Love Quotes After You Disagree Not To Marry

Disagreement will come during relationships, and there is possibility that it gets out of hand to the extent that you both have to say good bye with tears. When things like this happen, they give us time to reminisce on our past, our love and what we can do together in the future. 

In this wise, love quotes suffice, and they can make you feel love again.

1. The tears in my eyes are millions lesser than the pain I feel in my heart, all because I know I am about to lose you into another man’s hands.

2. I will never forgive myself for letting you slip out of my hands.

3. Tears roll down in my heart like the way rain falls from the sky. It is unbelievable we are parting ways.

4. I find it hard to understand the way I see my love vanishing away like a thin smoke.

5. It is really hard to say goodbye, and my hearth is reluctant because it is not ready to let you go, but to proceed is the problem.

6. Let say goodbye in peace, before our hearts begin to fight and that can actually put the world in disorder.

7. I know you are thinking of what to say and how you will feel when we meet in the nearest future, but I must say that let get to the river bank before thinking of how to cross.

8. I have been speechless all day because I know we are about getting to the dead end and the possibility of turning around is very low.

9. Now is the time as destiny is parting our ways, but if we are meant for each other surely we’ll meet in the future and destiny will once again bind us.

10. Even though we part ways, I am sure your thoughts will forever ring bell in my memory. You made me all this while, and you constitute a larger part of how I live my life.

11. Surely, memories fade away, but I am sure yours is crested in my heart with no possibility of clearing away.

12. Before, when the doors are closed, I find you there opening it, if places are dark, I find you with illumination, now that you are about to go different ways, I see my life as being miserable, I feel like I am hopeless, but I have got no other choice than to let go of you.

13. I would have loved to ask you to hold on for us to die together and then, no one can disrupt our love in the deceased land but time waits for no one, please move ahead with a peaceful life.

14. Some say that living without their love is like living in the world with no air. But for me, losing you is worse than that.

15. I have always depended on you as the best teacher I have got, now that you are about to leave, who do I turn unto?

16. The question I ask myself every minute is that, “is this real?”, and I conclude by saying I am only daydreaming, nothing like losing you is in existence.

17. I don’t know how many times I need to say sorry, I know it all my fault, I should have mended the way all this while, but I never saw this coming.

18. No history can ever be like ours, even if you search the whole wide world, all libraries and museums, it never seem like the same, we are superb creatures. But still 

19. we need to put an end to this, and surely, it pull tears out of our eyes.

20. I want to assure you that I will still wait for years and see if destiny will bind us together once again.

21. I really know that it is painful, but the road ahead is unapproachable for us, we need to let go.

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