200 Love Quotes That Tell The True Meaning of Love

After understanding that love is tough to define, we have summarized below love quotes that express the true meaning of love. While we can recognize the emotions associated with love, finding words to explain those feelings may be tough.

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Simple love quotes defines love, in a more sincere and rich form. When your heart longs for someone, it is better understand what it requires, what it means to fall too deep in love. I have heard many people, who are supposed to understand the ins and outs of relationship come to confirm that love is trust, however, they find it inexplicable in every situation.
Even though there may be non-verbal means of showing your love, summarising your feelings with distinct love quotes may be somewhat that sums up exactly what you are feeling can be pretty amazing.  
If your understanding of love is that it has different connotations, yes, you are right. Love according to many people, can be expressed in different ways, means, and at the same time shows diverse orientation. All these depend on your perception of it.
To a woman, it may be something different. And to a man, it may mean a whole mountain, too completed to fathom. 
Below statements will give you full understanding of it. Let’s get along.

50 Love Quotes That Tell The True Meaning of Love

1. Simple Definitions:

At the beginning, if not love at first sight, love is an emotion, running through the veins, and then to the heart. When you are in love, you can run mad.
Love creates emotions, which flows through the long path. Love can create craziness in people and make merry-merry a lifetime issue.
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2. It Is Happiness Personified:

When you love someone, don’t you feel somehow, like you basking in happiness without anyone being with you? You are not alone. Many people encounter the same. It is love. It creates joy.
Love can make you happier than you have ever been, sadder than you have ever thought, and angrier than you have ever envisaged. You can be elated by it and it can deflate you at the same time.
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3. Love Is Worth It:

You have been jilted, so what? Love is worth having in your life. Forget you have been treated badly or handsomely. Either way, fall in love again and again.
One very noticeable thing is that whether you had loved and won, or loved and lost, Love is always worth it.
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4. Ever Had About Honest Love?

There is honesty and trust in love matters. When you meet an honest person, you will understand better.
The most honest love is that which arouses the mind, creates opportunities, erases pains in our heart, and give us long-lasting peace.
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5. How love feels:

If you love someone, just mere looking, you get entangled. Love is hypnotic.
Every moment I look at you, I see my future in your eyes, and I become assured of more progress in the future.
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6. Love brings happiness:

People do say these, I did not believe until I confirm it. Love brings euphoria even if it is not festive period.
How do we quantify the happiness that love brings when it already has secreted my love in you and yours in me. 
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7. What you learn from love:

Don’t feel bordered when your partner understands little. Love will make him or her knowledgeable. Asking how? What he knows, you know with time.
All my knowledge and understanding are a result of knowing you as my love. 
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8. Want To See Your God:

If you so which to see your God, why not love someone first. Take care of someone, may be God will reward you.
Don’t forget that loving another soul is the same as seeing the goodness of God.

9. Why love matters:

If you want continuous joy, love someone that is ready to dedicate his or her precious time for you. Love works that way.
Anytime I am with you; I grow more in happiness and endless joy.

10. Why love hurts:

When you give your whole life to someone, you get some things in return: Recklessness, sadness, happiness, kindness, and so on.
Love is a perilous state; you are predisposed to kindness and recklessness until death comes. It is not very pleasurable.

11. Reside In His Heart:

You cannot see love, can you? But when you reside in someone’s heart, be rest assured, you are going to feel it.
On this earth, the most beautiful creation cannot be experienced by our senses organs, it can only be experienced with the heart.

12. Love Is Giving:

Forget the one you cherish did not count it. He or she has no reward to give you. Your reward is with God. That is what giving means!
To love is not so special when the one you love does not count your feeling for him or her. 

13. Love Is Blind:

Regardless of what the one you love does, you still want to say “I love you”. That makes love completely blind.
Then I saw that you are not perfect and I loved you even more. Imperfection is man’s character.

14. Love Is Unselfish:

Selfish people cannot experience total love, because they find it hard to make their darling angel happy with what they have, instead they think of themselves alone.
If you want to be in a state of joy with yourself, make someone around your joyous.

15. When Love Takes Over:

The moment love is involved, wonders come around. How did it happen, is what you begin to say.
There is nothing you can equate with this thing, meeting someone, falling in love, then wanting a lifetime togetherness.

16. Love Does Not Judge:

Love can make you say anything and do anything. It does not judge your mistakes and say, oh you should not have done this.
There is no replacement for a partner who says, “regardless of what comes our way, you are celebrated in my heart.”

17. It Is Not Heard To Do:

To love is humane. It is not hard to do, but uneasy to sustain.
Wished I find it hard to love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.

18. Love Means Togetherness:

Why would partners not be together at least once in everyday? That may turn out not to be love if you seldom walk together.
The primary reason we like is to have a companion.

