You Are My Heartfelt Girlfriend and Wife’s Quotes: You are my Everything; Girlfriend and Wife’s Quotes

Would you like to know how you can describe the most incomprehensible aspect of love? You’re nowhere far from this attribution as long as you’re clicked on this post.

Let her know what she means to you in “sweeter” words (enough of using speaking same old, boring language all of the time). It will marvel you how she will sing praises of you till the world stops existing.



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Remember! You aren’t speaking ‘just’ words to her, but words that are sufficient enough to make her fall for you over and over again.

So, it’s up to you to decide and determine how immeasurable these quotes are for you.

You Are My Heartfelt Girlfriend and Wife’s Quotes

1.     Without you, there’ll be no me. Think of it! How would I live on this planet without the flavour of your love?

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2.     My heart remains a home for you alone. I fix my eyes at the darkness, all because of you. My sweetheart, I live to be your guardian.

3.     Journey with me all over the universe; of course, it couldn’t have been with any other since your touches alone make me love you every second.

4.     Nothing on earth exists except you. You’re my all in all. My darling, loving you depicts acquiring the entire universe.

5.     Since I became conscious of my existence here on earth, you have been the best thing ever happened to me. Speak of my eyes, heart and above all, my soul.

6.     Without you, taking a step ahead in life’s journey seems most difficult. My Honey, wherever your hands go, is where I will go.

7.     Even if the world ends today, our love will never end. Accept this assurance, my love.

8.     No one’s ever been my muse except you, my darling, I feel you in everything I do.

9.     My dear, I need you to know that I could spend every moment of my life, just right beside you. This is because you mean everything to me.

10.  When the storms rage and the flames run wild, I need you to know that you are my only option.

11.  I really adore you my darling. Stay with me till a day after forever, and I promise to do same with you.

12.  You lighten my world, and you remain the stars in my darkness. You are life to me. Believe me, you are life to me!


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13.  Each passing moment I remember your love reigns in my heart, I remain happy and always want to remain same. I love you, honey. And I admire you as well.

14.  I might repent of every sin, but the day’s never gonna come when I’ll repent of your love. Love me forever. Be mine, till we breathe our last.

15.  I promise to take with me this love to the other end of the road, since you are my all in all. It’s you or nobody else.

16.  At your command I will go. I will return when you say no. This I’ll do for you, my darling.

17.  You’re the finest for my kind. At the same time, you’re all in my heart.

18.  The colours of grief do nothing but wash away, except the pleasure of loving you.

19.  For the remaining days of our existence, I assure you my unshakable love. Let me be completely yours, just as you’re mine.

20.  If I love you too much, kindly pardon me. It’s simply the only thing in this cold world that makes the most meaning to me.

21.  I would rather lose everything else than lose you, Darling, you mean to me, heaven and earth.

22.  When the sun goes down, my love will deepen for you. At the appearance of the moon, it will not give up on loving you.

23.  I need you to know that when you hold my hands, everything seem possible for me to do. This is because nothing surpasses the marvel that I am close to you.

24.  You are not just my fantasies’ wife, but my heart can’t stop loving you.

25.  I’ll do everything in my power to adore you, even till my last breath. I’ll struggle to remain right beside you with the perspiration pouring out from your body.

26.  You’re the hunger in my gut, the food that satisfies me, the water that quenches my thirst; it’s all you are, my darling.

27.  This affection shouldn’t finish at all. There’s no limit to where it will travel, neither is there any limit to its depth. My sweetheart, I absolutely adore you.

You are my Everything; Girlfriend and Wife’s Quotes

28.  Our love would be the only permanent emotion ever known, from generations to generations.

29.  By the definition of love, you are my wife, my friend, and my mum. You are all mine, my darling.

30.  For everything you have in your heart for me, I don’t mind abandoning the world and its vanities. I adore you, my honey.

31.  Only when you’re around, everyone and everything becomes invisible. The rest is overshadowed by your presence.

32.  I bless the day my eyes encountered yours. It remains the most remarkable day I ever knew.

33.  I want to have a future with our children around our table as we eat and drink at our love’s home.

34.  There’ll be no feeling again if my heart stops loving you. Of this, I’m sure, my sweetheart.

35.  You have really transformed me; your love is life’s greatest transformative gift.

36.  You lived like a dream in my past, but right now, I envision you as my only one in my future.

37.  I’m going to sacrifice for becoming this love. It is worth more than diamond, gold, silver, and the riches of the world put together.

