100 Cute Goodnight Quotes: Romantic Night Messages For Him Or Her

Your friends, your lovers, and even relatives desire good night messages. When you have a good friend worth appreciating, it does not go extra miles than sending them cute and lovely goodnight SMS
Doing this will earn you more respect among equals, especially your date.

If you want to know how to remind people you cherish them, sending a worthwhile goodnight wishes is one exclusive means of doing so.
If you then desire a goodnight message, look no further than here. Select from the list below. Doing so will make people appreciate you beyond your thought.

Cute Goodnight Quotes For Her

Cute goodnight quotes are like ginger; they make the person you love feel happy that at least, someone is there for her.

Beyond romance, they create suiting atmosphere around her and make her feel on top of the world, even without anybody been there.

1. With you throughout the night.

Don’t think I am gone, or deep in asleep. I only went away for a while, will help you switch off your light and make you cool in the night. I am yours. Goodnight, my dear.

2. I dream of you

In my dreams, I see you drifting close. When I wake, it is still the same. Let me say goodnight, till tomorrow comes.

3. Sleep well, my love

With love, smiles and laughter, I am saying goodnight, my angel.
4. In my everywhere.
East or west wherever I go, I dream of you than I do to anyone. In dreams, I see you often. When night comes, it is same. Good night my love.

5. Good night my hobby.

When night comes, I hope it becomes a good one. In good night I see you and smile. Goodnight, my angel.

6. Tight sleep

You only sleep comfortable when you know that someone unique loves you. Sleep tight my world.

7. If not for you.

I want to be close to you every day, so I pray night comes. In those nights, I become your confidants. Sleep tight my dear.

8. Tonight with you

In best nights, it is you and me forever. In bad nights, it is you alone. Tonight is awesome.

9. Throughout the night

Moon misses you in the morning, but sun does same at night. If you are calm and ok in the night, it is the moon that cherishes you than the sun. Goodnight my lover.

10. Today is ending

Today is drawing to its end; it is nice to have someone like you as a friend who will keep my company throughout the night. Thank you my love and goodnight.

Cute Goodnight Quotes For Him

He deserves your kindheartedness beyond smiles. Sending cute goodnight quotes do it beyond your thought.

11. Night adds more to my love

My love for you increases as moonlight shows. I know tonight is a night to remember. Goodnight, sweet dream.

12. Alone through the night.

Until Morning comes, you remain alone without me by your side except in dreams.

13. Lovely Dream

If dreams are not pleasant, it means I am not with you in it. Goodnight, Lovely dreams.

14. You I see In Dreams

In my dreams, I see nobody other than you. When you are afar, I pray sleep comes. G’night my soul.

15. Need A Loving Guard?

If you need guards in dreams, I shall accept to be one physically and mentally. How much do you love me?

16. How I use my night

When night comes, I use it to plan for you, dream for you and wish you something good. You are my girl forever. Goodnight.

17. I miss you

The night takes you away from me, makes me miss you every night. Good night my dreams.

18. Remember to do all these

Remember to say thank you for yet another night rest. Good night my special man.

19. I do want to know

Is this how we will continue, please tell? Sleeping without you in my dreams, without you as my pillow, without you as my thought. Tell me, is this how we will continue?

20. Night Prayer

I pray you continue to be my mind, my glasses and my cloth. Let night not create a break. Call me anytime. Goodnight my angel.

21. Sound Sleep

When I have a sound sleep, know that you are in my dream.

Romantic Good Night Messages And Quotes For Him Or Her

Fondling your heartthrob may not function beyond the present time, but an awesomely crafted Romantic Good Night Messages And Quotes For Him Or Her does more than we can ever dream of. In this regard, find below messages that can change night mood to goodness.

22. All around with you

I love going with you all around the world; I enjoy voyaging with you to the best places in the nooks and crannies of the world. I love it more when you are around me smiling like a queen beside a king. Thanks for today. Good night.

23. My heart beats.

When you walk, and I see you smiling at the same time, my heart stops repeatedly and beats again when you pass and say hi. Just what I noticed today. Good night.

24. Have a romantic night

If you will be present in that gathering, I want to be there as well. If not, I feel it is not necessary. In your dream, I want to be there. In your smile, I want to be there. When you are asleep, sincerely, let me be the reason. Goodnight my woman.

25. Goodnight, But Be Warned.

You will need not put an emblem of warning on your forehead for people to know a minute gaze on you is detrimental to my health. Those who look at you repeatedly want to kill me. Get this right tonight, and abide by it, even in dreams. Goodnight my angel.

26. I miss you.

I don’t know how to tell myself I missed the second part of me because I want to see you when I close and open my eyes every second. Good night my one and only.

27. What about a dream together?

Dear, what do you think about my love for you? Tell me in my dreams. Good night.

28. How are you tonight?

I am not afraid of how tall you are; I am scared of falling when you are not with me. The way you console me makes me want to fall for you a million times. How are you tonight?

29. You Are the one that makes me happy

You understand you genuinely love someone when the only signal that makes you smile is that one person. Have a good night rest.

30. You are my smile

Comedians are everywhere, but they don’t move me the way you do. Can you renew your love for me, beyond tonight?

31. I feel the love

I feel your love for me when the wind blow, see your love for me when the sun shines, and accept the coolness of your love when the weather says it is night time. Good night my love.

32. You are not perfect.

Well, I have accepted to love you despite knowing you are not the best person in the universe to all. When you ask me how I feel, I say you covered my heart with muscles and veins. Good night my dream.

13. You are my chosen

You are not my target but my silver spoon and my gold plate. Every night I want you around me. Good night.

34.  You alone I feel

I cannot see anything other than your heart. If I can’t see, feel, or touch anything, it won’t be your heart. Sleep tight my angel.

35. I met you, and everything changed

I thought of leaving this world so quick before I meet you. Now, I see the world so hospitable and kind that I don’t want the night to come.

36. You Increased my love

In the beginning, the trust I have in you was nothing to write home about. Now, I trust you than I do to my instinct. You erased every wrong on my path and put the right measures in place. Good night.

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