200 Beautiful Love Text Messages For Your Partner : Love SMS For Her

Love, we say, makes one mad. Isn’t it? Even though love is beautiful, it is also complicated at the same time. With the pleasure it gives, it still appears as something more tedious than we can ever think.
It is cool sending love text messages to your lover when you intend to make your relationship rosy. Like you feel for him, she has well thought loudly, deeply about that special affection you share together.
You may be thinking phone calls do the work of speaking to your man’s or woman’s heart. Far from that, awesome messages make your heartthrob crave for you.

50 Beautiful Love Text Messages For Your Partner
In this wise, awesomely romantic messages especially for people who want a smooth relationship, are necessary.
I know of those men and women accused of not been romantic these days possibly because they find it hard or do not know how to go about sending beautiful love messages to their partners.
Watch this love video.
If you have been left tongue-tied by love and in damage for words, you’re one of many –but we’re here to help. 
Here are detailed love messages that make your relationship work more than you can suggest/ expect, they have proper meaning and leave a laugh on your beloved's face.

Beautiful Love Text Messages for Her

1. You are the trust:
“Friends appreciate the millions they have in banks; I appreciate the million trust I have in you.”
The trust you have in your woman means more than a million to you. You may not have much in your account, and still may not be the rich man every successful people admire. If your woman is enough, you are a millionaire.

2. Love Is Success:

“Talking about joy, and success, I feel more successful and joyous when you smile and say hi.”
In defining success itself, nothing brings about it like the one you love and cherish.

4. Why I Love You:

“Does anybody care to know why my love for you is getting stronger day by day? Nothing, other than your unending smiles and laughter when nobody cares about me.”
No body actually want to know why you love someone dearly, just makes sure your reasons are not out of it and actually counts as your love years increase.

5.  Love Is A Miracle:

“People talk about miracles and give examples; I see you as a miracle with examples, too numerous to give.”
Miracles abound in the universe, but you are a very sure miracle I can hardly define. This kind of messages is sincerely from the bottom of the heart.

6. In Your Lonely Time:

“In your lonely time, remember to give me hi messages, and I will keep your company. In your sleep time, try to think of me, and I will comfort you.”
Inspirational love messages for lonely people are meant to comfort and accompany them. When you have a remote girlfriend, it is not wrong to send this to them.

7. Hard Time Do not Last:

“You say hard time never last, and promise to shoulder my responsibility when a problem arises. I have never witnessed a hard time with you because you prepare ahead of the problem. I love you.”
Though it is impossible to exist without a hard time, it is as well possible to get ready for such time. When you are ready, such time appears they do not exist.

8. Your Call Is My Strength:

“I call you when I need strength, message you when I need virtual kiss, and ignore your calls when I needed to know how strong you love me.”
Strength is gotten in different ways; some take alcohol or hard drugs. Lovers find solace in their sweethearts.

9. Love questions make heart grows:

“Mere looking at you, my restlessness vanish. Calling you, my sorrow disappeared, and messaging you, my love for you grows. Do you love me?”
Prepare always to ask love questions in love text messages; it is a way of confirming the deepness of someone’s love for you.

10.  I want you:

“Each time I kiss you, I feel your heart, when I come close, I dance away sorrow. I want you forever in my world.”
It is no joke when you say you want someone. If you do not mean it, better don’t say it.

11. closer than you think:

“So close then you thought, my heart to your heart.”
Hearts of those who earnestly love are closer than expectations.

12. You Are Precious:

“He that finds a diamond, let him take good care of it. He that finds a queen needs a palace and must be a king. When I found you, I have everything.”
If you find true love, it is as if you found a precious stone. Take care of what you have.

13. Stay Here Love:

“Good day darling, you are moving around in my heart. Could you please stay somewhere?”
It is not out of the game of love to keep dreaming of the one you love. Always reveal this dream, it makes love blossom.

14. Distance cannot mar emotion text.

“A million miles apart, the same love, emotion, and feelings still exist.”
Distance should not be a barrier between you and your compassionate lover; your heart must be filled with love to make this happen. While you are distanced from your lover, you could make the emotion flow like it used to be by sending varieties of things ranging from gifts, emails, love messages and texts, among others.

