Outstanding Love Quotes And Messages For All Affairs: Goodnight Love Quotes For All

Below are sections of love quotes and messages for those special confidants of yours. It has in it over 200 Love quotes you can send to your girlfriends and boyfriends who are not near you or close but need your affection.

Love Quotes For Distant Relationships

1. The days have become longer and my breath I take lonely. To behold you I crave o love of my life.

2. Your mien is bow and your peek a dart. But it is this distance that does the jabs and stabs. Your dearth makes my heart carve.

3. They say you cannot without feeling the ache. I guess it’s the distance they meant. My heart yearns but it will not break.

4. With my tender heart so immersed in your love, the thought of this distance causes the heart to bleed.

5. With every breath I take, I crave to behold soon, your charming eyes.

6. My crazy and lonely heart your sort of charm in others. But only then did I realize; there’s only one you and I can love, only you. Miss you.

7. I always stay engrossed in your thought o dear one. So, it feels like you are always by my side even though you are far away.

8. Day and night for you I wait. My love craves and your return I await.

9. Your face, I crave to see again. For me to adore, admire and love passionately.

10. On these paths, the paths of life and love. My eyes I have set on someone special. Without questions or second thoughts, I just know it is you I pine for.

11. I love you very much and I will always say do so. I wriggle when you are away and when you come around, I will melt in your embrace and in my heart an abode I will make for you so you won’t have to go far away again.

12. Whether my eyes are open or closed, it is you I only see and even though you are far away, your feel is everywhere, all the time.

13. Your warm gaze, I certainly miss, and for so long now for your return my heart only craves.

14. With you, my life is full of delight. And as such, the days are bright and the nights cool. But your absence makes this heart concede.

15. My heart yearns to see your face. And my soul holds on to feel again your warmth and grace.

16. Every time, when you are close to me, my heart becomes restless. But this time that you are far away, this eagerness is something out of the ordinary.


Cute Love Quotes For Precious Ladies and Reliable Men.

Some women and men deserve your commendations. Through Love Quotes and Messages, you can tell a man or woman how precious they are to you.

1. Your shine transcends the moon at its full. O gracious one, you truly have robbed the moon of its enchantment.

2. Just like that garden that sits alluringly in the golden twilight; your glow o dear one is this true love’s delight.

3. When in the warm spring, flowers bloom; o throb of my heart, you remain the most wonderful flower.

4. As does the sun to the unblemished dew of a new dawn. So also, your sheeny smile does to my fears.

5. Your gracious smile is a sight all told. It lights up my heart and my body it sets aglow.

6. You are more enchanting than the moon and more shiny than the stars. It is you many come to admire from far and near.

7. The scent of the air is something I do not know. It is only your fragrance I smell with every breath.

8. Oh how magnificently the sun rises with beautiful you. Alone, I endured the nights and with you comes my bright days.

9. Your love has filled me with bliss and grace. And when you smile at me, I feel the world has become a better place.

10. A garden without the blossoming flowers is naught. A spotless tulip is a zilch. So also, my heartbeat without your love is insignificant.

11. In spite of being free to admire how cute you are; I am always smitten by how dazzling you really are.

12. Your sincerity and love, I cannot weave. And when the world asks me about my smile, I simply cannot explain.

13. When you smile, beholding my hands, it reaffirms entirely, my love for you.

14. You have brought joy and grace into my life. Just like the wind brings the gardens alive and gives luster to the roses.

15. For your love and care, when to the heavens I give thanks. The birds in the air, of your praise they begin to sing.

16. In spite of your charm and grace, my devotion you do not test. You have remained faithful and sincere.

17. Of the wonders of the world, I held indifferent until I found you, the most wonderful of all.

18. To catch a glimpse of you, to the moon I look and even your dark tresses leave their mark.

19. I am a thirsty traveler and you are the river from where I hope to have a drink.

20. Your presence alone makes me feel special and your words and smile are my heart’s delight.

21. I am totally in love with you and you are to blame. Now I just want your name to come on my name.

22. With you dear one, I always want to be seen. The world looks with jealous eyes and I love that feeling.

23. Your beautiful smile drives me crazy and I even start to envy my own eyes.

24. Why did you have to be so charming and sweet? My mind you have enchanted and my heart you mesmerize.

25. Like a nomad bird, I earlier was. Now you have made me a bird in a garden of flowers.

26. This heart of mine has become a bud nourished by a springtime shower. And your love is this shower from which my garden of desires so spiritedly spring up.

