200 I Love You Quotes: True Love Quotes

When people unleashed the phrase I love you, some do not understand its real magnitude because it is not from beneath their heart. I love you weighs really hard especially for those who really understand and feel it within them.
The people who understand the phrase deep down in their heart feels the strength and they have helped to show distinction between infatuation and love.

When you meet your compassionate partner in eye contact, a feeling runs down the body. If you unleash the phrase I love you after the eye contact, another magnificent feeling can make your body tremble. 

Make sure you really love someone before issuing this phrase because it might really mean a lot on the other party side.
Also, make sure both of you are already on the threshold before unleashing your feelings and love.

I Love You Quote For Him

1. You make me better
When I say I love you, I really don’t mean loving you as a person alone, but I love you for the transformation you have introduced to my life”.
Indeed, real love can help transform people from bad to good, good to better and from better to best. When such happens, appreciate your lover with greetings and actual quotes.

2. I cherish you quote

I cherish you above all things on earth, adore you more than anything in the sea, I admire you beyond everything in the air and sky, and my love for you surpasses my love for anything in this world”.
When you are completely submerged in true love, nothing will seem valuable to you than your lover because he/she is the one who path your way when they appear blocked.

3. I am ready for your love.

“I love you; I will tailgate you, I want to own you all, I am here ready for you”.
Do you love your partner, how much have you followed him/her to make your love prevail? This really shows how much you are in love and how much you are ready.

4. I love some part of you.

“The first time I approached you, I love some part of you, and when we shared moments, I loved the hitherto part again and the rest of you”.
Love is a gradual thing that metamorphosis gradually to become a whole thing. When you see you lover at first, you cannot know all about him or her.

5. The maker and breaker, I love you.

“I love you. You are the maker and breaker of my life; you made me who I am, you are the very reason why I am on earth. The days you have spent with me are the greatest day of my life. You will be mine forever and at all times”.
How much influence your partner has over you and your decisions is an accurate reflection of the magnitude of love between you.

6. Your presence without you

I love you presence without you because you are always in my thought.
Thought gives variety of images especially moments cherished. If you love your partner, you will always think about him/her.

7. Love after life

“Please let me know if there is life after death; I want to love you after death”.
Some lover thinks they will still be in a relationship with their partner after death and this is due to the power of love, and their belief.

8. I love you for who you are

“Please maintain your behaviour as appropriate; I appreciate you exceptionally for who you are”.
Do not fake or feign your behaviour for the person who intends to go with you in a relationship or love you. He/she will love you for who you are if indeed the love exists.

9. Amid bitterness and turbulence, I love you.

“Even though the most bitter and turbulent times, I love you and will be with you forever”.
Hard times are bound to prevail just like the easiest. Those who see your tough times as not being catastrophic and stand by you with it are real people who really cherish you.

9. I love you with your flaws

“I am happy I know your flaws; It will help me to love you better and not to judge you for it”.
Human can never be flawless; we are built alongside flaws in the world of defects to manage deficiencies we perform and around us. See flaw as an indispensable but manageable part of people.

10. I want to love you more

“I am still trying my best; I want to love you more than I do. Please help me. But never loved you less than I ever thought”.
Love is like growth; it sometimes gets to it brim and threshing it might seem impossible. Note that it is better to maintain that height to prevent it from slashing.

11. I love you more

“I love you more than kids loved confectionaries”. 
Kids love confectionaries so much, but as they grow up, the love denigrates, exactly why you do not love your partner that way.

12. I love you habit

“I love you; when I say I love you, I don’t say it out of deception or out of habit I say it out of thought and feelings”.
When things that were initiated or innovated becomes more recurrent than usual, it will result into a habit. Some love initially was a habit while some need to develops a pattern, but habits do not suffice as much as thought. Do not tell your partner the three-letter word out of deception.

13. The pudding of love

“The pudding of love can still is so overwhelming that I can never stop saying I love you”.
The taste or course of love can have a tremendous impact in your life. Make use of it and manage it wisely.

14. I love you with daunts

“I love you even when I am daunted and fussed”.
 Worries can sway away one’s heart and establish forgetfulness there. This can make you forget about your lover. Make sure that does not happen, love also exist in worries. 

