Messages for Him or Her; My Feelings Text Messages

 To show your emotion and affection to your boy lover or girl lover, you should send to them these beautiful and romantic text messages. 

Messages for Him or Her; My Feelings Text Messages


1. The world is the greatest place, in as much as we have one another. Your existence in my life is an ever-ending sequence of hope. I love you so much, Honey! I really do!

2. You’re the one with whom I am the happiest. You pull the best out of me, and I want to let the whole universe know that you are Gold. My heart beats, my heart beats for you.

3. We can’t say the exact moment we’ll fall in love, but I knew you were the one for me the very first minute I saw you. You’re making my world go round sweetheart. I love you so much! I love you so much!

4. Every day, love increases. You have taught me how to take things slowly. Your love is for me, a brilliant light!

5. I feel your presence, and I feel your absence too. You’re the world’s greatest gift to me. I want to yell loud that you’re mine, and mine forever. Sweetheart, I love you so much.

6. I’m always hypnotized whenever I look into your eyes. Your radiance gives me so much light. It’s okay if you know that I’ll never trade you for anything! You’re dear to my heart. You hold my heart.

7. You’ve always brought joy and vitality to my life even when I’m inattentive or distant. I love you so much that it is difficult to remain without you a whole day.

8. My deeds, my smiles, my tears, my seriousness, you never abandoned or grow weary of me! You’re constantly around me. You’re always caring for me. I love you dearly, Honey. I really do!

9. I see in your eyes, light swirling like the stars in the sky, telling me that at the end of the tunnel, light is there. A lot of love!

10. You’ve never been surprised by my behaviour, you know what to do with me, what to say to me. I’m constantly astonished about how you do this. I want you to know, sweetheart, that you are my greatest present.

11. What I want you to say, is what you are saying. You are doing what I want you to do. I can’t phantom how you do those things, but you sure do them well. Thank you for being there!

12. I used to be a private guy, but you pulled me out of my shell. I am glad I met you, and I’ll live to always bless the day I met you. You mean so much to me.

13. You pay so much attention to me, listening to me about my life. You go about with all that concerns me. You are my brilliant armour knight.

14. When it seems like I’m alone, you give me hope; you’re still giving me hope for the future. Show me that I’m never going to be lonely. What more do I need if you’re not alone? I’m beating my heart for you!!!

15. I was transformed by your words and deeds. You’re mine, I’m happy and I’m yours. This right motivates me in all I do. My darling, you mean the world to me.

16. Your presence, I can’t forget. I miss you, yet, I feel so close to you. Our hearts have been fused!

17. I cherish with you every moment, since they are my album, every day. I hold them so dearly in my heart. For a minute, I can’t forget you.

18. You showed me the true significance of love. How it is, and how it ought to be felt. I love you. I love you.

19. Your face was engraved in my heart from the minute I saw you. Your name was engraved on my heart from the time you told me, you love me.

20. I never thought, as I have with you that it was always possible to love someone so dearly. I can’t figure out exactly what I’ve done to you, yet, I’m confident that I am going to deal rightly with you. You are mine! My darling, you are mine!

21. I know I’m not worthy of your love, yet, you love me. You love me. Yet, you care for me. I don’t deserve your compassion. You are God’s gift. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

22. They claim that we don’t get the things we desire, but I’m happy I wanted you now, and I’ve got you to myself. My love for you is greater than gold.

23. If you look inside my heart with a sneak, you will notice that your ideas fill up parts. Out of my thoughts, I can’t seem to get you. Love!

24. Whenever I stare into your eyes, all I see is I. You carry me all around, you hold me carefully. Sweetheart, I love you so much.

25. All I need and want is my desire. You’ve got my heart, nothing’s anymore for anybody.

26. You want to let me leave because you love me, and because I love you, I want to remain with you. Love for you. Lots of love for you.

27. I love you so much, that is all I have to say. You make me feel like I’m the world’s greatest girl, and I want you to know that I adore you so much.

28. You are my universe, with you and for you, every minute. You must be every minute, Angel.

29. If I could offer you anything in this lifetime, I would give you the capacity to gauge my love for you, to know how intense and charming it is. Honey, I love you, and I adore you!

30. I will buy you a mirror if I can, to show you how you are in my heart, and how you took my heart. You are my pulse, you are my love.

31. I want to have the ability to show you how important you are to me. You are too beautiful to explain in words.

32. I’d have held you in front of me, and never let go. You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever had.

