200 Simple, Short, Deep, Romantic Love Quotes (2022)

Loving someone is sweet, and nothing can make it feel otherwise except the person you love changes. In the kingdom of love, people opine that trust is a necessity. While it may be, dedication is as well important.
Some people fall in love so quick, it better to let them understand why love is necessary through love quotes and love messages.
If you have got someone you cherish, or you perceived someone cherishes you, get some cute love quotes and forward to them, either via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, email, or sms.
Relationship, on many occasions go bad, it is a result of carelessness on either or both parts. Be mindful of how you take your partner. In the morning find reasons to create happiness. In the afternoon, let your sms land in his or her inbox, and at night, a good night love quote or message is not out of it.
Those in need of love quotes for that special darlings, below are samples of what you can send in the morning, afternoon or night. Try any of it out, and feed us back in the comment segment.

Simple Love Quotes For Him

1. Reasons For Love:
There are many reasons why people fall in love, this simple love quote captures it.
Because I love you, I feel alive every day, I feel more alive loving you; the day I stop loving you is the day I start dying

2. Be His Or Her Everything:

You can be anything to him or her, make sure you are that everything so important she won’t forget. I carved this from a letter written to boyfriend thanking him for everything.
Many times, I wished I could be your sky; I’ll be with you, in every moment of every day.

3. Angels Are lovely:

Strong feelings of angels make things love after all. Either an angel loves you, or you love an angels, what counts is you don’t stop loving.
I don’t think I will be wrong to call you an angel. I have heard that only angels come into one’s life and make you happy every time just as you have done with me.

4. I love you Darling:

Don’t give up calling the one you called ‘love’. Love is packaged in continuous calls and messages.
She called me the next morning asking me to come meet her up. I raced there as quickly as possible. I love her.

5. Love Should Be Forever:

Until eternity comes, that is what love is. A book says “for better for worse”, “come rain, come shine”, “till death tears us apart”.
I love you, I have lived longer than I expected. Will you be here so I can live forever?

6. Love Is Special:

Creating love from any angle is an integral part of relationship. How about the building love from the scratch? Alisha khan, in his article highlighted why love is special.
I’m glad I’m stuck on you because I know I love you.

7. Clair And Loud:

Love may be blind to you, to us it is very clear. This short love quotes is deep. What do you think?
Love is blind, but my love for you is open and visible to the naked eyes and to the soul.

8. Let Them Fall Into Love Pit:

Falling in love quotes captures mind so easily. Just like this. Do you feel it?
People fall in love and can no longer find themselves, with you I found myself, I have become a better person.

10. Partners Are Twins From Heaven:

When you are partners, you are twins from heaven. If you think otherwise, look, how possible is it that two people without prior knowledge of each other, from different tribes, and religion, coexists in the same room without quarrel?
I have found my better half, I know this with you only.

Simple Love Quotes For Her

11. You Are My Light:
Tell me if I am wrong, angels are light, sunshine and breeze. Are they not? This love quote captures 21st century feelings a man could have of a woman.
I will not leave your light, I just might stumble into darkness.


12. Thank You Love:

That you are partners in love does not mean you cannot thank him or her anytime. Be careful of not being thankful. He that is not grateful to humans may not be thankful to God.
The world would be a better place if more people like you existed. I’m still thankful you are one of a kind.

13. Close It But For One:

Don’t close it completely, I mean your heart. Open for one person, because you trust him or her.
Be sure to shut the door to your heart. I have occupied it already.

14. Beautiful Girl:

Remember Shaun Kingston’s “Beautiful Girl”? Love quotes like this are gotten from superstar music.
I am amazed at your beauty, at your radiance and at your smile. You are a dose I always want to take.

15. One, So Rear:

The one you love is not a common bread. He’s that important person, not so common and not readily available to anybody.
You are one in a million because you are enough for me. I need no one else.

16. Enlivened By Love:

It gives souls to soulless objects. Love enlivens people. Here is an inspirational love quote your date would cherish.
My heart always pounds when I see you, it is the only moment I’m sure that I’m alive.

17. Happiness Brings About Laughter:

It is not common for someone to smile without been happy. Love is a creation of happiness.
Everything about you is laughter, even the first time you called out my name, you called it laughing.