15. Times I miss you

“I might be asleep, but I miss you, especially when I don’t dream about you”.
You love your partner, and that is real with no iota of doubt, your impression makes your lover remember at the time you are not there. When she is not there her picture is in your mind, and when your sleep is thought will also rise in your mind.

16. She lives in you.

“A is a part of you that cannot be ejected lives in me”.
She lives in you; let her be the red blood cells in you. They are indispensable for your body. Your lover should be part of you.

17. Even if it is a glimpse of you

“I am tired of sending you emails, texts, messages, poems and chats; I want to say it to you physically. Please let us live together”.  
After a while, text messages and the others might be helpless, and I am afraid you have to do the needful by seeing your lover because the breeze of other potential lovers can blow your lover away from you as it susceptibility grows due to overdue sight.

18. Text message for jointed heart

“When bridges are mutilated, it mars people’s movement, they cannot reach their destination, but for us, no bridge can part us. Our heart is never disjointed”.
Make no room for parting ways with your lover even distance is a barrier, make her understand the feelings of your heart so she could be connected with it. Be plain and straightforward to her so that she can confide in you better.

19. No reason to give up

“Even when there are thousands of reasons to give up on you, you are the you I want”.
Obstacles will inevitably show, worst times are a better teacher. Challenges will surely come in a relationship, and several reasons will show up for you to forget about your love for another. Be steadfast and firm, if you get another person, such will also happen. Why not stay with her.

20. Beautiful times came to you

“Ever since I met you, my days have been beautiful, my month tremendous, and year elegant”.
If she is the real person for you, glad tidings will inevitably come your way, but you might need patience because it might sometime take some time.

21. She is not a slave

“You will not be married to me for domestic home chores as some do in Africa”.
In Africa, most men believe that women are married to take care of home. But you should see her as the other part of you that needs to be involved in your daily life, and you need to be her helping hands in house chores.

22. Her inner strength

“Even though you are a girl, you got more strength than I do because you find it easy to influence me”.
The strength of your wife cannot be down looked; she might not be physically active like you, but her emotional robust is not comparable to yours. She has the capacity of influencing you and your actions.

23. Text message  for hypnotising love

“Some were jinxed and hypnotized by their enemy without any notice, but I am happy my lover mesmerised me, and I acknowledged it”.
Your behaviour might seem like you have been jinxed when you are really in love, but it is the supremacy of love that is driving you. Love is great and cannot be overemphasised.

24. The focus of might thought

“When the week starts, all I think of is weekend when I will not go to work and will be with you all time”.
Although you need to be up and doing and diligent with your work, but your work can never replace your lover and her feelings. Hold onto her and do not let work make you lose her.

25. You are an eye opener

“You made me realized why my previous relationships failed”.
When you meet the right person and you look back at times you have spent trying to make things work, you will see where the error erupted from; it might be that your previous lovers are round egg in a square hole. 

26. You are for me alone text

“We all share the air, the sun and the earth all because God abundantly creates them, I thank God I don’t share you with people as you were made for me alone”.
Your lover is not to be shared with anyone as we share other features which God made for us in abundant. She is the one you adore most. Be grateful to God for the blessing.

27. You are the one:

Talking about preference, some men are better chosen than some. A reliable woman is like gold to his husband. A lovely little comment that is certain to make him laugh from the ear. At first, he could be considered a little anxious that you love him, but as he talks, he’ll have the meaning clear and loud that you just do in fact appreciate him!
“I prefer you. I love you a lot. You are greater than everything before me. I LOVE YOU!”

28. Love Info:

Occasionally there is similar to this a super quick concept merely what his time he has to produce. Privately, I assume he will love it every time and enjoy this love text messages.
“FYI: I like my man.”

29.  You Are My Sounding Board:

“You are my rock; I enjoy you so much.”
This one is just classic. Every man loves to be the building blocks of relationship, the ‘rock’ along with the one that holds everything. Remember “You Are My Rock” by Beyoncé?

30. With You Every Time:

“I like being with you. I miss you and can’t wait to see you!”

You love him, not to mention you love being with him. Permitting him to know you miss him is likely to make him of course, loved, and feel wished. You need to start sending beautiful text messages to your partners. Clean Bandit and Julia Michaels Sang the song - I Miss You. It says so much about this inspirational love quotes.

