100 Touching Love Quotes That Bring Inspiration To Love

Love quotes convey your message, feelings and emotion to your lover. When you are away from your partner, bring inspiration to your love by sending him/her love quotes if you truly love him/her. 

1. Let the journey begin

“A wonderful fairy tale will begin in your eyes…telling someone that u love him… let the fairy tale begins”.

2. I have fallen for you

“I fall for u today, tomorrow and forever and ever.  My heart says only be mine forever”.

3. I have addiction to you

“Truly telling you that I am addicted to your craziness, stupidity, madness, and our crazy conversations. It’s actually like a dream for me”.

4. I love you

“Do you know what I wanted to say? Read the above three words. Idiot”.

5. My silly heart

“My heart wants what it want and that is you my darling”.

6. You make me feel

“The more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them”.

7. Crazy you, idiot

“You drive me crazy. Make me crazy all the time. Inside my craziness hide your crazy love for        me”.                                                                                                                                                  

8. My favorite smile

“I love that feeling when I see your smile. I see many smiles daily but your smile is my favorite”.

9. Together forever

“I’ll be yours, you’ll be mine. Until the sun goes vanish forever from the world. Until river go dry forever, until stars fall down from the sky”.

10. I am sorry

“I am sorry for the arguments we made, am sorry for what I said, but remember I will always love for u and forever”.

11. Afraid to lose

“I want to be the person you’re afraid to lose”.

12. You are my number one

“All I want to be is someone who cares for you, look into my eyes, and say let’s get married and after we are done with everything, I just want to hold your hands and say we made it”

13. Our dreams

“My day is not complete if I don’t see you in my dreams”.

14. Couple goals

“Everyone has a dream to become bride or groom one day. So at last I stole her heart. She stole mine in return”

15. Locked heart

“You stole my key to my heart. And you opened it like a door. If that key fits to my heart, it says that I love you”.

16. You are my number one

“When I opened my eyes in the morning I kiss the lock screen many times, there your picture lies”.

17. Best life partner

“The world one day will smile upon me and say, you got the most deserving and best partner you could possibly imagine”.

18. True love never dies

“True love follows you, even when you chase the wrong”.

19. Thinking about you

“My heart is still awaken thinking about you, even when the sun sleeps with the blue sky”.

20. Hurt you the most every time

“The ones that hurt the most are nearly impossible to let go”.

21. Let me close to you

“Baby let me stay close to you every time. Let me be your everything, Let me fix your broken heart and enlighten your heart with love of mine”.

22. Love is like an ice cream

“If love is an ice cream, you are the sprinkle on top”.

Touching Love Quotes In True Love Times

23. I’m craving to you

“The sound of your sweet voice, the presence of your beautiful soul, the smell of you, my  favorite scent makes me crave for your love”.

24. Fantasizing our future

“One day we will be holding our hands together and sing two different songs, act different roles and draw the same picture of being the mom and dad of our lovely children”.

25. Recap of our journey

“Day by day we came this far, ear by ear we became no secret to all, it’s time to take my hand and loudly shout at the world that you are only mine and forever mine”.

26. Caring to each other

“Love is still caring while you are baring every burden on your head”.

27. To be the last love

“No, I don’t care for not being your first love, but all I need is to be your last and only love”.

28. If I am the flower you are my butterfly

“Like a butterfly on the flower I will stay close to you, Like a star near the moon I will wash away loneliness, Like a bright sparkle to the eyes I will make your world bright”.

29. One love one soul

“Like a soul to the body I will love you forever my love”.

30. I felt lost my self

“The day you gave me your heart was the day I lost my self”.

31. Heaven on earth

“Your kisses are a fountain of fairy touches on my lips; they just wake me up in a different world with fairies around and touching my lips with the most fragile flower petals in the heaven”.

32. Only mine forever

“I will hold your hands and defend your heart, send you arrows of love and will make your heart only mine forever”.

33. Love is like rain enjoy every bit of it

“You are the rain to the umbrella which comes out when it rains, and kiss the rain with all of its heart”.

34. If sun is you, I am the melting ice-ream inside your heart

“You are the sun to my beach. My heart is an ice-cream on my hand which always melts in the beach because of the sun”.

35. My heartbeat is you

“Baby just tell me that you love me before my heart stops and I will sleep with peace in mind”.

36. Most precious

“When you don’t know the value of something, you are worthless to be the owner of it”.

37. True love

“Unleash your true love in my presence and make me happy at least for one second”.

38. Distant cannot separate us

“I love you to the moon and back. I love you to each drop of ocean”.

39. Blessings of shower

“If you are the rain of blessings I will be the single drop of your rain”.