I Love You Quotes For Her 

15. Love me back quote.
“Please love me back, for my love is exacerbating and it will be tantamount to death if you don’t love me”.
Let it be a two-player football game when both parties exchanges ball with passes.
The most regimented life is to love without being loved.

16. My breathing motive

“My reason to breath is you; I love you”.
If you claim to love someone and claim to be on earth because of him/her, then your reason to breathe is that person.

17. Love is not a secret

“I love you, and it is no more a secret because I already told the world about you”.
Love is not a secret when you say the word I love you, do not keep it in the ban, let the world know so that they can refer you together.  

18. Countless love

“My love for you is more the stars in the sky”.
The stars in the sky might be in multitude, but if real and true love exist, the stars will be outnumbered by an infinite love.

19. Love much more than fishes

“The fishes in the sea are countless, but my love for you is greater than that”.
Real love does not deal with numbers because it is unquantifiable. Therefore, don’t compare with fishes.

20. I love you more than more.

“Have you valued my love, I love you more than any possible thing”.
Possibility deals with probability. Your love should not be a probability; it should be certain.

21. I love you than.

“I love you more than I will ever love anybody or anything. I have loved you and love you more than anybody will or has loved you. Please stay with me and love me as I will love you more”.
 Please stay and do not let love waste, make it fecundate, please stay with me. This is the chorus of some lover. 

22. The word “I love you.

“In what other way can I say I love you, ii llove you, ii lloove you, ii lloovve you, or ii lloovvee you. Please let me know which of the I love you is best”.
How best do you wish to describe the three words? I love you might not seem appropriate.

23. You made my dreams

“You have made most of my story and dream. I love you”.
If your dreams are not made by your lovers thought, you are on the threshold of love; you have just begun the journey of love.

24. You show me love better

“You have shown me the best way partners love each other. We love each other more than any other persons do. I love you so much”.
Real and true love gives you a better experience about the relationship and makes you sight your relationship as an everlasting one.

25. I love you more than I reason

“I love you more than I reason. I love you more than I breathe. I love you more than I feel. I love you more than I see”.
Is there anything on earth that you like doing much more than loving your partner. Love supersedes all. Love him/her than doing any other thing.

26. I love you than more

“I love you more than the day loves sunlight”.
The day cannot do without sunlight; if you love your partner more than that, your love is elegant.

27. Moon and star love

“I love you more than the night love moons and stars”.
Do you know how much associated the night is to the moon and stars?
Love your partner than that.

28. I love you than any soul

“I love you more than any soul has ever loved”.
Make your love count and different. Love her more than any soul in the world has ever. Make it a different one.

True Love Quotes For Him

30. Forever love
“I love you all because I will forever love you”.
Everlasting love makes you happy and happier than ever. In everlasting love, you tend to understand each other more and this makes your life better.   

31. I told the world I love you.

“I love you, and I already told the world, and they informed me of their desire to connive with me in doing so”.
If you inform people about the magnitude of your love, they will connive with you and move in your direction. They will also love your partner.

32. I don’t love you because of beauty.

“I don’t love you because you are beautiful, but I love you because my heart does”.
Beauty can vanish but if you crest love in your heart. Love your partner from beneath your heart and not for the sake of beauty.

33. I love you because I do.

“Some say I love you because I need you, but I love you because I love you”.
It is young love that you will find the word I love you because I need you.

34. “I” in I love you is for me

Have you checked the words I love you, it has “I”? The I is for me. I love you.
To brand I love you sentence to your lover; you can make her understand that the words “I love you” was created because of you.

35. Love can mutilate

“Do not let me have a taste of your love because it will damage me like the way fire damages wood”.
When in love, manage it very well. Love can be so daunting.

36. I hate your hates

“When I say I love you, I mean I don’t love anything that hates you”.
Love what your partner love, and hate what your partner hate. This will aid better understanding and compatibility.

 37. Love not for once

“I love you, and I mean I don’t love you for once but forever”.
 Real love is not meant to exist for once but forever.

38. Never stop loving you

“I love you with the hope that I will never stop loving you”.
Real love is not meant to have end or stop. Continuity lies in real love.  

39. I love your flaws

“I love that mammoth part of your flaws and the tiniest part of it because it makes you the you I wanted”.
A person flaw is part of what makes the person. Know you partner flaws and fall in love with it.