19. When Love Is Real:

Real love does not care about someone been complete in the beginning. It is after completing someone as time passes.
You do not fall for someone specially because he/she is complete, you love even after knowing they are not. Nobody is a bastion of moral uprightness.

20. Love Without End:

Until death comes, some relationship cannot be destroyed. It is biblically referenced as for ‘better for worse’.
I prefer using my lifetime with you than using all the remaining time of the world without you.

21. Love Is Friendship:

It starts as friendship, I mean love. Love does not start in an enemy like way. You need to relate, then come together to fall for each other.
You are my best friend, my diary and my other half. You mean the planet to me, and I love you that way.

22. Love Is A Teacher:

No one can teach you unforgettable lessons like love. It is a full-time teacher.
I learned what you teach, and that is love.

23. Love Is Vulnerable:

You may not be sure of the character of the one you say you love. That makes you vulnerable.
Don’t forget that I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.

24. Love Is Cherishing Your Partner:

The one you cherish is the one you love. You cannot appreciate someone you don’t love from the bottom of your heart. It won’t be romantic as time unfolds.
I adore you and will cherish you repeatedly, choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat, I will keep on wanting you.

25. Love Is Complicated:

Love is inexplicable. That is the fact. We can go from here to there expressing the full meaning of love, we cannot be precise in our definition. Clear?
It is not a lack of love that makes an unhappy marriage. Lack of friendship is destroying marriage.

26. Love Is Crazy, Mad, Beautiful:

Love is everything bad. It could be crazy, mad and at the same time beautiful. In fact, just fall in love, you end up been a musician, a poet, and instrumentalist.
When the hands of love reach you, no doubt, you become a poet.

27. How You Love Like Crazy:

You cannot say how you love, it just comes hastily, at time.
I realized I had remembered you a lot; then I began to wonder how long you would stay in my heart. Then, I think that you have never left.

28. Why Love Hurts:

You might have been feeling loved for decades, when the other side comes, you feel you are in mess from the beginning of time.
The pleasure emanating from love is but for a moment, the pain of love lasts a lifetime.


29. Love is a strength:

Just prepare to be loved, fall for someone, and you will get powerful, cheaply.
I have no power, but you enriched me in so many ways.

30. How love works:

Love works like war. Very hard to begin, but rewarding in the end.
No difference exists between love and war:  it is simple to start but hard to halt.

31. Love Is Life:

You cannot be completely alive, up and doing, without love. If the link of love misses in your life, forget prosperity. It does not exist in such realm.
Being with you keeps me alive. 

32. When Love Finds You:

If you have been branded a looser, never mind. Once love locates you, everything works.
We lost so many things and found love as a replacement.

33. Love Is Wild And Crazy:

The meaning of love may not be wild and crazy, but it appears so, many a number of time.
If love does not make you crazy, then you are not in love.

34. Love is hypnotizing:

Love can be revealing, but it magnetises and captivates. Did you notice sometimes that love could close your mind to realities?

You have hypnotized me completely, Why won't I love you?

35. How Do I Define Love?

To define love, redefines yourself, develop yourself towards meeting love with open minds.
When we attempt reducing love’s intensity, we become more destroyed. We are enslaved by it despite our efforts at hypnotising it.

37. What Starts Love:

Feeling for one another signals the beginning of love. Nothing starts love than ‘hi’.
Well, it does not happen quickly, it happens by force, and that is love.

37. Long Before Now:

When you love someone you feel like you should have started loving him or her before now.
If it were easy to turn back the hands of the clock, I would have embraced you now, and longer than this.

38. Love is Balanced:

The measurement of love is balanced, it does not give one half requirement and give another full requirement.
You know it is love when what you desired to smile all day is that person, even after realizing you do not support them with a dime.

39. Why love is Essential:

Love requires the heart of two persons. One saying I love you, and the other saying I love you too.
The most essential thing you will be taught is to cherish and be cherished in return.

40. I Love You:

Any statement said for the sake of love is just a complement.
Do you know that what I mean when I pray you are cool, good and in God’s care, I am just revealing that “I love you.”

41. How love multiplies:

Love grows speedily, but it is with time. Gradually, it becomes whole.
Love does not grow due to airplane, clothes or look for your partners. However, it increases because every moment we think about the one we love, we get lots of happiness and joy.

42. Love Is Its Value:

Yes, get lost in love. That is the value of love.
It is good to be lost in love than not to had cherished someone for one.

43. How Love Changes Over Time:

Change is the only permanent thing. It exists in love as well.
All I am saying is that I love you than the bad days ahead of me. No matter the quarrel, you will be the most important thing a man can own to me. Either you are romantic or not, I will always love you.