Beautiful Love Text Messages For Him

31. The Problem With Love:
Occasionally folks get trapped within the easy issues, and also this information reveals to him your love's degree, permitting him to realize you just can’t live without him. Send this beautiful text messages to your partners.
“The problem with love is there’s too little, or too much. What I’ve come to understand is you ought to always be with somebody you can’t stay without, not somebody you merely want to stay with.”

32.  Love Is Trust:

“I trust you. And guess what happens? That’s an improved compliment than I like you. Need to know why? You adore the person you believe. Nevertheless, you could usually love anyone you trust.”
Absolutely! This is this type of legal opinion with lots of meaning.

33. Reasonable Point:
“Hey, you. I enjoy your face.”
Cute, sweet, but still high in love - that’s what wonderful love texts are constructed with!

34. My Friend:
“You're my journal, my companion, and my other half. You suggest the planet to me, and for that, I love you.”
Did other people get that intimate, warm experience in reading this?

35. You Made My Day:
“Easily had to pick my best evening ever, my best time, my best friend ever, and my fantasy is realized. Mind you: I’ll always be yours.”
It’s somewhat cheap, yes, but a person! is it cute. We enjoy this beautiful text.

36. I Love:

“I love you from your head to the feet.”
And that’s a great deal, my dear, of loving.

37. “I noticed, and so I loved you that you are ideal. But I noticed that you simply are not excellent and with that, I loved you a lot more.”
This can be a classic that works each time to wonders. It is unbelievably accurate you appreciate them anyway, although because yes, nobody is ideal, with all of their flaws.
38. “I'd utilize my last air to convey I love you if I needed to choose between breathing and supportive you.”
Sweet- and probably something you’ve heard before. But nevertheless, it’s always a terrific matter to read it, being a text message.
39. I wouldn’t like you, if I never satisfied you. I wouldn’t appreciate you if you don't like me. I wouldn’t miss you, if I didn’t enjoy you. But I did, I do and that I can.
Another vintage that gives awesome looks each time we read it. This beautiful text message will do wonder, try it! 
40. Never doubt someone’s love for you. Just let them be if you find some defects. If you endure the discomfort, the happiness is extremely enjoyable and never ending. Never try to find the ideal love, because love without pain is impossible. 
Hello, it’s the best to show. There’s no such thing as being a perfect love, so figure out how to love every other's imperfections.

41. Am I loved by you? A. Yes B. Don’t know C. Is that true
This is THEREFORE adorable! I can’t override how cute this is!

42. I like you significantly more than I did so recently although not significantly more than I'll tomorrow.
I can’t stop acknowledging how nice this is. It nearly provides a split to the attention- adorable it's! Give this beautiful text message a try.

43. I just need our minds for eternity, and three issues: You, Me to maintain our love living.
And when both of you can accomplish that, you certainly can do anything? This is the ideal text to deliver one's life's love.

44. Quit asking me I like you. The next time I’ll hugs you, and I belief you, you'll understand.
A remarkably cute and lovey-dovey text is rooted in this message. However, it will even get him extra enthusiastic to determine you. And my buddy, that, is just a healthy blend that merely can’t FAIL!

45. You make me incredibly thankful for everything I never loved. You’re the main reason I believe in love.
That’s deep. Not just would you type and enjoy him in most way condition, but you were shown by him what love is. He created YOU THINK in-love. That’s effective. Your guy wish to notice something similar to that?

46. I like your eyes; I enjoy your laugh. I like your methods, and that I appreciate your design. So what can I say? You’re a different kind, and always on my brain.

Informing your guy what issues you like about him is advisable. We complementary enjoy this wording since it’s enhancing, as well as allows him to realize that he’s the guy in your thoughts. And what man doesn’t wish to notice that from his lady?

47. What's love? Many people who don’t enjoy it call it a duty. Other individuals who perform with love call it a game. Individuals who don’t contain it call it a desire. I call it you
I merely can’t overcome how incredibly cute this text is. And hello- it’s fairly accurate, also. This is the easiest way to inform him if he’s your description of love. Why not send this beautiful text message?