18. Promise Kept With Love:

Love is a promise fulfilled. It won’t be good in any relationship to not keep promise. Relationships like that will end in Kigali.
Remind me not to break any promise. I never want to, so as to prevent my heart from breaking too.

19. Love Is Like Galaxy OF Stars:

It shines when nurtured. This is an honest love quote or what category do you place it?
I see the stars every night. They look the same. When you came into my life they shined brighter.

20. My Every Moment:

The one you love can be your every moment. Inspirational love quotes like this tell more about moments of love.
Would you mind if I call you mine? My today, my tomorrow and my forever.

Deep Love Quotes For Him

21. Smile Forever:

Love needs touches of smile and laughter. Make your relationship humourous with smiles. It brings unending happiness. It is better to call this forever love quote.
Even when you smile, my heart also smiles. Please do not stop smiling.

22. Amazing Love:

To get amazing love quotes like this communicated to your loved ones, let it be in the night or morning.
Everything you do, you amaze me, I know that I’m truly amazed at how perfect you are.

23. Unconditional Love:

Love needs no guidelines, laws or dos and don’ts. Your husbands or wives can break laws of love. Overlook it.
My love for you is unconditional, it needs to pay, and it needs no sacrifice.

24. Marry Me:

If you say you love someone, this question of love will make the world understands the sincerity of his or her statement.
Would you marry me? That is the only guarantee that you are mine forever.

25. Same Love Forever:

Irrespective of the condition, the hardship, the suffering, whatever you go through, love makes you feel nothing. When you love someone, what you go through is immaterial.
As the sky remains constant irrespective of the change in weather... So will my love for you be.

26. Talking To You Is Fun:

When you love someone, hearing the person speak is one thing that will make you feel happy. It is assign of affection.
Keep talking, please don’t stop at any moment, my heart is happy hearing you talk.

27. Give It, Who Knows It Will Reach Your Turn:

If you give it, I mean love; it may come back to you also. That makes it reciprocal.
I had always given love. Never thought I deserved to be loved.

28. Never Want You To Go:

When you care about some people, you don’t want them to say bye-bye.
The moment you walked into my life, I did not want you not to stay. Now I’m about to shut the door so you do not leave.

29. Love Is Better Experienced With Someone Special:

While we have some who are jilted, some complain that giving your heart to someone is not good, and some say they prefer love to anything. These inferences are born of the fact that we face different issues in matters of relationship.
Love is a beautiful thing. It is good to experience it with you because it is the best thing that could ever happen to any man on earth.

30. Love At First Sight:

It is possible meeting someone and falling in love with that person on the go.
I know exactly what love feels like the first time in my life just because of you, and I am glad I met you.


Deep Love Quotes For Her

31. You Are That Lone Person:

When things go wrong, you can surely rely on one person. That is your husband or wife.
I can live through this life because I know that though everyone and everything can be very bad, there is still one amazing person by my side, so I do not have to worry about anything.

32. You Are That Good Thing:

People are counting their blessings –house, cars and so on. What have you? Thank your woman, rich people do this often and often.
I have gone through so many things and so many hurts in my life that I have failed to recognize the one good thing that God has given me. To me, that is definitely you.

33. Thanks For The Care:

Appreciate his or her action. Be thankful to someone who stayed by you in every situation.
No one else can ever show me care, the way you do, and there has been no one that is as loving and more caring as you. I love you.

34. One Precious Gift:

Gifts, especially those ones that are given by close associate makes lots of sense. If you ever think of anything, let it be gift to your husband.
I would give up anything for this. Will put everything I own aside just to have you. You are my fantasy.

35. Love Without But:

Come what may, it is easy to love someone without any but. That kind of love makes things work forever.
You will always be mine, the one that I love no matter what it costs me; your love is perfect and makes a perfect being.

36. Without Someone To Lean On:

Life without someone trustworthy is worthless. A world with a good person as confidant makes is full of goodness. Observers call it a fulfilled life.
This world without you is the worst life anyone could ever live in. I am so glad that you are mine.