27. Your kind words, to my heart they stick. And those words, like honey, they usually drip.

28. Your love truly is pure delight. It makes my nights bright and my days sunny.

29. Your breaths have found a place in my heart. In your love, I will get fulfillment.

30. In this short time I have spent with you, I feel I have already gotten the love I require for my entire lifetime. These are beautiful moments.

31. You have everything. Your lover’s eyes that make me not even want to look at any other and through those eyes of yours; I want to see the world.

32. What has happened to me is that your love has come and changed my world completely.

33. For your love, I go wild like the bluebirds of spring, and even the flowers smile when the of your praises I sing.

34. Poets are there dazzling with words in their own world, singing their songs like the twittering birds of the spring. Earlier, I wasn’t any sort of a poet but after meeting you, of your praises I always sing with rhyme, rhythm, and soul

35. Earlier, of the base of being I had great doubts but after you came along, my answers I found. The oceans are filled with color and desert land is filled with desires

36. You are dearer than the sun and the moon. Your grace greets with a benevolent boon.

37. Your love makes me filled with youth and vigor. I know its passion with rigor. Just like budding flowers, those overflowing with scent.

38. Even though you do not say, I know your love for me is true. This, I have been told by your alluring eyes.


Goodnight Love Quotes For Sweet Dreams

We all wish our beloved sleep in good condition, remembering us and keeping a good relationship with us. Some love quotes are ideal for that purpose.

Try sending one or two via Facebook or WhatsApp before he or she goes to bed or while on the bed.

1. And when I breath thinking of you; breath by breathing, how wonderfully these thoughts relay to you a wonderful dream.

2. The misty veil of the night is calm and sedate. For you alone, the ambience will render a beautiful dream.

3. It is of no use sending you a good night note. I have requested the fairies to come relay in your sleep a lovely dream.

4. These colors and the many fragrances that are there on this calm night; for you, a beautiful dream they will unfurl.

5. The moon savors your loveliness and sings. As the stars, on your dreamy head adorn a beautiful dream.

6. The stars are alive and shining brightly. The moon is full and glistening wildly. Your dream they will together make into a beautiful revelation.

7. A blanket of the moon’s light covers this graceful being that you are. While the gentle stars settle on your lovely and dreamy eyes.

8. The heavenly stars tonight will adorn your bed and the moon too will come, covering with its silky silver blanket

9. To a Nightingale, a rose I have gifted. And for you, a song of love she will sing tonight

10. Some beautiful dreams I have left under your pillow. These nights that have been molded for sleep will be just as fun for you as the day.

11. Although the ogles of the moon are drenched and the night is dark. 12. The trees will provide your home a shade and the stars will descend from the sky and light up your home through the windows. To you, they will bring a wonderful dream tonight.

13. The night’s breeze has a pleasant smell and in the dark clouds, the moon is glowing. To your street I have sent the fairies to come bringing with them wishes of a good night rest.

14. Its night and the beautiful flowers and singing birds will be asleep. 15. The night out there will be cold and lonely but you o dear one I will cover with my blanket of love.

16. Look out your window, closely to the sky. There is a star there shining brightly. I have sent it on a mission to come look after you tonight. It’s going to be a good night for you.


Good Morning Love Quotes and Messages

Good morning is everybody’s greeting, saying it a different way is remarkable. Find one below to send to your heartthrob.

1. On you the gracious flowers of the dawn have blossomed. They all smile and bid ‘a wonderful day to you.’

2. While you laid asleep all night in that cozy bed of yours; awake I stayed, thinking of the words with which I will say good morning.

3. When you rise with morning sun, the flowers blossom and their fragrance they generously gift so you’ll have a wonderful day.

4. Listen closely as the wind blows and blows. My good morning wishes they have come to sing.

5. I only hope this good morning kiss serves as an antidote for grogginess and the tired yawns of sleep.

6. Every bright morning as this, my heart wakes to a song of prayer that I always have you by my side, dear one.

7. The misty air melts, when from your sleep you rise. And the heavenly clouds begin to shower good wishes for the day.

8. On your window is the resting of the drops of dew. They, together with you every new dawn; is a sight to behold.

9. I have sent the morning dews to stand ready by your bedside and wish you a good morning when you open your eyes on this gracious dawn. And also, the pain of sleep in the eyes, I have told them to wash away.

10. The dreamy night have passed, taking with it the troubles of the days gone by and now I present to you a beautiful dawn of spring that brings with it happiness and joy.

11. The morning winds have finally yielded to my plea. They all have agreed to my one request. It is a cool, and bright, and nice day. Songs of a wonderful morning I have asked them to come sing to you.