40. I love you in the world

“I love you to the extent that all love in the world is under my curation”.
If you think your love is so magnificent, try and prove it to your lover.

41. My accumulated love

“My accumulated love for you is more than all the world in the world; this is not a flatter. I love you”.
Valuing love might seem impossible, but deep down in your heart, you know the exact way you feel to your lover. How much do you say I love you to him/her.

42. I love you than the heaven

“If I land in heaven and you are not there, I will rather stay in hell with you, but I know our love will continue in heaven. I love you”.
Do not flatter your lover with this if you know you honestly cannot do or withstand such trial. Some people can actually do it.

True Love Quotes For Her.

43. True meaning of love
“Please tell me the meaning of love because I am lost in love. I love you”.
I love you means a lot, getting the meaning of love might be a little awkward, but if you have got a loyal and honest partner, you should be able to find your way through.

44. My love my goodness.

“My yesterday’s success was attained because I thought of loving you, today's achievement was possible because I love you, please let me continue to love you so that tomorrow’s hope will be possible".
Do you believe in the power of love, love can create wealth, success and other good tidings for you? Be loyal to your partner.

45. You outstretched my worst

“You outstretched the worst in me, and it directed me in attaining my best. Love might seem cunny, but it is pleasing. I love you”.
It might be hard to discover some worse things about yourself, but love can help you upheaval it because love helps to find good and evil and makes it better.

46. Loving you, the right path.

“If I am asked about the right path in my life, I will say loving you is the right path. I love you”.
Real love makes you think all good things about you was brought into existence by love because it will never seize from surprising on a daily basis.

47. Lesser love for WIFI+gadget+power

“I love you more than I love WIFI+gadget+power. I love you”.     
People in the world today have developed great affection for this three things especially if they are jointed, and people are now really addicted it. If truly you love, the addiction for this should be lesser than that of your lover.

48. Your name in every talk.

“I reiterate your name in my mind more than I talk”.
The name of your lover should reverberate in your mind and should exude from your mouth in multitude.

49. I can't lie about my feelings

“Will I lie against my feelings and myself, I mean I really love you”.
Feeling cannot be kept at bay like confectionaries in the fridge; they can blast out haphazardly if you try to restrain for long.

50. I say I love you

“I love you, and I love to say, “I love you” all because I love you”.
Love should be because of love, love your lover because you love him/her.

51. I love you, be with you

I want to grow old, with you, I want to be with you till the end and I and to wake and see you first every day. I love you so much.
Being or staying with your lover gives you relieve in the heart and from turbulence, waking up to see you love can make your cells function better because you are happier.

52. I love you as if love is beyond love

“I love you as if I love you more than I love you, not below I love you, nothing but loving you”.
Love beyond love and maintain the balance, love not below love and make sure it is stable. Love makes your first commandment.

53. Endless love

“I will love you till I never stop loving you. My love for you is endless”.
Who knows the end of real love, nobody! Real love has no end.

54. Your love suffices me.

“I love you as if I have never loved, all because I do not want to love another person. Your love suffices me”.
If you are confident and contented with the love and relationship you hold, do not drift towards another, it will help you to maintain balance.

55. Countless breath

“I do not want to count my love for you because I cannot count my breath".
Breaths are countless, so as true love, if you try counting it, you might be lost.

56. Love holds breath

“Let me breathe, and you will perceive how much I care and adore you, my love”.
Some people’s love holds their breath; if anything goes wrong with their love, it will mutilate their breath and apparently their life.

57. Without love, I will expire.

“I can expire on earth without dying if you do not love me back”.
Love can make you expire while you respire on earth, make sure the one you love loves you in return. 
58. Love quotes for the your lover’s day 

“Please begin my day and rock it with a smile so I can get divine favour from the lord”.

When your day begins with the impression of your lover, glad tiding and favour from above will inevitably come your way. If it is true love, you are made for one another from heaven.

59. Quotes on wishes for your lover.
“If I am asked for one wish, I will desire to live with you forever”.

Every lovers’ wish is to live with their partner for as long as they can ever imagine with no end. However, unfortunately, death is always there to sabotage this desire, therefore, as a real lover, if you are asked what would be your greatest wish on earth after having your lover, you need to respond greatly.