48. I like you. In my own heart, you'll continually be. Wherever you're here near to significantly, my love is likely to be.
Nothing wrong with a little love poem that is corny every time! How adorable is this one?

49. I'd go out of the room if you requested me to exhibit to you simply how much I like you!
Since occasionally whenever you enjoy somebody, you merely can’t display it. There’s chance you can state or do to prove you like them. That feeling is described by this declaration completely- and we recommend giving him this cute text if this seems something as if you. 

50. Love. My entire life wished for it every evening I've read this publications and yearned for this every single day. Since I've you, I've found it.
We study love, view it in films, the dream of it- yes, actually desire for it. And that’s why is this declaration so sweet, and therefore ideal. Love is described by it completely.

51. Talk to me instantly to get a minute doubt of my love for you personally. Don’t begin accepting things and just stay there. Don’t wallow in an agony of our shattered love and just stay there. Don’t resort to these actions that are silly. Only ask me. Each day my work to advise you that I do enjoy you.
This message can be a fantastic indication for the fan when they have uncertainties and that you do enjoy them, they ought to arrive at you!

52. All that's necessary for existence is love. Thank God I came across you.
Isn’t this declaration, therefore, entirely accurate? All we need in existence is love. Not prosperity, not products, not education (though these specific things are excellent and essential!). We require somebody who is there for us regardless of what and will like us. Does your companion give the love you'll need to you? Tell them with this particular favorite text.

53. I would go out of texts to deliver you, and that I may go out of cracks too. I Won't go out of room for you personally, although our telephone may go out of battery.
Oh. Our. Gosh. Is this text any cuter? We like it Just Because A. It’s clearly among the sweetest items we’ve seen and read. It’s an incredible short inspirational love poem that's adorable and appealing all in the same period. Who wouldn’t enjoy this within their mailbox?

54. The very first thing I do each morning: sends a text to you. I understand you like it. But when for whatever reason I don’t remember, please don’t be mad. Remember, I will just go out of credit, not enjoy.
We enjoy since occasionally we believe the toughest when our companion abruptly stops performing these extremely friendly and intimate things. This can be a text that'll assure your friend that stupid stuff like talk-time or insufficient credit occurs, and we ought to never lead to findings that are insane.

55. The easiest way to drop, is in deep love with me, although you can fall from the hill, you can fall from the pine, but falling in love with me is the best.
Discuss a remark that is very corny, right!? Even though it may be among the most cheesy small verses, you’ve cute study, and it is certain to place an enormous grin in your fans encounter.

56. My heart falls after I notice you. My heart shakes after I see your speech. I immediately drop whenever you take a look at me. For I've lost in deep love, please capture me.
We enjoy everything about that text. It’s downright corny in the easiest way. I just can’t imagine how they react to this! May they capture you?

Love SMS That Inspires

58. I love you never attempted to alter me; there is a constant minded my emotions that are cool after I experimented with be severe you never laughed, and also you never switched away after I required you. I like you.
Since it’s easy when everything is certainly going easy to remain with somebody. Since it’s simple to love those issues your companion do for you. Think about the things they don’t do? This wording may capture them off-guard in the beginning, but because they continue reading they’ll be recurrently surprised.

59. Then I'd explain it as exactly what a snowman did to some snowwoman easily needed to explain real love: they melted in and offered her a hug.
I am talking about truly, who pops up with one of these issues? In the same period, it’s IDEAL, although this text is completely absurd! Well,  it’s an excellent remark throughout the holidays, and enjoy this text. Save that one people, for winter!

60. Whenever I notice you, I think my heart for anything. It’s just like a fire. And today that I like you, that small fire feels as though an inferno in my torso!
Occasionally it’s ok to be always a little foolish- actually, many people choose it! While you’re in a silly feeling, check out this oh-so and adorable - text that is caring.

61. The road leading to love is slim until they become one that two can’t walk on it.
Whoa. I don’t understand what may if that text didn’t directly strike you prefer a topic. The text is loved by effective, immediately.

62. Can a center be made up of two components that are distinct. In math, three” merely indicates not “less than this equation. As well as in actual life, love DOES NOT HAVE room to get a next. Love can be you and me!
Why don't you throw together with your like to truly obtain the mind operating in only a little math? This is an out-of-the-container love text that's also adorable AND accurate. Try this beautiful text message!