37. Going Nowhere:

In some marriage, wife may decide to travel abroad may be to visit his son. It does not happen where wives love their husband wholeheartedly.
No one will ever take you away from me, no one will do that while I still breathe. I love you with my life.

38. Touch My Heart:

A good marriage, relationship is ideal for any season. In the winter or summer, feel a loving heart, and you will see goodness.
If you can feel my heart, you will know exactly how I feel for you and how much I love you with the way my heart races whenever I see you.

39. When You Came Into My Life:

Some partners are dangerous to survive with. Some people will come your way, and everything will be destroyed. While some will come your way, and you will be left with nothing but, appreciating to your Almighty.
The minute you walked into my life and became my lover, everything else in my life changed for good. I love you.

40. To Love Is Something Big:

How about ending your life with the right person? Nothing sounds interesting than this. Remember American television drama called Big Love?
I can say that I love you for the rest of my life if that is what it takes, I will gladly do it. I love you so much.

These Sweet Love Quotes Will Make Your Relationship Work.

41. The Future Is Superb:
Stop saying you have calculated someone’s future. What you guesstimated may be the opposite of what is destined. However, it does not stop you from been prayerful.
No one really knows what will happen in the nearest future, but I am very sure, that my love for you will not go down the drain.

42. When He Has ‘You’:

In this universe, one’s life can be miserable if mistakenly, you pitched your life with someone not very reasonable, resourceful, and industrious. Check this Carpenters video, it talks about I have you.
I have come to realise that I have all that I have ever needed in this world because I have you.

43. Life Replenished:

Some lives become ideal, refurbished, just because of a single person that worked in. Be mindful of those you associate with, love needs reliable persons.
With you everything just keeps getting better and better, it does because I am with you. I love you truly.

44. Relying On You Completely:

Ever seen people who rely on one person for survival? It happens in love matters as well. 
I do not know what to expect from this, but trust me when I say that my mind is settled and it is settled on you.

45. You Have Everything:

Love can make anybody appear whole. If you don’t love someone, you won’t accept them the way they are.
You are smart and careful. You are beautiful, intelligent, and nice. I love you so much.

46. My Check Point:

Who bridles you when issues go bad? Not your wife? Not your husband? Check yourself again.
You are my limit when I am going crazy or way high on doing bad things. You cub my bad habits and make me out to be a better person.

47. Whole World In My Support:

Do you know you can feel like the whole world supports you when you have a good wife or husband? Love is like that.
Things have only gotten better and better with you here with me, I feel like the whole world is exactly where I want it to be.

48. Just Like Sun:

Nigerian musician, Tuface Idibia sang Just like the sun. The music eat deep into relationship and affirms that the sun shines on the earth the same way love shines on the bearer.
My love for you is more than the sun ever cares to give the earth its light, but my love for you is in full capacity. I just hope you have enough room to contain it.

49. My Angel, My World:

The lights of the world are angels, when you have a loving woman or man, better be good to him or her. This love quote is inspiring.
My baby, you are my world, you are my heart desire, I am so lucky to have you in my life, your presence is more than gold, silver, and bronze.

50. My Real Woman:

Women make homes superb. Regardless of what may come their way, their husbands, and children come first.
Have I ever told you that you will be the mother of my kids? Here is why. Your politeness and personality shows you are a real woman.

52. Your Presence Is A Misery.

Like wonder, heartthrobs come into lives and bring about blessings. What kind of heartthrob are you?
What did you do to me baby, how did you come into my life? How did I meet such a goodness as you? You are the best thing that could ever happen to man.

53. You Shine Like Light:

Love glows and shows on foreheads. With time, your desire for a lover grows. Wet it with fertilizer and that is inspiring love quotes.
I want to remind you today that you are a shining light. It is not a compliment though but your personality.

54. Precious, You Are:

You are on special thing, one precious entity that cannot be forgotten.
I love you so much my darling, I know that I cannot live without you in my life.

55. Worry Not:

Sadness should not come into your affair. With love, it has gone far away.
Don’t worry about tomorrow, do not worry yourself, as long as I’m here, you are going to be all smiles for as long as I live.