12. After I dreamt of you during the night, your radiant face I crave to see in the bewitching morning light. To your street I will bring my caravan of travelling singers to come sing songs of a good morning. 

13. The night is over and the hearts are pulsating. Flowers are awoken and the birds have started to sing again. The cloud is clear again and this lover wants to tell to his love; ‘good morning.’ 


Inspiration Love Quotes and Love Messages For Him

He is your one and only, get the love going by sending a special love message or quote to your desired person.

1. Truly, it is not so easy to attain the sky. But with you, and I by your side, I believe the sky is just our starting point.

2. With every fault of yours, the more entranced I become. You are a precious part of nature and a truly unique one.

3. The allusion of love, oh how well you represent. I will share with you my life and death because I know that together, we will succeed.

4. Truly, life gives no guarantees but as long as I live, I want to always be by your side.

5. Be it the rains, the dark forlorn nights and the hazy days. With you, by my side, all the conditions seem just perfect.

6. A victim of your love I am, and to you I pledge my budding prime.

Imbued with grace so much of grace, you are. And as I stand by your side, the world can do no harm.

7. Even if we don’t have the best meals. Even if we cannot afford the best clothes. Even if we don’t live in the best house. Our love is better than the things of this world and by you I am ready to stand till the end days.

8. With both our hearts and bodies, with you I am ready to fight the world. I know our love will conquer.

9. You are the fragrance that has made abode in my breath, so even if I try, from you I cannot stay away because I just cannot stop my breath.

10. Your smile makes me happy. Your tears make me sad. It is love and nothing else. And by your support I will always be o dear one.

11. Every time, you remain with me; even if its memories. And the love in my heart, to the whole world I will declare.

12. I want you to know that somewhere and somehow, I am always ready to give my life for you.

13. With you, I understand that love doesn’t mean only saying I love you. Love speaks even in silence, it sacrifices. Love knows no possessions; it only knows sharing. Whether it is joy or sorrow.

14. Earlier, I used to have dreams but after you came into my life, your dreams have become mine, your way has turned my way and your life also has become my life. 

15. From your love, my face I will never hide. And your tender affection, I will always relish.

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16. I have searched so hard for the words with which I could explain how your love liberates me. But I guess even words fall short for a befitting appreciation.

17. More than a gift of rose and the feeling of being lovelorn. Your words enliven my heart and they nourish my soul.

18. The wish in my heart is definitely only one, not many. I will write it down and not misquote. ‘With you I wish to live and die.’

19. I feel I have been bestowed some divine grace by falling in love with you because it was after falling in love with you that I began to live. Before then, I was just existing and it is you who inspires me to live.

20. I blossom at the sight of you and I become sad when you leave. I begin to melt when we embrace and wish you will just rain on me; morsel by morsel. There is only one you and you are the most unique one I have met.

21. Just as the shadows always stays with the body even during the turbulent times. So also, by you I will stay regardless of the prevailing conditions.

Inspiration Love Quotes For Her

Inspirational love quotes are more than just messages, they open hearts of people to the belief that the person who send this is caring.
Find any of these to send.

1. Your mistakes and imperfections you need not hide. In them and in the humble thoughts, I find my pride.

2. Just as the colorful flowers make the gardens resplendent; so also, the thought of you keeps me cheerful all day.

3. The valleys are filled and the branches of love have sprouted. To you, they sing; songs of wonderful days ahead.

4. Having won your love, my crazy heart now is full of countless desires. And with you by my side, fulfillment, we truly will attain.

5. Time flies and life really is short. But with you beloved, it is going to be worthwhile.

6. A short while with you is worth more than an eternity without you.

7. Your love makes me want to fly, it makes me want to run and it makes me just want to fall. To do all these and just do not stop.

8. Be fearless my beloved, be fearless. Success will look to our path as long as we hold each other dear.

9. Getting your love o dear one feels like the fulfillment of all my dreams.

10. Every step I take with you in love always feels like the right step and a goal in truth. Now, I only look forward to taking more steps with you as life itself is about steps.

11. I do not consider your love to be just some small ordinary one because I know that only luck and goodwill has brought you close to me.

12. Before now, my heartbeat was without rhythm and my life was incomplete. But after you became mine dear one, the lost part of me, I found.

13. Only after I have chosen you as my partner in this world did I come to realize that there truly is an earthly paradise.