44. Is Love is Desperate?

Love is not very hard, it does not appear too hot to be related with. However, those who fall in love may be hard.
The same way chocolate does not hot us, so also love does not kill.

45. Is Love Here?

Love is everywhere, just that some lovers do not sense its presence.
If love is here, then you have life already.

46. Love is not quantifiable:

It is uneasy to quantify the percentage of love. No, you won’t be able to.
I want your that way. Your mistakes is a blessing. You can not be perfect. Humans make mistakes.

47. Love Is Giving And Taking:

In love matters, it is not bad to give out and it is not out of it to collect.
The outcome is that the love you have around is same with what you give. It is the game of what goes in comes out.

48. Beautiful Things Constitute Love:

What handsome thing do you want to talk about that is not contained in love? Say it!
I love you because I could listen to you for a minute and discover a million of what make me to say I love you.

49. Love Is A Crazy Dose:

I know the dose of love is craziness included.
When you are madly in love, you see no fault, and your partner appears faultless.

50. Love Is All

To lovers, love is everything. To you who have not felt in love, love may not be everything.
Love means so much, including my and your heart.

51. So Much Is My Love For You:

Loving someone so much is realistic. But some people say it often without sincerity.
I love you so much that I am misunderstanding all other words for “I love You.”


52. Funny love meaning quote.

By default your interest is my opinion.
It might seem like a funny love meaning but in the actual sense, it is the reality. Lovers’ interests are meant to interfere.

53. How you really feel message. 

When I am far away, your love reaches me through the wind.
Make love real for yourself by sending varieties of love quotes and messages to yourselves. I am sure this will help you find the true meaning of love.


54. A real love quote that will enhance your partner’s feelings.

When I look at you, I see how great my future holds.
If your lover really taught you the real meaning of love, you know that love holds your future.

55. Mind blowing and perfect information conveyor quote.

Stay with me so that I will be the true me.

Don’t try to fake things, let her love you for who you are. This gives you the true meaning of love.

56. The path of love success

To love is a quarter success, to be loved is another quarter but love and be loved is the greatest success that can ever be achieved in the world.

Rescue your lover by loving him/her back that is what can make the cycle complete.

57. Flawless love quote:

When I find your flaws, they make me love you more.
Flaws are part of human being, no human is flawless. Love your partner with his/her errors.

58. Inspirational love quote that shows the true meaning of love.

My falling in love is not my doing but my hearth and heaven’s doing we are really meant for each other.

Defining love, it is natural, forcing one to love someone isn’t true love and it does not make relationship.

59. Love quote showing indefatigability

When I vow not to speak to you anymore, the ring tone of your call mutilates it.

Cutting down the tree isn’t the best way to get your desire fruit, when he/she offends you don’t isolate her from you.

60. Real picture of isolation in a relationship

I want to know your destiny and when you will die so that I will kill myself a minute before that, I cannot live without you.

Living alone without your partner might seem difficult, if your partner leaves the world, life might be inimical to you.

61. A way of showing the full meaning of love

Tell me things about you and they become my innate matters automatically.
Have you found your lover, make sure you know everything about her so that you can last long than ever thought.

62. True love quote that comes from the heart

People rate loving yourself as the best thing in life, but for me, the hope is to be loved by you.
Loving yourself might not be as great as being loved especially if it is a sincere love, because your partner will be ready to do things you at the detriment of his/her own interest.

63. Appreciation and gratefulness Message.

I really appreciate you for loving me back.
You are an inmate if your are loved back. Appreciate whoever extend their love back your you when you extend yours.

64. Indebtedness is real in love.

I thank you the way you diffused into my life, and I receive it with great pleasure.
Love is a gradual thing, it does not come as a whole, so as your lover, understanding her will be a gradual process.

65. Finding True Love Words Quote

I have tried seeking various world greatest poets and singers to help me compose the best words to describe my emotion to you but they failed because my love weighs than those words.

If you truly and indefatigable love your partner, sending them quotes like this make relationship works perfectly. They are just a tip of your emotion’s iceberg.
These love quotes tell the true meaning of love, do you have any love quote, let us hear your views.

Love Quotes That Contain Real Definition Of Love.

Finding a suiting and matching partner might not seem hard to you especially if you have one, but when you lose her, you will know the legwork involved. Likewise, maintaining a relationship might not be as easy as cutting logs of wood. When you are eager and curious to maintain your relationship, you can do that with different thing such an appreciations, gift, calls, love quotes and sayings that gives the true meaning of love.  

See these love quotes and sayings below if they will really work for your relationship.

66. “I’m yet to have my best as I await you to live with me, and my best will be skyrocketed”.

Have you noticed that your lover can be the one to showcase the best talent you’ve got. Since you confide in each other, she can thrust such ability out if you.

67. “While at work and I am less busy, I don’t get bored because of the memories of times spent with you that resurface”.