63. The exact distance between two minds isn't an obstacle. It’s just of how a powerful real love memory could be.
Here is a love message when this distance appears like a barrier.

64. Since each time I see you everybody claims you only fall in love, but that’s not the case. I fall in love once again.
This starting before was probably noticed by You’ve, and it gets cuter each time we examine it.

65. One thousand words could be not enough to express so just how personally I think about you, therefore ‘I love you’ indicates a great deal more easily state three phrases make sure.
You CAN’T FAIL to have a lovey-dovey inspirational love poems particularly if it’s one such as this.

66. Terms alone Won't be sufficient to state my love's level.
Whoa, that’s deep. And sure lots of us may connect. If enough is simply aren't by phrases, this is the love text for you personally.

67. In case you didn’t understand, I'll be caring for you usually and permanently! 
Since your companion requires an indication that is small then and every now, right?

Love Messages Every Heart Desires

68. Slipping with you in deep love was truly the simplest point I’ve completed in my life.  
Yes, it had been than breathing easier. (Yes, you grab that point, also and can go right ahead. I understand I’m great!)  

69. My love for you Won't decompose despite the fact that we're much aside.
Another exemplary caring text in an extended distance connection available for my partners. Remember length doesn’t issue, so long as your love holds true!

70. I'll enjoy YOU, like the evening moon, and morning sunlight.
I guess he didn’t OBSERVE THAT one, did he!? I like this saying! So cute.

71. Caring you makes my heart increase- with joy!
Sweet. It's almost adorable. But!

72. I want more than delivering this!” I had been immediately alongside you
You had been together since your companion Won't get fed up with reading that you just desire.

73. Since, I like a flower for you.
And today you realize steps to make a wording flower. You’re welcome. Shoot her this beautiful text message very early in the morning.

74. For many, love is impaired. However, for me, that isn’t accurate. Since after I had dropped in love, all I noticed was you! 
How adorable is this inspirational love poem?

75. I hope you ultimately understand before the finish, since you’re not only my guy, you’re likewise my closest friend that I’ll love you!
We can’t get enough of those lovey-dovey verses that are interesting, are you able to inform him? 

76. I like the ‘y,' I like the ‘u,' I like the ‘o.' Place all together, and I love you! 
Very tacky. We like it.

77. I like you so much.

Occasionally, if not every time, you need to start sending in love messages to your partner. Da’Mond “Je’ D’Amour Jackson in his lyrics “Why I Like You So Much” made mention of this.

78. I like the ‘y,' I like the ‘u,' I like the ‘o.' Place all together, and I love you! 
Very tacky. We like it.

79. I like you so much.

Occasionally, if not every time, you need to start sending in love messages to your partner.

Love Message For Girlfriends You Cannot Do Without

80. She Makes Me Smile.

It is expected that real lovers are Sheppard onto each other. When you are not happy, your wife is in the position of consoling you. When the wife is not satisfied, the husband is supposed to be her consolation.

“I came home dry-faced, with problems from office and friends. I met my woman, and everything was dissolved and resolved. It is good to love.”

81. I am Happy.

From the one you love is happiness, all day. Note, when you are saddened, the only thing that makes you happy, again, is your lover.

“When I am confused, I feel excited hearing from you. You lubricate my mind and replenish my heart. You are my dream come true.”

82. I pray for you.

The boyfriend-girlfriend relationship is sweet when both remember themselves in prayer. When it is midnight, one wakes up first to keep the other awake.

“I don’t use to pray; if I have to, it must be for you and me alone. When we are good, I assume everything is good.”

83. I will spend for you, my love.

If you don’t spend to make her smile, you failed as a lover. It is expected of a right-thinking lover to spend, this to keep her woman good. Exactly what this love message is talking about.

“I won’t spend on anything except you. If I have millions, it won’t be bad spending everything on you and begging for more to give. You are my last and my beginning.”

84. You are a winner.

When you are competing with your woman, don’t win in that race. A woman is a feeble being that you can impress with the simple competition. Make her win most of the time.
“I lost to you many times. I am pleased I did. You are like a warlord that must not be defeated.”

