life. I love you more and more, my darling.
You should love your woman, you value and are see her as a fragile commodity. Therefore, place her on the pinnacle.
 I will increase our love to no limit so that no conqueror can mutilate our bond.
Real loves are not meant to have limit, because you cannot control it. It is an innate voluntary action.
Loving another person away from you is a treasonable felony in my land. Why won’t I love you more than any other person?
Make sure you don’t share your heart with another person, make such act a taboo so that your relationship can last long.
An actual description of an understatement is I Love you more than the whole world. You are a huge addendum to my life.
Most people believe that words are not true conveyor of love emotions, exactly why some said I love you is not enough to make her know. 

“Guess How Much I Love You” Quotes.

Guessing the feel of love is something much interesting. The more you love, the more the reasons for love reveals itself. 
Mahatma Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye will only make the world blind” when you hurt me, I will please you so that our relationship can last. Please do the same to me. Then I will tell how much I love you.
If you pay your lover with evil when she hurt you, you are beginning to damage your relationship. Try to understand one another for the betterment of both parties.
Do you know my taboo? My taboo is your taboo.  This tells how much I love you.
Like her for who she is, like whatever she likes and desist from what she hates and she will also do the same for you, then, I can assure you of an eternal relationship.
Books are never interesting and comprehending if you are not there to read it to me with your voice.
Make it a habit, that if you find things difficult, call on your lover and he/she will ease it.
Before now my heart has been plagued and scourged by virus but now cleansed as you arrived. My love for you keeps on increasing. Can you tell me how much I love you.
Did you see the impact of your lover since you met, they serve as antidotes for ailing mind and heart.
When my mates struggle for power, wealth, kingship and more, I sit and watch strategizing on how to get you because with you the world is mine.
When searched, the algorithm of your mind should rank your partner first. That is if you value him/her.
My favorite hobby is seeing you.
Hobbies sometimes are innate, they come naturally because they are what you like doing most.

Perfect Love Quotes For Your Lover

All human are not perfect, they’ve got flaws but my heart scanned you as being flawless.
Don’t find the flaws in your partners’ attitude, see all her act as the best, and that will make you want to see her all time.
The spark of my smile lies in your gesture, please ignite it always even though I am not perfect.
Even if you are in a bad mood or anguished, your lover should be able to rekindle your smile at any time.

When I am with you, I have maximum level of concentration with airy attitude to other things. I respond to no other stimuli when you stand by me. I know I am not perfect, but accept me that way.
The role of your lover in your life should be most high that her presence makes you feel and see other things as nonentity.

I thank God for remunerating my patience with your love. I am not a perfect being, just take me as I am.
You must have waited for so long to meet the one you really cherish, and now that your Lord has bless you, you need to appreciate Him.

Short Love Quotes For Him

Have you seen the butterflies I sent to you, they have got the coolest fragrance, I know they will convey my message to you.
Surely, butterflies are superb love message conveyor. They have pleasing fragrance.

I want to erect a flag at the front of my house where your name would be written and anybody who visits would know the basis of my home.
Flags are sanctuary objects used to represent importance things. If a flag that depict peace is erected with your lovers name, then they will know the source of your harmony.

I am sure if other lover read our story, they will be motivated and get more tips about how to maintain a relationship better.
Younger ones watch the footsteps of their predecessors to know the best action to take, but when your tales are not worthwhile, they disregard them. Create as inerasable history of love with your partner.

When I close my eyes, people think my sights are close but your heart gives me sight and illumination.
Our heart serves as our intuition or inner nucleus that guides us in decision making. Let her heart guide you better.

I want to get a lawyer that can document heart as will and I will document my whole heart including the veins and arteries for you.
Heart all belongs to a lover even without willing it to them, but for proper assurance you can use such medium, may be your lover will get the info better.

Do you know that all events of my life are known to you, people keep some things from their partner, but for me, you are the coffer of my secret.
Most men see women as people who cannot be trusted with secret you desire not to spread, women are different from your lover; make her know the pros and con of your life.

Do you Want Him Or Her, Send These Heart Love Quotes

Keep it in mind that you are the only bigwig my heart wants.
Nothing bigger or more important than your lover should find it ways into your heart as your lover count.

When the month is about to end, what lingers peoples mind is salaries, but for me you loom in my mind because of the two days trip with you which I slated for every month end.
Don’t let your job occupy your mind to the extent of discarding your lovers thought, always try to create time for your recreation with her.

The only time I knew the reason for love was when I met you, love used to be an outlandish thing. Thank you for clarifying it.
You may find it hard to comprehend the real meaning of love when you are yet to find your own suiting partner.

In my house, I will initiate a commandment and the first rule will be based on your love.
Make people know that all things done in your abode is relative to the concern of your lover, your actions, policy and rules depend on her. 

If I travel to a country where there they speak a different language, the first word I will learn is how to say “I love you”, and this is all because of you. 
To lovers, languages would be useless if they cannot use it to convey their emotion to their lover. 

Now my favorite program is love and love movies this is all because I want to learn new love word and tricks all the time.
When you watch movie, always have it in mind that you want to learn new things that you will use to better your relationship. 

Every year, I will celebrate the day I met you because it is so much memorable that I find it more outstanding than the day I came into this world.
The day you met your partner is one of the most erasable day if you really adore her. 

You are the most just human in a relationship. You make me feel like love does not have a bitter side. 
If you lover is just to you, please kindly reciprocate a better action and you both will be on the race of proliferating your relationship.

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