Love Quote that tells the true meaning of love  

60. Best love quotes for a kind heart.

“I believe in the kindness of your heart”.

Every soul on earth has one person who he/she likes and wants to be incredibly kind to. The heart of a person is meant to be tender and mild to your lover.
61. Strength of love can revolve you.  

“Previously, I lost strength, and my hope had no bearing, but now that I can see you, all is in order. Please stay my love”.

There is always a connection between the heart and muscles; likewise, the love increases one’s hope. If your heart is affected by a scourge, hope and strength will be difficult to get.
62. Adventure story that shows the true meaning of love

“Please let me spend the adventure of the day with you so that the day will be meritorious for me”.

Journeys can be incredibly annoying if you cannot find someone to exchange words with. Trips will be best enjoyed with your lovely partner.
63. I am building my confidence in you.

“People like to share their story on social media and other platforms, but for me, you are all there for me to confide in”.

People use social media to celebrate their success even when their lovely partner is yet to wallow in success with them. Confide in your partner and divulge your success stories to him/her.
64. Blessing of love quotes

“I am happy that I’m in a wonderful world where I am blessed with a pleasing, great and elegant lady as my love”.

Feel grateful when you have a suitable partner because some people are out there are trying to get one, and they are still yet to find. Feel blessed.

65. Wonderful love quotes for wife

“The best of enjoyment is to have a wonderful wife, thank God I have you, and you are more than wonderful”.

The world is meant for enjoyment with peace, happiness with no peace is like having trauma. Having an excellent partner makes you have peace of mind and better satisfaction in the world.
66. Winter love quotes

“Even when we are in the winter, and everyone feels cold, my heart is warm because of your thought”.

The warmth derived from love is unexplainable and unimaginable. Nothing is like it. The power of love can transform winter into summer for lovers and make them enjoy winter period with no feverous feeling.
67. I will be there for you any time

“The sun is always punctual for the day without arriving late, be sure I will always be there for you with no hesitation”.

Attention is to be compared to nothing; it makes your lover know how much you love him/her. When he/she summons you, and you are there swiftly on most occasions, you are the right lover.  
68. Happiness is not here without you.

“It is always hard for me to perceive the scent of happiness without you”.

Happiness can be derived in various ways, from people, things and others. Some people are the source of joy for their lovers, friend and family.
69. The queen of my heart

“My heart is filled with the ambition of making you my queen”.

Queen of your heart is undoubtedly the female lover that you confide in. If you truly love a girl, let her be the queen of your heart and administering of your heart affairs becomes her job.
70. I love you more than the world

“We find ourselves to exist in the world for sustenance, but I love you more than the world and everything in it”.

The world is full of treasure and goodies that are really tempting and unrestrainable. If you made it a decision to appreciate your lover more than the world and all it contains, you are the right lover.
71. You are the right person I need.

“I am happy my heart ordered for the right choice, and you were delivered to the right person”.

Was it you who asked for that partner of yours, was it accidentally, whichever way it is, your heart really wants it if you indeed accept your lover with optimum sincerity. 

Cute Love Sayings For Him/Her. 

72. Attachment quotes of love.

“I do not want you to wear me like a watch because you can remove me anytime, but put me on like a skin”.

Lovers are two bodies sharing one soul, they are addicted to one another, and they never want to depart. Even when they depart, their memories will be saturated with each other’s thought.
73. The perfect match that fills all void

“Once you came into my life, you filled the entire void and everywhere was blocked, you are a perfect match”.

As human, we are prone to flaws, leftover and void. Nevertheless, some people come into our lives, and they serve as helper for us, and all the loopholes will be filled up gradually due to their effort.
74. Funny love quotes that are amusing

“You have got the most amusing smile in the world; it expresses humour”.

If you do not like something, it is difficult to derive interest in such thing, not to describe you being amused by such situation. Derive the highest level of interest in your lover and all about him/her will be amusing.
75. Everytime, I see you.

“You live in the mind of my eyes. Therefore, I see you every time”.

Every organ in the body has a means of connecting to the mind, which sends a signal back to the organ to give a reaction to something. Your eye has a soul in the heart. What it thinks about will affect what you see sometimes.
76. Life is a journey not a destination

“You are my final destination please welcome me home, while I enjoy my life journey”.