85. Ever since I met you.

If you are right boyfriends, you must make your girlfriend look cool. In any way that you are going to do it, just make sure she’s happy every time.

“Since I met you, my heart frosts when you are not with me, and defrosts when you are around. Let me live in a cool world by switching between going and coming.”

86. I love you.

Why love anything else aside from the one that genuinely wants you? That is not true love. I love this message, do you?

“I just don’t love anything aside what you love; I don’t hate anything aside what you hate. Keep me motivated by loving what the world loves.”

87. I reject offers, but.

Rejecting offers is not wrong, it is when you deny the ones coming from your darling angel.

“Sometimes, I do say no to offers, but none of you would be for once turned down. You are that happy that keeps sickness away.”

88. I am you.

You and your lover are a unified entity. You are the same in everything –thoughts –looks –and action.

“I do forget I am myself; I do think I am you.”

Love Messages For Him From A Lover

89. Sharp to be a woman.

Take this or leave it, your husband to have already calculated your future. He knows what you may turn out to be, so don’t be scared of anything.

“I am strong enough to be a woman in a reliable man’s home. What about being your woman till eternity?”

90. Not on offer.

He cannot be on offer because he got you already. Send this kind of message to your darling woman.

“There is this advert in the news that some women need a good husband. I had to let you know this because you are not on offer for anybody.”

91. The war in my mind.

Every time, except a woman, does not love; she battles different things, purposely because of affection. The same thing exists in man.

“There is a war going on in my heart between some veins and arteries. One is pumping blood because you are not here, the other is seizing it because you are around.”

92. Trust me with everything.

Lovers depend on and trust each other. Without these two, love is lost.

“Believe every shit I tell you I won’t let you go for a second.”

93. I see you alone.

Yes, it reasonable to not see anything aside those you love and trust. Love is a veil; it covers anything outside love. It is a charm.

“My world is wrapped in gauze, the only thing I see is you and me alone. Is there anything in this world aside us? I am charmed.”

94. I fell in love.

The respected South African movie, ‘love don’t cost a thing’ captures the whole of this love message.

“In a short time, you made me adapt to love. Don’t give me what I don’t want. I can’t for once fall for hatred.”

95. Notice of love arrest.

I have seen lovers charging themselves to law court without a tangible reason, all for the sake of love. Interesting.

“I will spearhead a police arrest if you say you are not marrying me again.”

96. Where to.

Love makes one stagnant. When you want to go somewhere, you cannot live without the precious woman.

“Because I know you are going nowhere, I am grateful.”

97. It does good, come what may.

Talking about the spirit of love, it reforms, shines and makes everything enjoyable. Is that not interesting?

“Your voice warms me no matter how far it is coming from; your thought motivates me no matter what you say. Your messages are like glycerin; it makes my skin shines.”

98. A voice from everywhere.

That voice from your most cherished man get you going, it is like motivation.

“Nothing calms me like the voice from your end, the smile on your face and the ‘hi’ from your mouth. Is anything worth gold in my presence than all these?”

99. Greet me.

Imagine a warm hello from your man! It is good to love.

“My heart is always frozen unless you say ‘how are you’ to me.”

100. Say Whatever.

You see, some discussions are not always necessary. But because you want to keep his or her company, you have to make your presence engaging.

“Tell me anything, including what I do not understand. It is all part of love.”

101. For you.

Do you know some things are purposely done for the sake of love? You think it is easy to say secret out if not for love reasons.

“My day has highlights, I only reveal them to you. My eyes have water; I shed them for you. My mouth has water, it is meant for our kisses.”

102. Acceptance Letter.

Love also has an acceptance letter. When you propose, only God accepts your proposition.

“I got a letter, with the word ‘accepted’ inscribed. It came from God, and you have been approved to marry you.”

103. You have me already.

It won’t be easy to say no to some proposals. Especially when it comes from a king or queen. The relationship may not be centred on money, but it needs money also.

“I cannot say I don’t know you will marry me; I am just not sure of the time you will. Don’t be a lifetime bachelor, let me marry you.”

104. You can repeat it.

Oh love, again. It surprises me when some girls say they cannot go out without their men by their side. It is still loved.