14. You are lovely, charming and graceful. Your shield I will become from the envious world.

15. Your thoughts are like that of rose flower. They make my heart hanker and wild it goes.

16. With charm and panache, my lover, you shine and even if the world does not see this, I definitely do.

17. You are that bashful seacoast and I am the streaming voyager. With you alone, the spring does become so colorful.

18. I dedicate my life to your support. I will be your light and hear; even the stars affirm this by saying that I am your moonlight.

19. You are my sunshine and you are my shade. I pray dear one, never to be separated from you.

20. I will wipe your tears and put a smile on your face anytime you cry. I will whisper to you some lovely story anytime you get bored. I will make every moment together into everlasting fragrances of lovely memories.

21. The tests of this world we will pass with our love. Come now o dear one and let us cross these limits together.

22. During the alone days, to many gardens I went, looking for some cheer but it was in your love that I found a guide and now, whatever comes, the strides I am able to take. 

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I Love You Quotes.

The meaning of I love you is rich, keep telling people you love them with these love quotes.

1. The whole world says that my heart is lost. But I know it has only gone to make abode in your alley.

2. Like a dew drop on a desert thorn I was until you came along and made me part of your flowing river.

3. I am a traveler of love and you are my destination. With a rose of affection I come also carrying a blanket of dreams.

4. When it began, it was only a crush. Now that I am a lover, a lot from me it took.

5. In the devotion of love, a lover must forsake. Your heart has become my prison and also my home.

6. Like the flowers become intoxicated with hue and bloom. As such I get intoxicated by your warmth and love.

7. If this feeling of love, the world fails to comprehend, I will gracefully endure the hate as by your side I will forever stay.

8. For every question, there is an answer. For every aliment, there is a cure. For every poison, there is an antidote. So also, every beat of my heart finds it rhythm in your love.

9. This bond of love is so much fun. I dream of you all day and all night.

10. My love for you is total and all. My reason of being, in your love, I find.

11. The realm of your greatness is without blemish. And it is your love that makes my world whirl with joy.

12. On me, your kindness has conferred. It affirms that your love for me is true.

13. A destination, these eyes of mine have found. And my being yearns to come in your embrace.

14. My heart dances around merrily and my feet too, you have unshackled with your love as I dance joyfully to this tune of love.

15. The meaning of love, I learnt from you. You have made the engravings on my heart.

16. Now days, the world also infers. It says I am madly in love with you.

17. Like a circus master, you overwhelm my heart and soul. And of my lovelorn heart, you have taken control.

18. With your love, you have shown me compassion. Now, this heart of mine is drowning with passion.

19. The care and affection makes it seem as though this love is the most wonderful feeling. And it really is.

20. Your warmth of love is like the blossoming of spring and the winter’s boon together. It relieves my heart of the fears in this dark world.

21. My heart and soul have both conspired. They have brought me as a prisoner to you o merciful lover.

22. This heart beats and it is filled with desires. My love and my life, to you I dedicate.

23. Your breaths have found a place in my heart. In your love I get fulfillment.

24. There is so much grace in you and there is so much love also. The wish of my heart now is never to get separated from you.

25. From you, I have come to understand that the journey of love is best measured by its depth and my love for you runs through to the deepest of the earth.

26. The wind without its flow is no wind, the moon without its shine is no moon, the river without water is no river and I am me only if I have you.

27. On this journey which we all call life, nothing entices except you my beloved.

28. My search for happiness, your love fulfills. With each passing day, the more the bliss. The world, from your eyes I now see. The days have become brighter and the nights now greet with beautiful tunes.

29. I used to think I’ll get peace only when I die. But now, I only want to testify. After you came into my life and showered me your love, some sort of peace, to my heart you bestowed and now, everyday seems like a new day in spring. I have forgotten my sorrows and everyday, a new song I sing.

30. When from you comes the words of love, my heart goes crazy, like a storm torn dale. The flower I begin to see blossoming in the mead and vale and I become I begin to sing the songs of a nightingale

31. My heart tries but it fails to control itself. Your love is something of such that it drives me crazy.

32. Our fates have been written together. With you, I wish to live and to die. You are to me; a gift from the heavens.

33. Leaving all others and coming only to you. Now, even the breaths I take have your name on them.

34. Even if I try, I will be unable to remove your thoughts from my heart. Our love is a mercy to me.

35. Without saying anything or even hearing anything. To you I just want to remain close and explore the depth of our love.

36. You are there in my memory and you are there in my story of fate. My tender heart loves you dearly o cherished one.

37. Into this erstwhile unloving heart, affection you infused. Now, whatever the world says against you to me is of no use.

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