Remember your lover even if you are not less busy or bored, her remembrance can give you zeal and make you more productive at work. You could also keep her picture with you as you move around. 

68. “How much I adore you is rated by how much I inhale gas and how much I want to see you is rated by how much I exhale gas. Which is more”?

Let me ask you this question, do you really adore your lover, how much do you want to see your partner? Show it to him/her the perfect way you think you can. It might be through inspirational or short love quotes.

69. “Let me give you a glad tiding, my mother loves you as if you are her child”.

Let people around you know how much she mean to you. The way your brand your affectionate lover determines how she will be address.

70. “Even though I’m at work place, I’ve got your picture in my office; it motivates me and tells me what love is”.

Motivate yourself with the thought of your lover when he/she is not there, remember the word, love quotes and saying you get from him/her, such will really make your day spring up.

71. “I can’t wait to get married to you, I know I will one day, but the process will not happen in a day, but I am ready to wait”.

Love follows a gradual process, it does not happen in one day. Even for the betterment of your relationship, don’t just jump into any relationship. I understand the zeal, thirst and the curiosity you have for love but patience is sine qua non for all love.

72. “Unlike other girls, you bring out the advantages and edges in me and not only my features. Well done, I need more of that”.

Let you partner know his/her effect in your life, the positive impact he/she has brought to you since you met and appreciate him/her for that. When true love prevails, good things will follow, and positive things will also show up. 

73. “I must tell you that successful people like me need a successful part of you to be great, please stay with me”.

Great people are great people because the people around them are propeller of great things and they also exhibit great features in them. Make sure you surround yourself with people who add more value to yourself.

74. “I understand the question your mind asks me rhetorically and I am ready to answer positively”.

Understand your lover to the extent that without speaking, you can read her mind. This will really help you and make your relationship better. When her mind has some request make sure you fulfil it generously.

75. “The very vocal whisper of your voice makes my mind tremble physically”.

How do you feel when you talk to your lover, do you experience the same feelings as when you are not speaking to her. Feelings are good way to tell how much you are interested.

76. “I fall in love with you as if love never hurt all because I am sure of the safety of my feelings with you”.

Do your know that trust is love, how much do you trust your lover determined how much you love him/her. It will make you mind attain tranquility about your feelings with your partner.

77. “I really adore you for loving me after knowing all my flaws. I assure you of responses with better emotion”.

If your lover walk up to you, run unto him/her, if he/she crawls, walk. Chase yourself with various love emotions.

78. “Shadows are not visible without source of illumination, my real feelings may not be visible to you if you don’t exercise patience”.

Please be patience with your lover, as patience is the key to peace, power and productivity. Be patient with her and make her know how much you adore her through quotes, text and messages related to love.

79. “Darkness cannot propel darkness, my anger with yours simultaneously cannot propel our relationship. Please do not be furious when I’m wild, I will also do the same for you”.

Please monitor your partner and know her mood and how you can repress her anger with patience. Don’t display wildness when your lover is in the same mood, such will not help.

80. “I know you cannot completely turn the world around, but you can change my world with love”.

How much influence your lover has on you is a true reflection of how much confidence you have in her thought.

81. “The death plunging one’s contemporary is a warning signal, the gesture of your anger makes me feel like the world is about to end”.

Try to avoid making your partner expose to anger. I know anger must surely prevail, but do not make it a habit. If you face the true turmoil of love, it will be as if the world is about to end.

82. “Your love is like the sun during summer, it is very conducive and mild. I can see it can feel it”.

When you send your lover messages or love quotes like this he/she will really appreciate it. Send series of exiting words and sayings to her.

83. “When I am with you, my heart is colder than the late October wind”.

The late October wind is really cold in America, if your heart get cold as a result of love gesture, know that such is a perfect love for you.

84. “When I am with you, my smiles are never devoid of warmth. A smile full of secret”.

Show me the secret of love is a good request. Mild warmth experienced due to the existence of one’s partner is also a good sign, stay steadfast, great partners are not easy to find.

85. “When you are approaching me, the deliberateness of your steps aiming for me vibrates throughout my body”.

Feelings for loved one cannot be easily jettisoned, why are you feigning as if love has no impact on you. Think about this love quote and confess if it really happens to you.

88. “Every night, I catch the reverberation of your voice saying: I am love, I have come for you”.

Sometime because you are possessed by the ability of love, the voice of your lover will echo in your ears even if she is not there. this is the effect of what love programmed your brain to understand.

89. “Just like routine, I pray for you in the morning get dressed and open to the event of the day, where your thought is always written”.

What does your daily chants and sayings constitute, are they meaningful quotes about love that your lover passed to your or her name or things about her. If that is so, tell your lover to wallow in triumph because her love as attained success peak.