“I feel silly when you are not there, wanted to smile when you are around. But because you have taken longer than expected, I want to cry.”

105. Love is not what you say at times.

When you say something, it may not be deep in your heart. What you mean at times may not be reported. Just act your intent.

“You say you love, I never for once doubt it. Now I can confirm the love.”

106. What hurts in love.

Fake lovers are everywhere; they do not say the truth. When they say love, they mean hate.

“What hurts most is that fake statement ‘I love you.’”

107. The reason for love.

When you say love, there are reasons behind it. Make your intentions tangible though.

“You understand the reason for love when the one you love is that person that forces you to smile anytime.”

108. Love makes you smile

When you smile excessively, especially when you see someone you love. People say it, love. Love forces laugh out of an angry person.

“The single thing that makes you laugh all day is that angel that never stop staying right by your side. That is you, my love.”

109. Memories of love

Rather than let some memories go, it better they stay with you. No one resists the memories of love.

“Some memories are better to let go, the memory of love sticks to the brain as leaves stay on the water.”

110. Love makes you lucky

Loving the right person makes you appear hopeful. Love is what does it. It makes you look good before anybody.

You will know how fortunate you are when the one you love cannot sleep without seeing you.”

111. What brings eternal joy?

Love is that one thing that brings about unending joy and happiness. This love quote is fantastic.

“If you love wealth, it will finish! If you love the colour, it will fade. If you love stature, it changes as one age. Better cherish someone who makes you smile, and you will have eternal joy.”

112. In your heart is my mansion

Talk about love, and remember the truth behind it. Having an estate in someone’s mind is a sign of true love.

“Despite the world’s population, you are the one person that has a mansion in my heart.”

113. You are a winner

One thing that makes the world simple to win in, and reduce the problem is love. Love does it all.

“When thousands pledged support for me, I never win. Now that you did, I won a heart full of glories.”

114. I’m your mirror

If you intend knowing how you look, give yourself to a loving woman. He can say a lot about your look.

“I am your lone mirror; I would never say you are not fine when you are. Just ask me about yourself, I will tell the truth without looking you in the face.”

115. You won’t go.

Your lover may want to go anywhere without you; please be around him every time.

“Go anywhere; I won’t leave you for a second. The world is perfect, it has you and me together, forever.”

116. Is love wicked? 

Either love is wicked, or not, it results into what we all cherish, and that is relationship.

“To say love is wicked is to deny the existence of true love. If love is wicked, why would you run after me in the first place?”
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117. Have you read this?

So many queens are searching for husbands this days. Be careful, and don’t think of leaving your man for a second.

“Tears of joy flows through my eyes, and I want to shed it for you alone.”

118. Don’t forget this.

Remember, each time new word falls out of my mouth, you have either made me happy before or sent me a good love message. How are you today?

119. Awesome love text messages.

When you want to send love messages, make sure the one you are sending is awesome.

“I am used, after all, to reading love text messages. If nothing like this exists, I feel sad like baby.”

120. Thinking about you.

At times, you been to think of your love for someone. It is normal.

“I am in the discrete corner of the room thinking about you. How are you today?”

121. I am here with you.

Whatever you want to do, don’t try doing it without informing your boyfriend or girlfriend.

“If you want anything or intend doing something, don’t hesitate to punch me a call. It is love in Tokyo.”

122. Your call makes me happy.

If you are not used to calling your heartthrob, it is time to start doing.

“When I call you, I receive brightness, and want to smile with my pretty face.”

123. Get me these opportunities.

Every woman needs care. If you are a man that has not been giving your lover much concern, it is time you started.

“Let me grow up in the shadow of your air, allow me to live in the thought of your mind. Give me an opportunity to sustain your kisses and hugs.”

124. I envy you.

Yes, envy sprouts when you love someone dearly. You want to do things in the same way, and in same time.

“I have a well-meaning envy for your look, your talks, your smile and even your kisses.”

125. I am your angel.

Your woman is your angel, taking good care of her with everything you have got is a priority.

“Listen to angel when they speak. They voice through me.”

126. God made the union.

Your togetherness is heaven-made. Don’t worry if anything fails.

“Our relationship was matched by God. Did you not notice this. Handful by handful, I receive you completely.”