38.  You are my tranquilly and my radiance. I don’t have to admit that I need you.

39.  Come what may, you’re my only choice to love.

40.  In your eyes, I see the future; the beautiful future I want to live.

41.  Let us toast forever with a glass of love in our fingers. I need you, my angel.

42.  I can’t even love properly without you. How do I? You remain my only true love.

43.  I’m going to show the world and its inhabitant this affection, so they know, you mean to me all in all.

44.  Only too much can you harm me; you can only cure me from all the agony.

45.  You’re all to my soul; this day and in days to come, my rescue and my redeeming.

46.  You’re the one mother that I wanted, and the nice father that I love I brought home. You’re my heartbeat’s essence.

47.  Whatever the number of paths that lead to pleasure, I’ll rather go your route. Why? Because you’re greater than life put together. You’re my all, my love.

48.  Your joy is mine. And I’m going to make your frowns birth a grin.

You are my girlfriend’s and wife’s quotes from my heart.

49.  It mustn’t, if life holds on to everything, your affection. Because without you, life is really empty.

50.  I’ll do everything within my reach to flourish while I adore you, alone. Because you are my everything in this world.

51.  My innermost self understands so much that is real, and I don’t need anybody else to be cleansed as such.

52.  With love and passion you assaulted my heart. I don't have to look for the one further.

53.  Joy has become a complete pleasure in my heart, since behind every grin you are the reason.

54.  Mine heart created all of you my. Heaven gives testimony to this with me of a fact.

55.  You alone brought meaning to my world, and I feel so complete. Without you, without hope of atonement, I will be vanity.

56.  I was born a half moon, but I became a full moon the moment you entered into my life. I adore you, sweetie.

57.  With every look you take, my heart travels back and forth into forever. You are all of mine.

58.  Anybody else has no room. You took away my heart, sight and breath. I don’t need anyone else.

59.  I’ll rather stay unborn if you don’t remain in my life. It’s all you!

60.  The moment you discovered a place in my heart, this life became a home for me; a site that doesn’t have room for others.

61.  Without you, my world would collapse, yet in one day, my whole existence was rebuilt with you. You’re more than all to me.

62.  Then, I have lost nothing to the world, but a breath-like loss of you means I have nothing to myself. I could never exchange you and her delights for the world.

63.  When you breathe on me, I’m alive like a tree by the river. You are my life breath and I have it all as such.

64.  My ambitions and accomplishments in the face of your love are vanities. It’s true since all of you are mine.

65.  I feel lonely while you’re gone, yet, the comfort of the company of an angel comes with your presence.

66.  I may die alone, but without you, I don’t want to live this existence. Because you are all mine.

67.  When you came into my life, I understood that love never fails. I’m going to have you know that you are my love paragon.

68.  Don’t you worry about what I feel for you or who else desires me; since at all times, I will always be yours. I am going to make all of you, mine.

69.  No one else recognises my heart, but you. Neither can my eyes see beauty apart from yours. In all, you mean everything to me.

70.  I think about you in everything I do, since you are my love; the most essential thing in my life, to breathe. You’re all mine, and a lot more.

71.  How else can I exchange you for, since you’re all mine?

72.  I am complete with a grin from you. It’s a wonder that a person can mean everything for me.

73.  As long as you’re the one in my heart, and the cause behind my grin, the world will attempt to divide us in vain. You’re certainly making me complete.

74.  Because loving you has kindled a blazing desire in me, I’m slothful. You make me complete. You make me perfect.

75.  I wish that life on earth was everlasting, so for a single record, I would not have to leave you. You mean everything to me, for me.

76.  As long as my sacrifices are for you, I can accept anything. I adore you, my darling.

77.  If heaven tarries, my love for you will never alter. It’ll rather become just like a flawless diamond.

78.  The moment I made the right choice to love you, my sins were pardoned. Oh! You’re making me feel perfect.

79.  You are my better half. But everything of me is yours, my sweetheart.

80.  Without you in my life, existence would have remained deeply empty in despair. But the moment you came into my life, it was all a lovely beam of light.

81.  You are the mirror of my heart. The reason my heart is always wonderful. In all, you are all that matters to me.

82.  A rainbow is full of all its hues; I am full of you my darling.

83.  Since you are all mine, I would rather spend this life with you and eternity too.


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