Home here does not rhetorically mean cabin, but a cabin in your heart, reserve a place in the curb of your heart for your lover and place a welcome greeting as he/she finds the path to the site.
77. Give me life and I will give you life

“You brought life back into my heart”.

You might not feel your heartbeat and thinks it is dead. A dead heart is a heart that has no feelings. 

78. The feelings of love is indescribable

“You give me series of indescribable feelings”. 

Having an awkward feeling when you see your lover should not be an intimidating thing, it is normal.
79. I love you more than I love.

“I love you more as I take in each breath, and my hatred for your enemies rises as I exhale carbon gas”?

How many times do you inhale or exhale gases a day, please number it and count your love for your partner?
80. The best of you among the rest

“You are the best I love among the rest, please place me on my chest”.

What place does your lover worth in your body? How much do you love him/her compared to others?
81. Lucky in love for the luckiest man

“I will be the luckiest man in the world to have my offspring from you”.

The luckiest man in the world is one who sees his lover as his partner, friend, sister and mother. They see themselves as hook and line, the help and assist one another in achieving success.
82. Without you, there no possibility

“If the sky had not existed for the earth, how would we be endowed with rain and sunlight? What I’m I without you"?

Without you, possibility is nowhere, but full of negativity, I acknowledge God for making me find you; you are my everything with my destiny.
83. Staying with you in time of love.

“Staying with you a day is better than being blessed with benefits from the world leaders”.

Moment share between lovers is more cherished than the world and all it encompasses.
84. You make me the me

“Loving you made me, and I saw you as another replica of me”.

Not another half of you but a replica of you. Your love is another you in another body.
85. The way to Love handle

I am the most cautious person in the world because I can handle your fragile love”.

 How do you handle love? Love can be very fragile. If you can manage your passion, you are the world best administrator.
86. The love language show the meaning of love

“You alone speak the only language I understand when I’m in love”.

Love speaks an incredible language that is easy to understand for the persons involved. The words of love can be incredible, embrace it with full understanding.
87. Light of love in darkness.

“Do you know your heart has got illumination, it lights up my day than the sun”.

Lovers’ guide is a book that helps you guide one another in the route of life. They illuminate dark paths and make the world a grazing path for their lover who is a nomadic farmer.
88. I appreciate you more

I have been making all effort to find a means of appreciating you best for all you have done for me, but none seem to qualify it”.

Love quotes, messages, poems and other related quotes might not seem enough to show gratitude to your lover, but you need to continue to search for the best means.
89. Angry love quotes in times of anger.

“When you are angry with me, I feel like there is an eclipse, all forms of illumination disappear”.

Anger or wildness may be very dangerous especially when irreversible adverse changes are made. Make sure you do not display anger when your partner is. 

Quotes On True Love For Him/Her

90. We are the same at all times.

“I love in the same way you love, I reason in your path, your thought is mine, I feel your feelings, please let maintain the togetherness, as nothing is like it”.

Why not hold yourself together to maintain perfect togetherness and do things alike, in the same way, the same pattern, in the same manner, and at the same time. It will make your relationship work better.
91. I need you love.

“Every cloth needs a shoulder to form on a person’s body, every pair of trouser needs a waist to stand on the body, every me needs every you to live on earth”.

What other means do you require to sustain yourself in this world when your lover is there for you? He/she should be able to suffice you to get all you need. You were endowed to your lover from heaving.
92. Confidence in love

“You give me the courage and confidence to live on earth”.

When you stand by your lover, confidence will undoubtedly grow in you.
93. My favourite love quotes.

“My hobby is having moments with you”.

Hobby ranges, but top-ranked should be seeing your lover.
94. My heart beats for you.

“Your love makes my heart beat in perfect rhythms and tones that I dance to it”.

Do you know that the heart beats or skip for your loved ones? When your heart beats for your lover, listen to it well and see that it is true love.
95. I dreams about you all time.

“I never want to wake up from sleep if I’m yet to dream about you”.

When you sleep, and you dream about your lover regularly, you are at the threshold of intentional love. 

96. Sweet love quotes in times of love

“Everything about me seems to involve you; you are so charming”.

