20+ Things That Love Is –What Defines Love

When defining love, some things creep in, when in reality, they cannot be used to tell the meaning of love. Many people struggle to define love, here are what they can use to describe it.
Call these psychological facts about love, but they are sincerely what love is.

20+ Things That Love Is –what Defines Love

1. Love is different from angle to angle, what it shows to you is different from what others see.

2. Love is metaphysical, the more you try to understand it, the more it appears hard to define.

3. Love is doing everything to grow your community, even if you are the only person doing it.

4. Love is going extra miles to solve the problem of others why no one cares about your well being.

5. Love is understanding the mistakes of others and still coexisting with them come what may.

6. Love is coming from afar to correct wrong even if you fall into that pit.

7. Love is going from place to place defending the rights of others.

8.  Love is being honest with the one you trust come what may.

9. Love is collectively winning with those who matter.

10. Love is accepting blames from the other end without thinking of being witch-hunted.

11. Love is maturity. Understanding that nothing stands without care, trust and dedication.

12. Love is admitting all mistakes without thinking someone is somewhere praying for your failure.

13. Love is finding a solution to your partner’s problem when you stand to lose or benefit nothing.

14. Love is inspiring. Going from place to place with the aim of pleasing the one you love.

15. Love is dedication. Doing everything to achieve what is somewhat unachievable.

16.  Love is spiritual. Combining two heart despite the differences –ethnicity –religion –skin –and even thought.

17. Love is childish. How someone falls in love for in less than a minute is surprising.

18. Love is a step at a time. Doing things steadily and not hurriedly make love worthwhile.

19. Love is not mistaken. It comes from above and falls on any heart.

20. Love is awesome. It does not mean that a poor man cannot marry a wealthy woman.

21. Love is a risk. It involves risking your heart for someone who may not know genuinely.

It is believed that you understand what love is already. Share this with those you care about.

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