Meaningful love quotes and sayings that help you maintain your relationship perfectly. 
Meaninful love quotes

Constructing meaningful quotes for your lover might seem hard to you due to the daily stress you experience. Do not worry much, some true love quotes has been combined for you here below.

90. “At every glance of you, I try to save the new conventionally beautiful picture of your face in my heart”.

Love consists of two hearts that manage a relationship. The image of your love appears in your thought every now and then. When such image continues to show up, I bet it, you are getting to understand the definition of what love constitutes.

91. “When I’m worried and fussed, the liquid creamy colour of my face hardens into brown ice, then immediately melt as I perceive your voice”.

In the beginning, love might be strange to you, but as time goes past, somethings about love will become clear to you and such will ease your ways in life.

92. “That is why I really cherish you, you’re a goddamn feisty”.

Cherishing your lover is good but how much you cherish him/her is the most important thing. Various things can make you value your lover. If you are still yet to value your lover, don’t you appreciate the times you have spent together and the meaningful love quotes she has shoved to you.

93. “When you are about fifty yards away from me, I will perceive it even if it is accidentally. We are highly connected”.

Sometimes, the connection between people is known to be very high and such makes love grow really high. How much connection between you and your partner determines how much you are in love.

94. “When we walk side by side, our steps fall into unintended rhythms in a manner that looks like it was earlier carefully choreographed. What a connection”.

Have you tried checking for the meaning of love? Love dictates connection between our partner and us. When you are in love, somethings happen accidentally but rather looks like it was preplanned.

95. “I am rest assured that you will always be there for me and always be my safety net”.

In case you do not know, someone who truly loves you will always be there to protect you from any form of threat. Safety is part of love, God has made your partner to be there for you.

96. “Let me describe you, you are very bright, very decent, not very skinny, very pretty and intelligent. You got a lot of very in your character”.

In case you don’t know how to brand your lover, this is a meaningful quote that has true love quotes in it. Tell her and she will appreciate it.

97. “I have a confession to make, I yet to meet any woman who is articulated with balance in character, attitude and physical impression like you”.

Check your past and search your heart for the truth, is she really worth it, before enouncing and enunciating different love sayings to her, examine her well.

98. “Please don’t truncate the ladder of love while I am climbing towards you”.
True love are hard to find but when you catch one, you will be able to properly detect if you carefully observe. True lover do not sabotage feelings.

99. “Let me declare a secret to you, I fall in love with three people. The person you were, the person you are and the kind of mother you’ll be for my children”.

True love makes you disclose different true love quotes that are intriguing to your love. For real, you should love for all your partner is.

100. “You might be too late to be my first, but all the past memories have been erased because of yours which is overwhelming. Virtually you are the first and I’m prepared to make you the last”.

Starting a race first means not triumph, the winner is the victor. Your lover who stays with you till the end will be the queen of your heart.

101. “Since I saw you, my heart been unable to harbor my feelings, exactly why I disclosed it to you”.  

Feelings of true love are not groceries that we store in the refrigerator; they must be unleashed to give full definition of your love.

102. “The most beautiful gesture that can ever be received from a woman is your smile”.

Love transpires various types of gesticulation depending on how you handle it.

103. “Seeing you is better than dreaming about you, dreaming about you is better than thinking about you and thinking about you is better than doing nothing about you”.

Doing things related to your love one loved one makes you remember him/her. When you are thinking about your compassionate partner, you can send him or her true love quotes that are meaningful.

104. “Freedom is better than fame with regimentation, loving you is better than wealth without you”.

Your first priority should be your lover, hold him or her with the incisors teeth in such a way that nothing can take your lover away from you. Then, you are showing that you truly prefer her to another things.

Exclusive short love quotes for your partner.

Exclusively, your lover deserves appreciation and remembrance at all time. Don’t leave them out in the cold without showing them that you think about them at all moment. Try the love quotes below and see if you will get the true definition of love. 
Short love quotes

105. “The only remedy for loving is to be loved”.

When you love someone and that person does not love you, you will feel hatred for yourself.

106. “You are one in multitudes”.

Your lover worth more others in your mind, he/she should be a scarce commodity meant for you alone.

107. “Your love for me is more satisfying than the whole world’s”.

What more do you want than to be reimbursed with love.

108. “I will rather live in love than wealth”.

Wealth without love means nothing, in love alone, peace exist.

109. “I love your weakness for your strength”.

Imperfection is in human.

110. “I love your flaws for your perfection”.

Human constitute some percentage of imperfection.  

111. “Every time you smile, it invades my heart”.

If you are not careful, love can pilfer you. Handle it well.

112. “I love you like I love you”.

How much can you still love your partner, tell him/her through short love quotes.

113. “I love you more than I like you”.