The hypnotising power of love is high and unpredictable. All of you can be about your lover.
97. Thinking of you love quotes

“If I don’t think about you, my heart slows down. The work rate of my heart depends on your thought”.

Thinking about your lover will give you a steady heartbeat rate because you have no or fewer worries.
98. I need you like no other love quote.

“I need you like I want no other thing, I like you as if I have never liked anything in the past, I love you with no exception”.

Your need might be numerous due to desire, what you like might be in multitude, but the one you truly love should be one.
99. My other half

“When I am away from you, I feel halved”.

You are half while your partner is the other half. When he/she is not there with you, what do you think would be of you?
100. You’re the best

“I find a hopeful and promising future in you every moment”.

Love brings happiness, hope and friendship. Find faith, goodness, joy and a bright future for your lover.
101. I remembers you every moment

“When I remember you, my heart appreciates God voluntarily”.

The one who made you meet your lover is God, if you think he/she is the best partner you can ever have, appreciate God for that. 

102. Love scale to weigh love.

“You top my scale of preference at all times and conditions”.

Want, which is need, is quite more than what you are capable of getting, that is why you need to set a scale of preference. What tops your scale of choice?
103. Magical love quotes.

“The only abracadabra I still believe in is your love”.

The unimaginable or unpredictable can always be done with the influence of love.
104. Mesmerizing quotes

“I was hypnotised, and I feel happy, yes, your mesmerising love made it possible”.

Love can sway you away and make you not respond to necessary things, but you should be contended with it.
105. Amazing love quotes.

“You are something enriched with all things, short of nothing, you are a rare gem”.

Love quotes, messages and poems might seem not equivalent to how much you cherish your lover, but you still need to describe it in the best form you think you can.
106. I love you quotes.

“I love you than the entire width of the earth”.

The world is less significant when it comes to matters related to your lover.
107. My heart is for you.

“Don’t worry, my heart has always been for you, it is still wholly for you, and it will forever be for you entirely’.

Have you willed your heart for your lover, because no one is entitled to it other than him/her, she owns it all?
108. Taboo love quotes.

“No taboo can make me stop loving you”.

Different land with different norms and ethics, make her the person you love even if it is a taboo in your land

109. Pains of love

“When I am with you, I respond to no other stimuli; I am numbed to all pains”.

Love is great; it can make you dead to all other things when it is in control.
110. You are my love forever

“You are not my crush but my love”.

Most crushes are the result of infatuation; real love is the result of actual intention.
111. Romantic love quotes.

“All the dreams I jettisoned before due to lack of hope has been achieved since I met you”.

Love has zeal and immune booster; it can help you achieve all previously unachievable task.
112. The feelings of love from dream.

“The first time I sighted you, my heart recollected all old dreams about you”.

Some had known their lover before meeting them. This is probably due to dreams.
113. The power of love.

“No gravitational force can draw me to the centre of the earth if your love wishes to thrust me in the air”.

Love is crazy, and the power is outlandish sometimes.  
114. Togetherness love.

“Our togetherness makes nothing in the world unachievable”.

Two head are better than one is the actual statement meant for lovers. They are pusher for one another.
115. Love you so much

“Forgoing anything is not too much for you”.

Nothing in the world is more significant than your lover.
116. The language of love.

“Your love is the language I speak”.

Love speaks to you in the best form you understand. You are the controller.
117. Inspirational love quotes.

“The only time I want to lose you is no time”.

Hold firm to your love and do not let him/her slip off.
118. Love quotes that shows the true meaning of love

“Overdose of your love repairs the heart”.

Is there anything like an overdose of love, if you sense the true feelings, it will never be enough.
119. Want to be with you.

“I never met you as a stranger because I see you in the dreams before meeting you and my mind has been searching for you”.

Have you dreamt about your lover before meeting him/her and it actually made you curious, if yes you have, then you are a real lover.
120. You are my lifeline

“Staying alive requires nothing but more of you”.

Survival requires a variety of things depending on what you desire.
121. When I met you I found goodness.

“Before now, I loved you without knowing I do, but when I met you, I discovered my love for you had existed since”.

You must have been yearning for the best person as a partner, and when he/she comes your way, you only need to grab him/her.
122. You show me love.

“In me, love has become what you showed to me”.

Only can you get the real definition of love if your partner defines it to you.

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