33. My eyes are just looking for you. My heart just wants you. My hands are just holding you my nose just want to perceive you. Sweetheart, you are certainly the finest.

34. Nothing was timely before you. Life is great since the time and season I spend with you are fantastic. It’s worth the seasons spent with you. You are my queen! You are my queen!

35. My love for you is unspeakable. Words are too tiny to express the emotions. All you should know is that my love for you is immeasurable.

36. Like a job, I want to do love with you. I want to be the most worthy, committed, and suitable person to do the work. I love you. I love you.

37. Your smile is charming, your laugh is sweet. Your stride is beautiful. Everything about you is wonderful. I hope you realise that he loves you.

38. If I’m needed to speak about you, I’ll exhaust the time. So you mean to me, and to the whole universe. I am pleased that I can call you mine! I am pleased I can call you mine!

39. You really adore people, and I know you are gentle at heart. You are who you are, and I share your heart with me.

40. You offer me pleasure, give me a feeling of belonging, show me affection, and take care of me. What more can I ask for? You’re more than enough for me, sweetheart.

41. I believe fairy tale because you’re here with me. I think that our love is magical in storybook ways. Our world is wonderful.

42. YOU are the only thing important in this world. You’re the centre of my universe. Without you, I can’t work. You are my life. You are my life.

43. Everything I desire is you, now and forever. You are my wish, my passion.

44. My heart beats for you. Without you, I can never fathom existence. We are one! We are one!

45. It is to show my love for you in simplicity, all these sly peeps. Tiny touches and little things that we do.

46. My favourite sound is your voice. My favourite taste is your meal. My favourite effort is your laughing, and my favourite undoing is your eye. Who’s not mine to love you?

47. Life has been simpler for me, since I met you. Life has been smiling with me, really. You are too wonderful, certainly at the heart of all of them. I am fortunate to have you!

48. Laughing has become because of you, my everyday habit. You have given me so much pleasure, and you still give me so much happiness. Thanks for coming into my life. Thanks.

49. Without you, the path of my life will not be complete. It will probably not make much sense. Eventually, there will be no tale to tell. I’m happy to report that you are the greatest, sweetheart.

50. You may speak to me, easily. You may love me easily. You may appreciate me easily. Surely, you are meant for me.

51. It was a wonderful experience with you. It was very nice to look and feel. You mean the entire universe to me, honey. Yes, you do!

52. Since you came into my life, things have been going forward. There’s been no pause at all. You are my world’s best gift, you have given me brightness.

53. You weren’t what I was searching for when I met you, but, in the long term, I knew that you were exactly what I needed to live. You are going around my globe. I adore you, and I’m always going to do so.

54. I can’t keep my thoughts to myself, wherever you must be seen, and I tell you that you are the most important person in my life. I cherish you. I cherish you.

55. It’s high time you knew that I appreciate you. And in my own unique way, I want to express this to everyone. I bless our encounter. You are too wonderful for me. I adore you and you are my home. You are my home.  

56. I’m going to locate you. You are in my heart, every morning. I can’t get you out of my thoughts. That is how much my heart has devoured your love.

57. Then, what else do I say about everything that you have gone through with me? I love you my wife. I love you so much, both for the greatest thing and the tiniest thing.

58. In times of difficulty, need, and even the finest moment of life, I love you enough, much to stay with me. We are indestructible and life-long inseparable!

59. Do you realise that without you, my world would be incomplete? My life is worth living because you are with me. Thank you for all you do, my love.

60. I can’t get you out of my system, you pour into my veins. Life taught me a lot, but you were with me in it! You matter to me, my love. You matter to me.

61. You are all I ever needed and everything I’ll ever need. You are my own angel. You are my own. Without you, I can’t do anything.

62. You have all been necessary to make me better via the storm, the wave, the tide, the cycles. You are wonderful for me, my God-given angel.

63. You are my addiction. You are beautiful and faultless. What more should I need? What else? You are the answer to my many prayers. Mamacita, I love you. I adore you.

64. The trees will always look for water; the shadows will always look for light. And I will always look for you.  You complete my universe; you are the most gorgeous soul ever.

65. You are too amazing to be human. You are certainly an angel. In my life, you have so much significance, my love. You matter to me, so much.

66. In my life, you are my need and I need you. You’re exactly what I need, the only thing I can rescue myself.

67. I will pick you again and again. I’ll still pick you over again in the next existence. You remain my universe, and I want your world to rock.

68. You complete my whole, you are a disguised gift. Take my hand because my heart is yours already. I adore you! I love you!

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