Likeness is different from love. Likeness can exist between groups of persons. However, love happens with your affectionate partner.

114. “No creation surpasses you”.

In the mind of your eyes, your lover is the best.

115. “You are my perfect piece with imperfection”.

Receive your lover’s imperfection with cuddle.

116. “To love you is to love you”.

Let call a spade a spade. You love your partner.

117. “I recognize your shadow in darkness”.

Love brings diverse linkage that is weird.

118. “Your love doesn’t fill my heart to the brim, continue to give me more”.

More and more of love is needed in a relationship. When the race start, no room for pit stop.

119. “I consider you as a more deserving lover”.

You deserve the best people who add value to yourself.

120. “Who deserves one another most?”

In love, do not brag about supremacy.

Meaningful short love quotes that defines love.

Remember that swimming up the stream seem useless and frustrating, so why are you seated with no action and you think your love will grow. Try and extend various greetings to your lover at all moments. 
meaninful short love quotes

121. “Your silence is most understood by my heart”.

Connect with your lover very well and learn a lot.

122. “Loneliness is defined as not being with you”.

To lovers, loneliness does not actually mean isolation from others.

123. “If you call me, I will not stop for the red light traffic signal”.

Red light means nothing to lovers because it is just a country constitution, lover constitution is more important.

124. “Where there is you, there is life”.

Love means life, without love, hope of life is gone.  

125. “The intensity of my love can melt an iceberg”.

The magnitude of love force is unimaginable, do not toy with it.

126. “You heart is my supreme adventure”.

Tour her heart and see how exciting it is. It will make you understand the true meaning of love.

127. “In my heart is the song of love that has no ending”.

The heart will sure wallow for success when love comes.

128. “Love is love, hatred is hatred, I love you more than I hate you”.

What do you stand to look for in your lover? Things that make you love him/her more or things that kindles hatred.

129. “The air I breathe when you are around is more purified”.

Love can be marvelous and can change situations.  

130. “Let me hold your hand so we can tour the journey of love”.

The journey of love is not toured by one, hold her hands.

Short love sayings and quotes that make your relationship better.

Are you afraid of expressing your feeling to your loved one physically, try and disclose it through text, messages or mail.

131. “I love you more than I breathe”.

Marvelous love. What a partner you have got.

132. “Let our love begin and success shall follow”.

Real and true love triggers success.

133. “With you, I’ve got the greatest hope”.

When you are in true love, the various love saying that you exchange will bring you hope.

134. “Let wait together as if we are inseparable”.

Inseparable love is true love.  

135. “I am not playing games with you but I actually want your love”.

No need to joke about love, be up and doing, love whomever you want and be sincere.

136. “Let me know your dos and don’ts so that I will add them to mine”.

Evaluation your partners dos and don’ts very well, it may intercept with yours.

137. “How will you like me to direct my love to you? Please let me know”.

Love has no direction, it spreads out like a diffracted light.  

138. “I have the girl I want and I am ready to keep her with all I’ve got”.

Keep her with any possible thing you have got.

True Love Quotes That Disclose The Real Meaning Of Love

Finding the real person whom you love and that who loves you at the same might be a herculean task. However, after seeing such person, you will love to live in the world with the person for life because your mind must have achieved maximum tranquillity.
Sometimes, you might be lucky to find someone who already loves you before approaching him/her. Therefore, you don’t need to do much convincing. Nevertheless, in most cases, when you find the person you love, you will have to build your interest in the person’s mind, and this might take some time depending on the type of person.
Note: The real meaning of love can be dderived from a relationship that has a perfect and fundamental basis. In such relationship, you will find understanding, trust, perseverance, total acceptance, among others. All this feature are what will make the relationship bond unbreakable, no matter how strong and formidable the external forces are. Such relationship has true and sincere love with no iota of deception.  

139. Magnificent and interesting love story

“Some love stories are interesting, but ours is magnificent because of it true and real love”.

Stories of love are always different from other relationship stories, and people cherish them more. Make your love story with your partner imposing and outstanding so that you can show the world the true meaning of love.

140. The one I want

“You are the real one I want; there are multitudes of reasons to love you”.

Have you been in real or actual love before? Have met the one your heart desires. There is more than a reason to love your partner. Stay focused.

141. What are my true words?

“To say I like moments spent with you is an understatement of my true words”.

Real or true words are made from one’s inner nucleus, they are real intention of what your mind desires. Moments are times; times spent with your lover should be more than adorable.

142. True love, not crush.

“Love, and not crush, has got tremendous moments that are very much adorable and unforgettable”.

Crush is resultant of early love that is yet to find its stability. True love is different from infatuation in the sense that the affection that exist therein has been crested to a very high extent.