127. Be with me.

Angels are always around the one you love, if woman, especially.

“I do imagine a swirl of affluent angels around you. Stay with me forever, so they can remain in our courtyard.”

Morning Love Text Messages For Her.

128. This prayer is for you.

You need to accept this prayer, it comes from that special friend of your.

“Oh god, fill her heart with blessings to show I am always praying for her.”

129. Make me happy.

Rich voices always come from women. Men’s voice are not sexy, except you want to fake it.

“The ricochets of rich voices I hear makes me want to call you again. Do make me happy with your sweet voice.”

130. Care for me.

Do you need care? Start loving a woman of your choice.

“While I was half-expecting someone to take care of me, you came and fondled my chicks, rinsed woes off my face, and pecked me to smile forever with you. You are my darling angel.”

131. You are my blessings.

Communication is that single trust you can always expect from your partner in love. It is that thing you should always put forward in relationship.

“You are the third voice I hear when every road seems all uphill, you turn my happiness into success, and created ways for me to have unending joy. I am grateful for all these.”

132. Your talks make me forget.

Love can make you forget what next. It does not have to be the day of the week, when you are too much into romance, you forget anything.

“I don’t always know what day of the week it is when you call me, I think the week just begins.”

133. A pretender.

Pretense in the name of love? Nothing bad in that if your lover wants it.

“Pretend you have not seen me before, just say I am a new person in your life.”

134. Without lover, life becomes problematic.

What is the essence of love without sincerity to lover? What does love show when you care less about your darling wife or husband? Absolutely nothing.

“When you were not here, I leaved for two agonizingly lonely years, without care without smile, without I love you messages.”

135. Touch me.

Touching and fondling increase affection. If you are married, there is need to come close and show love with everything you have got.

“When your tender fingers touch me, I smile and say a new day has begun. Good morning my love.”

136. Humours of love

I don’t know what envy causes, in the negative, but I know it makes relationship stronger.

“The envy I feel of you makes me say I have gotten a real lover. When you make humour, you lighting my eyes, when you message me, you brighten my day, and your call keeps me thinking of a good week ahead.”

137. Don’t want to lose you.

Everything done for love is to make it pretty awesome. Love does not grow if you don’t know how to make it strong.

“If feel I am loosing you, sometimes. That you would seize to be whom you are to me. That you won’t exist in m niche, someday. That a day will come and you won’t call me your (she) hero.”

138. I care so much.

Talking about nice love messages, this is practically good. What do you think about it?

“I want to slip my arms around your neck, and rest my head on your chest. Just to show how much I care about you.”

139. Always by your side.

If you are the kind that travels, find time to go about on the street with that beautiful woman you love. It will shield her from bad eyes, wife snatcher.

“I will be only too happy to be by your side, I have to be there for you.”

140. Terribly in love.

Cute lovers do say they are not pleased with their lovers not calling or messaging.

“I feel terrible when I did not see you or hear from you. No message. No call. These weird styles kill me.”

141. What about night calls.

Anytime, you can call your partner if you have gotten a good reason. May be you are not feeling sleepy or need a consolation. Love is all that.

“I cannot cope with the world’s mystery. Your calls and messages make me feel comfortable.”

142. I forgive you before you offend me.

If love does not make you to forgive your lover because of slight mistakes, your relationship may not last.

“When you wrong me, I remember so many things that I have done wrong in the past that I know hurt you. It cancels my bad feelings.”

143. Love can make you fall every day.

Your woman is your angel, a true lover to the core.

“The world can feel that I felt in love. I know this because I am in love with an angel.”

144. I found an angel.

Good woman does not advertise herself in the public. You meet them by virtue of prayer and may be, coincidence.

“Those who need angels never find it. It surprises that I got you without advertising I needed an angel.”

145. You got a queen, at last.

Well, everybody needs a good woman, if you found it, thank God.

“My heart did not fail my leg, it only made it fall in love with a queen.”

146. True love is hard to find.

For those who find true love, congratulations. If you have not found any, it is time to be on the lookout. True lovers exist everywhere.

“True love reflects when you want a minute more to hug him, a second more to smile, and a lifetime more to live with him.”

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