56. Go, I Am Here Love:

Go anywhere, I am still here waiting for you. Go Australasia, I am here longing for you.
I will wait for you, no matter how much it takes from me because I know that when you show up in my life, I always have everything that I ever need.

57. Love From The First Moment:

I do say it that it is easy to meet someone and fall in love. They call it love at first sight.
This would surely be a shock to you. I have loved you from the very first moment that I laid my eyes on you. You are the sweetest.

58. No Matter How It Goes:

Regardless of the direction that love faces, it does not mean. Love grows, continuously.
Things might not go as expected, things might even get harder, but as long as we stay loving each other. It is you and I against the world baby.

59. I Love You:

It is easier said than done! Show some love and not too much talk.
I love you so much my darling, I woke up this morning, thinking about you and our life together. I cannot wait to be your man forever.

60. Don’t Want To Go:

Since she accepted to be with you, is there any reason for you to back out? Please love with sincerity.
I’ll never back out of this love, I will never make you cry, I will always be by your side my love. This I promise you.

61. Let’s Run Together:

It is nothing bad to journey with your love. In fact, voyage is interesting when you go with him. Pick a place and go on voyage. Fun!
Can we go away together? I want you always by my side if that is what it takes, I will gladly do it.

62. I Am Speechless:

You can keep mute because your love for him is deep. It is still a sign you love.
I don’t know what to say or how to say it, I cannot fully express my love for you in words, but I love you, and you should know that.

63. I Will Give You Everything:

Just to please you, is it bad giving you everything, even my whole body? No, it is not.
Baby, you deserve everything in this world, you deserve to be loved, to be cherished and to be given all your heart desires.

64. Pain, I am Ready To Go Through:

Don’t mind going through hardship for the one you love. Hardship is part of it. It is one single thing you should not run away from, just for your love.
I’ll go through every mountain and every pain, just to see you smile, and see you happy.

65. Glued Together:

Coming together is nice, just be glued to your love , it does not mean anything.
I never want to lose you, I never want to be apart from you, you a re the love of my life.

66. All In One:

If he means everything to you, then why are you looking out to finding a better option? Check yourself.
My man, my everything, my heart, my body, and soul. I love you.

67. What I Feel Is Incurable:

Yes, feelings cannot be healed. If you love someone, who can heal that love? No one!
No one can take this feeling away from me, no one can stop me from loving you with all my heart.

Nice Quotes About Love Your Partners Appreciate

68. Love Is Handsome:
Everybody talks about love, to us, love is handsome, pretty, and awesome.
Love is a beautiful thing, everyone deserves to experience it once in a while.

69. Reasons For Love:
Many reasons why people love exist. One very reason is that love is for the peace of mind.
There are so many reasons to love someone, or show love. One is you get peace of mind from it.

70. Hold It Tight:

If you know this heart is yours, why leave it for others to toil with?
You will always be the one holding my heart, I pray you never let go of it.

71. I feel Those Love:

Love can be felt, it cannot be seen. Like abstract noun, it is an imagination that something exist.
The best things of this world cannot be seen with the naked eye. I can only feel your love, I cannot see it.

72. Tempted To Love:

Love is a temptation. Those who ended in serious relationship were tempted to do.
When I met you, I said to myself; don’t go too near, something might just happen. Here I am now.

73. Love Has Many Forms:

Love comes in different forms, it has may shapes and many looks.

Love comes in different ways and especially of on different people. Choose the best one for yourself.

74. Impossible To Feel Not Loved Forever:

It is impossible to feel that you cannot love again, why would you feel like that.
There are some times in life when you feel like you would never be able to give love to anyone again, it is in that moment that you give the best love.

75. Two People Are Involved:

It involves two sane people, I mean love. If one is not in place, love is lost.
Love involves two people. If it is one sided, it is not yet a full-grown love.

76. You Give Someone A Sleepless Night:

Do you realise that even if you are not beautiful, someone is thinking of you somewhere.
You will always be that special someone to someone somewhere, don’t think too low of yourself.

77. Love Is A Medicine:

Love is a medicine that cures many ailments, it solves many problems, and brings happiness around.
If love were to be a drug that has to be taken everyday, trust me, I would want to be your dealer and supplier.