143. The smile that blesses the day.

“Let me receive your smile in the morning and my day is sure to been blessed”.  

You will never know the benefit of waking up to see your partner all times until you are short of it. Real lover smile is tremendous and charming that it can ignite elation in you and spark up positivity in your day.

144. Searching for the real word.

“I was wondering about, and I was asked why I was wondering, and I said I am looking for the best word to express my appreciations to you”.

Ancient people have tried searching for a perfect means of conveying feelings and affection to their partner through words, but all efforts seem futile. Appreciate your lover in the best possible means.

145. Fundamental of relationships

“We might not be perfect, but we were able to build a perfect relationship all because of our basis”.

There is always a beginning to everything, and the opening marks the basis of such thing. Let your love have a real foundation based on real love, trust, reliance and more.

146. The perfect path.

The path you took me through with love is perfect.

Lovers are helper for one another; they pave ways for each other. If you are in true love, the ideas of your lover should be perfect and sensational for you.

147. You are scenic.

“For me, your beauty is scenic. What a being”.

Have you been carried away by the attention of a scene, you can be bewildered by the beauty and get carried away quickly.

148. You took time to understand me.

“I love you because you took time to understand me”.

When a relationship lacks understanding, endurance will be absent, and nothing will be appreciated therein, and such is tantamount to a wavering relationship.

149. I love you

“I love you, I have loved you, I am loving you, I will forever love you”.

The phrase I love you can be said in different ways. Use the phrase systematically, diplomatically in different ways as you wish, so that your love can understand what you are trying to disclose.

150. True love with strong bond.

“No quiver cannot shake our bond because our basis is true love”.

The bond found in true love can be tough or impossible to shatter. True love gives room for no intruder to bring in any impurity that can mutilate their relationship.

151. You made me complete.

“The word complete never existed in me before you arrived. You are the right person for me”.

Specific features might exist in you, and they fail to surface until someone helps to escalate them. Lovers help to bring out the true person you are, by bringing out some hidden features.

152. Angel of my life.

“The angel of my life is the one I want all time with no satisfaction”.

If you tag someone angel of your life, you are referring to the person as queen of your heart, the person who rules your heart. This is all because of love.

153. Measuring true love.

“If I want to measure my true love for you, I will count my heartbeat since I was on earth”.  

Some are of the opinion of asking questions like, how much do you love me. If your desire to measure love, you might be tasked against the ocean tides because real love is uncountable.

154. You make me happy.

“You make me happy in all way, and my heart throws out factual appreciations”.

Happiness, joy and bliss can be gotten from a genuine relationship because you will derive satisfaction and tranquillity from such relationship.

155. When I am with you.

“When I’m with you, time is far spent and I perceive hours like milliseconds, but I still cherish them most”.

If you derive optimum satisfaction from moments spent with someone, that person means much to you.

156. You are the source of joy.

“There is no reliable and dependable source of joy like you. You are the real you I need”.  

People are usually deceptive and undependable. You might be sceptical about relying on someone, but if true love exists between both parties, reliability is never a problem.

157. True love is indispensable

True love is essential; you undoubtedly resurface in my heart every time. I love you so much.

Before you can sincerely say, “I love you so much”, some things must have preceded it. If you find your love relationship indispensable, hold onto it firmly.

158. Please don’t leave me

“Please don’t leave me and so that our true love will not become shattered and miserable. If you try to leave me, my blood will be seized, and my heart will be invaded”.

Love partners are addicted to each other and never want to depart. If you really love your partner, you will be scared of losing him/her.

159. I have trusted you with my heart

“Trusting someone to give my heart had been daunting, but I have trusted you with my heart”.

Trust is jointly related to love, without trust there is no love. If you love your partner, trusting him/her with anything should not be a problem.

160. I am selfish with true love.

“When it comes to your love, I am selfish and impatient”.

You will always want to hold firm to something you cherish so much and never want to share it with anybody. Love partners are not shareable with anyone.

161. Love is like an inferno

“Love is like an inferno, but it warms my heart rather than stinging my abode”.

Most things in life need proper monitoring and administration, so as for love. Manage your love very well so that it won’t hurt you or damage your life. Love is like an inferno.

162. True love relationship.

“True love: two hearts, one soul, two minds, one thought”.

You are one if you genuinely love each other. Most of the physical things on both of you might show up as two, but in the real sense, they perform the same function at all times because you trust yourselves.

163. Falling in love

“My falling at the centre of your love isn’t due to gravitational force”.

Falling in love is not like other life action; likewise, landing in the phrase “falling in love” is not the same as dropping of object to the centre of the earth from above. Gravitational force is not responsible for falling in love.

164. I love you.

“I will do it over and over again. What is that? Love! ‼‼‼‼”.

Loving is not a project, but a routine. You have to do it over and over again and don’t stop loving your partner to keep your relationship rolling on the path you intend.