40. You are my one in a million

“If I love you me thousand ways, I will love you in million ways”.

41. Let life surprise you

“Let you be my one and only love forever. I will give my heart for u in many ways with new beginnings each and every morning. With a simple “good morning” and a hardest “goodbye””.

42. Fall for you

“The arguments we have, the mess we create only makes me fall again and again for you”.

43. Trust me

“Everything we are experiencing right now .It will definitely get better. Trust me”.

44. Have faith

“Please don’t take me serious when I am mad. Just have faith in us. I never want to hurt you. Forgive me”.

45. Never give up on me

“We both swore to live by the rule. We still are. I haven’t given up on you. Neither should you”.

46. Don’t let me feel that I am no body

“When you are away from me. Every second feels like a decade. Everything I do become dull. Everywhere I go become nowhere. My baby, stay close. Never let me experience that I am no body”.

47. I find myself in you

“I have never felt so comfortable to talk, smile and laugh before you came into my life. I find myself in you my baby”.

48. You make me alive

“Before loving you, I’d never lived, before touching you, I’d never felt anything,  and I was waiting for you to keep me alive because I was never living”.

49. You shine my world

“You are the gentlest moon light to my river. When the waves are formed, your gentle light shines the whole river with loads of love”.

50. Love you forever

“Whatever my destiny is, you are in it everywhere every time. I’m sure that we will never be apart. I love you forever”.

51. I regret

“I regret for leaving my words unsaid to you before you leave. My love, I loved you more than anything on this earth”.

Love Quotes That Fetches Inspiration To Love In True Love Time

52. My heart beats to the rhythm of your love

“Close your eyes, touch my heart and here it’s beating to the rhythm of your love”.

53. It was all a dream

“One day I started reading a book. Then closed my eyes for a while and you were in beside. I kissed your lips as gentle as I could and cuddled you so tight to me, then opened my eyes to see your beautiful eyes and found that I was asleep”.

54. Will you marry me?

“My only wish is to be yours. To be your one and only. To be your partner to share life with. So will you marry me”?

55. Open your heart

“Open the doors of your home to the gentle breeze coming out from the hills; Open the doors of your heart to the love coming out of my heart and say that you love me too”.

56. You’re my queen

“If you give me your hand, I will make you my wife and my queen, build a palace and name it with after you”.

57. Love is my life

“If I were given two paths to choose from love or life. I will definitely choose love. I will definitely choose love. Because love is my life”.

58. Wake up next to me

“Every day I wake up thinking that you are sleeping next to me, and I text you first with my heart full of love wishing that one day you’ll really be by my side, cuddling to me and sharing my warmth”.

59. I have loved you from thousand years back

“On the very first day I saw you, you remind of someone I knew before. I tried to realize who you are, but still it didn’t come to my mind. It’s been four years till now and I believe baby you are the one who came with me from thousand years back”.

60. I’ve written everything in my heart

“The very first day you held my hand, the very first day you kissed me and the very first day you cuddled me so tight to yourself are written in my diary called heart with animated memory clips. I will never let you go my love”.

61. Somebody like you

“I never dreamt that I’d love somebody like you and I never dreamt that I’d lose somebody like you”.

62. You were my everything

“You were my strength every time I go down. You were my happiness to wipe out my tears. No one makes me feel like I feel for you. No one will love me like you did. Baby, are you still looking at me from the heaven”?

63. I am living in a dying heart

“When I thought of running away from life, I met you and you stopped me, and showed what life is. Why did you abandon me between life and death? Now I am living but dying every day”. 

63. Let me be the full tanked car

“Just give me some love, some kisses and some hugs, and I will become a full tanked car and will drive crazy on crazy roads cuddling you”.

64. Choosing you

“I choose you. And I’ll choose you over and over. Without a doubt, in my heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you”.

65. So sweet

“You’re just wow! I’m glad to have you lie so glad, like so so so glad”.

66. My inspiration

“My motivation is you, my inspiration is you, and my part of the life is you, so what? I’m all yours honey”!

67. Believe and have a faith in life

“Believe me, one day stars will fall down, rain will fall, moon will fall down, sun will fall down, and planets will fall down, but I will fall for you day by day, every minute, second, hour”.

68. Tell me…..

“Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours, I don’t mind”.

69. Do you? Yes of course.

“Your mere existence in my life is filled with joy, I feel blissed because of you”?

70. Yes, you are.

“You are the person I want to see with when I’m staring at my phone”.

71. Keep calm

“Keep calm and I said yes, when he asked, keep calm and I’m going to be her craziest one forever”.

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