78. Come With Love:

Don’t keep love aside, bring it around every now and then. It is in appreciation of love.
I always want you to be here, but not you alone. I want your love here with me.

79. Fall For Second, Stay Forever:

While it may be easy to fall in love, it is not easy staying forever. Did you notice partners go easy, without fight?
Falling in love with someone takes only but a second, but staying in it is the actual work, and most people have missed this.

80. When I Dream, I Dream You:

If you love someone, you think, and dream of him or her. Every moment, in sleep, your dream is centered on the person you love.
We stay apart for the night, I just don’t know how come I see you in my dreams.

Sweet Messages For Him In Time Of Joy

81. Love Nurtured Well:
Like kids, love could be reared to maturity. You can grow it till it becomes big enough.
You may have been the one to know love first, but I have known the ways to nurture it to maturity.

82. Stand Tall To Problems:
When issues come up in relationship, you can fight it with dedication.
No matter what happens between us, as long as we are in love, we can bullshit any situation that arises between us.

83. Worse Than Sand:

If you have not been loved, or feel love is not worth it, shame on you.
The only worst thing on the surface of this earth, is a heart that has not known love.

84. To Love Takes Milliseconds:

It is easy to fall deeply in love. It does not take anything.
Some people say love at first sight is not in any way possible. But I saw you for a moment and I fell in love with you.

85. Stars Remind Me Of You:
When you think of someone, anything can serve as a reminder, even your cloths.
I think about you all the time when I look at the stars. You taught me how to read them.

86. Everything Included In Love:

Love comes with everything, beauty, queen, king, happiness, what have you?
I met a damsel, an angel, and a princes all in one flesh. You are superb.

87. The Definition Of Love:
People define love from different perspective, to us, love has many meaning.
The real definition of love is; I will be here with you no matter what, I will not back out because I am no coward.

88. Love Does Not Have A Full Stop:
Love does not stop, it grows and wither, fall and rises, slumps and stands.
When you are truly in love with someone, it never ends, it just has pauses, but the show goes on.

89. Magical Love:

Those who say love hypnotises are not liars. They calculated this statement before saying it. Watch this Marc video to understand what hypnosis means.
Life is like a magical feeling. You do not have to wrap your head around it, all you know is that you are putting yourself in someone’s arms.

90. Even Without Food:
Some do not care about anything, but the one they love. If it is possible to exist without food, they would.
If I have you with me for 365 days, I am contented. This is why loving you is enough for me.

91. Praying For Love:
Except you don’t think very well, who else deserve your love than someone who accepted to love you, without anything.
Every day, I think of you, pray for you and want you to stay around every time.

92. Your Diamond:
Loving someone is like appreciating precious stone.
Come be my precious stones, my diamond and my gold. Are you ready?

93. Without You, Life It is Miserable:
Without your partner, watch very well, life is miserable.
Since I have no choice other than been yours. Let me say I cannot do without you.

94. Thanks My Love Quotes:

On your partners’ birthday, you can send this love message in appreciation. This message came from Quotes Pill.
In the beginning, you took me from nowhere, place me somewhere, and gave me a heart full of joy and blessings.

95. A Request For God’s Sake:

Loving heart works in tandem with God’s plan. Promise to love someone today, please.
Can I have you for the rest of your life? Let’s sojourn together, hold our hands together and love ourselves forever.

96. Tomorrow With You:

I can say, that is better to start building love from the scratch.
Since I cannot do without you, let me use this time to build myself for that beautiful tomorrow when you won’t have any other choice than staying around me every time.

97. A Service For Peace:
You love some, it is okay to have a mind full of happiness to show that you do.
Sincerely, I have chosen to be your man, for now and forever.

98. You Brought Everything:

If your partner is honest, he would be your source of everything, especially happiness.
Some are born rich, while some came with success. All these came in to my life through you.

99. Forgive Me When I Am Wrong:

I can wrong you anytime, please don’t fight me back. I am ready to apologise come what may.
100. Always With Me:
Ever since I met you, you are the only precious person around me in time of happiness and woes. Please stay around, and never go.