165. The height of love.

“The height of my love for you is greater than the sky”.

Measuring love height might seem impossible, but you can also compare it to some things that are magnificent.

166. Upright love.

I love you upright, while sitting, while I lie in, what more”?

Sometimes, questions related to posture are linked with love matters in a relationship. Can sitting, standing, sleeping, and more affect love?

167. My desire is nobody’s business

“I love you, and it is nobody’s business”.

When you love your partner sincerely, it is nobody’s concern to advise you if your partner is right or not. Separate yourself from people when issues like this prevail.

168. Innate love.

“I love you, and I forgot that I love you because it was not intentional but innate.  What a true love”.

You can forget you are in love with someone because such love is already a mundane in you. Mundane love is innate on most occasions; you are born with it.

169. True lover description.

“Incompletion is not part of you; you are complete with no depletion of all I need”.

If you revere your partner, his/her mistakes will be seen as perfection.

170. My whole body loves you

“My heart loves you, and the rest of my body confided in it. My whole body loves you”.

Your brain gives a gesture to the other part of the body to react to an action. Why not order your mind to tell other parts of your body to love and respect your partner.

171. Enough I love you.

“One thing I regretted not doing is not saying I love you enough times”.

One of the most regrettable parts of our actions is omission. If you fail to tell your lover I love you the number of times that satisfy your conscience; you might have a regret. I love you, my partner.

172. Divers love

“I love you in a multitude of way, and I have told you in a million ways, what else can I do”?

Telling someone you love him/her might not be by speech alone, but it can be a form of expression. When you truly love someone, show it in ways while you are still alive.

173. Castle of true love

“I will build the castle of my love, trust and expectation in the air because I confide in the true love you hold at your realm for me”.

In love, confidence, reliance, faith dependence is better than scepticism, doubt, disbelieve, incredibility.

174. Love directs our goals

“We fell in love like a fool with no direction, whereas, love directs our goals”.

Due to the dominance of LOVE, if you do something, people will look at you as if you are irrational, but they are yet to be informed about the power of your love.  

175. Endless love.

“I love you more than I will, and my love for you grows every second, and it can never stop”.

Just because you are in love, different jargon related to love will always come to your mind, and your partner alone can understand them.

176. Love with no barrier

“Obstacle will surely prevail, but no barriers can ward us off”.

177. You are most prevalent

“When I press keys on my phone to dial numbers, it is your contact that comes up first”.

178. I still love you

“One good thing I still appreciate about life is that I had a taste of your love and I’m still loving you”.

179. Your role in my life.

“The role you played in my life is eminently paramount; please let my role in your life be an important one too”.

180. The world with true love.

“Since I met you, the world had been a place I desire you live for life”.

181. You and life

“For me, life has to be complemented by you for me to live successfully”.

182. To and fro love

“Every time, your affection strides back and forth my body like an oscillating pendulum”.

183. The world that favours me

“Your existence made me know that there is a better part of the world that can favour me”.

184. Please nourish me

“You are my means of sustenance please nourish me with bounties of true love”.

185. What I worship

“I am an ardent worshiper of your love; no other person can display sincerity to me like yours”.

186. True love with no mutilator

“Nothing in the world seems to have the capacity of litigating our love”

187. You are my eternal love

“Lo and behold, I said to the world, “you are my eternal love””

188. My demand

“Oprah Winfred said, things you achieve in the world are things you have the courage of demanding for. I am demanding for you indefatigable love; please give it to me”.

189. Love with no source

“Your love is like an insurgent without foundation; I am still searching for the source of your love”.

190. What I ask for

“The ability to ask solves half of one’s need. Your love is all I am asking for”.

191. Eternal comfort

“I see your love as what warrants me to step out of my silo so that I can achieve the eternal comfort your love brings”.

192. Love, the addition

“You are a positive addendum to my life”.

193. My way of life.

“Your love is my culture, norm, value, religion, society, community, in short, my way of life”.

194. How to live without you.

“You are a replica of 02 in my life; tell me how I am supposed to live without your true love”.

195. I feel you every moment

“Your run through my body like the blood run through my veins and arteries; I feel you every moment”.

196. Thousands of miles apart

“Thousands of miles apart between us, millions of love felt. Distance is never an alibi to jettison our love”.

197. Sign of true love

“When I open the window in the morning to see the street, I see signs of your love blown in the air towards my neighbourhood”.

198. The signs of true love

“Please show me the signs of true love, and I promise to never take it for granted”.

199. Tricks of love

“Ever since I met you, signs and tricks of true love became more known to me”.

200. Things that hurt you.

“Please do not tell me about things or people who had hurt you badly in the past because it will become a scar in my mind and very tough to erase”.

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