101: Give Me A Close Marking:
To make happy again, just make sure you don’t give me any chance to make mistakes. Stay with me and hold me tight.

Coolest Romantic Love Quotes For Lovers –Romantic Quotes For Love

Love is a normal occurrence in today’s world, even starting from Adam’s time. This necessitated for a love quotes that makes your desired person accept you come what may happen.
Often time, our marital affairs go the other way round, but because we do not know how to solve them using lovely and motivational love quotes, things become worse day after day.

In a bid to cushion the effect of relationship discord, understanding each other matters, and recognizing that one is wrong is not out of it.
If your relationship is going bad, here are love quotes for him and romantic love quotes for her.

102. I Need You Every Day
Needing someone everyday reinvents that you cannot do without the person.
I need you now, I need you then, I need you every day, coz you're the one I love.

103. I Love You Truly:

True love is hard to find, uneasy to define and somehow not feasible. However, no matter how, true love still exists.
As hard as they say it is to love someone truly, I find myself loving you with so much ease.

104. I Got A Perfect Lover

No perfect lover anywhere, just that we endure ourselves. Women have to endure their husband, and also husband must endure their wives. This is to make relationship smooth.
You are the perfect one for me, no one is capable of taking your place in my heart and in my life.

105. Romantic Journey Needs Good Partner:

Did you know you cannot do it alone? Ask successful people, they will tell you things become good, because of the kind of woman they marry.
Sometimes I think about how far I have come, but sincerely, it’s not me, it you who I am with my love.

106. A Million Statements To Confirm My Love For You:

Your love for someone can be restated millions of time, it still does not mean anything. What matters is acting on the said love. Romantic love quotes likes will make things work in relationships.
If no one ever hears it, I'll say it a million times to the entire world, to say that I love you truly.

107. Scream “I Love You”:

The shout of love comes from those who really cares. Love pushes one to look after your lover repeatedly.
I feel like screaming till my throat can no longer hold air or sound, I want to scream I love you every time.

108. Love Is Sacred:

Love may not be seen or heard, that it us from heaven is not deniable. A good lover must appreciate this.
No one knows what I feel when I'm with you, it’s true, love is sacred.

109. My Love For You Cannot Be Shared:

When you truly loves someone, it would be hard to share your heart with someone else. It is impossible.
I would not wish to share any part of you with anyone else. The most delicate part being your heart.

110. Love Is Beautiful:

The beauty of love lies in lovers loving each other equally. In that kind of case, no love is lost. This is a beautiful love quote, check it out.
Love is a beautiful thing, love is the best beautiful thing with you.

111. Nonstop Love Is Rear, But Possible

For better for worse may be rear, but it is real and possible. Make sure you are not the kind that does not love sincerely. If you are sincere, true love will come.
Not today, not tomorrow, not ever will I stop loving you my darling.

112. What Brings Love?
Soul and the heart are inseparable when love is being talked about. The more you love, the more heart and soul come together as one.
One cannot really tear the soul and mind apart, they come in unity with the heart to bring about love.

113. A Pure Love Question:

It is meaningful sending love questions to your boyfriends or girlfriends. At times, you may intend teasing your lover, or asking some love questions to know how he or she feels about you.
I really would like to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you, will you want that?

114. You Are Heavenly Sent:

Marital affairs are sealed in heaven, if not, how easy is it for two people to meet and become husband and wife.
Sometimes I know that if the heavens had not been with me, I would not have met a heavenly being like you.

115. Love Brings Comfort:
Without your love, those things you do together are always tedious. Just try loving someone and see how hard time becomes simple.
You are my rest place when I finish my daily activities. You are my comfort zone, every moment.

116. Love Makes One Reflect:

To think of tedious days alone is mind-consuming. Reflect on failures with your partner to get the gist. It is handsome like that.
Whatever I do now is a reflection of what you have done and what you are still doing for me.

117. Love Is An Intoxicant:
Love makes one feel like a drunkard. The fumes coming from affection is heart rendering.
Your love is intoxicating the too thing about it is I can breathe freely.

118. It Makes You Grow:
In this life, growth comes when you marry the right person. If you made a mistake of falling in love with a wrong person, you may regret.
If anyone were to be loved the way that I have been and still am, then such a person would never remain the same.

119. Do You Know I Love You?

Yes, love makes heart beats. If your lover is not reliable, it may be hard to define what love is.
If you knew just how much I love you then you would know that as long as I love you, then my heart keeps beating.

120. Romantic Love Changes Life:

To change your attitude, your character, get a good woman or man. Your life is ready for success, if you do. 
You are relevant in every way. You are an awesome being, see how you changed my life.

121. Love Makes Life Longer:

The one you love is also in love with you. Without this, love is at loss.
It is better to love, you live longer days.
 What do you think of these Romantic love quotes? We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section. Help us share this on the social media.

We all love differently. However, love messages and quotes capture our desire for some people, no matter how big they appear. When you think of showing the feelings you have for someone, why not with any of these love quotes?

122. Brighter Than The Sun:

Lovers say their love for those they cherish grow and become brighter day by day. I personally fall for this love messages.

My love for you is brighter than the sun and shines more intelligent than the moon. I love you, baby.

123. Undefined Love:

It won’t be easy to define love. Love is something like mirage. It is like hallucination.

I love you beyond what English words can explain, my love for you is not definable by the dictionary.

124. To My Heart Desire:

When someone is your heart desire, it means that he or she has given you the necessary attention.

You are my heart desire, my smile, my laughter and my joy. I cannot live without these things in my life.

125. Love brings Meaning To Existence:

It would be very uneasy to live a meaningful life devoid of love. Love is that which makes existence worthwhile.

My life is empty and meaningless without you; my life is sorrowful when you are not in it. I love you so much.

126. I Love You, And That’s Real:

To love is something real. Accepting a lover is another hard thing. Make sure your love for your partner is real and cool.

I know that I love you, and I wish you will accept this love from my heart. I love you so much, baby.

127. Darling I Love You:

Love, I do hear about it. Don’t get it wrong, it does not mean it is not ideal to show your other side because you love someone. Act your script and stop hidden whom you are.

I love you my darling, I do care about you, and I would do anything to make you happy.

128. The Surest Means To Success Is To Love:

Loving someone that is ready to stay signals the beginning of love

I am sure that this love will not pass me by. I am sure that you are here to stay with me.

129. Love Is Not Much:

No matter how you love, it cannot be excess or much. Love is inspirational, that is why people feel motivated when they here love.

I love you so much baby; you see just how much I am willing to go for you.

130. You Reflect Me:

Sincerely speaking, when you have a true lover, you see yourself in his eyes and he sees you in her eyes also.

When I look straight into your two eyeballs, I see a reflection of myself. You made me utterly human in so many ways that I can think of.

131. You Are My World:

The world of a man lies in his wife’s heart, the same way for a woman. This is supernatural, nobody can doubt this.

To you, is my world, my soul and my innermost. I dedicate everything to you.

132. You Are My Everything:

To see everything in your confidants’ eyes is to accept him as your beloved. It has been like these since day one.

You are my life, you are everything to me, and most importantly, you are my future.

133. You Are My Best Choice Message:

In selection, the best choice turns out to be the right one. It exists in relationship. Please, don’t mistakenly marry a wrong woman.

I wish that years from now, I will look back and be glad that I made the best choice.

134. Forever, For Better:

Been a good woman is heavenly possible. For those who have the right partner, they say till thy kingdom come.

Would you be my woman forever? Would you complete me and make me a whole man. I love you so much.

135. Blessed To Have A Good Woman:

A good woman is not a cheap commodity, like salt. She is an expensive, up town good, that the world loves, but cannot afford. Thank God if you have one.

Having you is a blessing, I am fortunate to have a lover like you. I love you so much.

136. Sincerely, This Message Is Inspirational:

Woman love to have the right man thinking for them, the same way man does. I cherish this love messages.

Did you say you will love me come what may? Let me now promise you, I have agreed to be yours forever. I will think for you, help you, and guide you every time.

137. Much Surprising With You Around:

Existence without your man is worthless. If you want to leave happy, better get a good man and marry. This love messages reminds me of one Facebook love quotes.

I appreciate life better with your love embedded in it for me, giving me a soothing soul.

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